Headteacher: Anna Moss

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School Staff

                          ...professional development for ALL staff over many years means that we are a united and consistent team...

                                                                                                                           (Staff comment)


blackwell first school bromgrove pic1Head teacher/ Curriculum lead: Mrs Anna Moss

Deputy Head teacher/ SENDco: Miss Helen Townsend

Teachers: Miss Helen Townsend/ Miss Bethan Kuriger - Year 4         

Teacher: Miss Abbie Davis - Year 3

Teacher: Miss Holly Phipps/Miss Bethan Kuriger - Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Katie James - Year 1 

Teacher: Mrs Fleur Webb  - Reception

Teacher: Mrs Lynsey Mander - Nursery

Teacher: Mrs Naomi Hampton - Nursery and Group Provision

Teacher: Mrs Jayne Edney - Afternoon clubs and Blackwell School Club

Music teachers: Mrs Liz Hipkiss/ Mrs Liz Grainger/Mrs Christianne Cutler/ Mrs Sarah Johnson      

Forest School pre school: Mrs Liz Hipkiss                    

...the staff go above and beyond in all areas...
                                     ...exceptional teaching and support staff. Staff who consistently deliver - it is evident through the happiness and progress made...
(Parent comments)  


Mrs Kirsty Garner-  Main office

Mrs Clare Tomlinson/ Mrs Debbie Bailey- Finance

Mrs Mandy Hargreaves- Health and Safety, Procurement, Contracts

Bromsgrove Primary Alliance manager - Mrs Debbie Wilson


Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mrs Allison Allen- Nursery and Forest School

Teaching assistants: Mrs Sharon Marks and Mrs Dudek - Year 2
Teaching assistant: Miss Sami Burgess- Year 4 
Teaching assistant: Mrs Michelle Morgan - Year 3                                                                                   
Teaching assistants: Mrs Kate Reid / Mrs Hannah Edney- Reception                                                                                 
Teaching assistant: Miss Nicole Bailey- Year 4                                                                                    
Teaching assistants: Mrs Vicky Flynn- Forest School                                                      
Teaching assistant: Mrs Karen Thompson - Year 1
Teaching assistant: Mrs Lara Dyson/Miss Lydia Edwards/ Miss Zara Hine - Group Provision

Teaching assistant: Mrs Victoria Flynn - Year 1
Teaching assistant: Mrs Jo Franklin - Nursery
Teaching assistants: Miss Sophie Turner- Nursery


 Mrs Sharon Barker and Mrs Susie Miles                                            Assistant - Miss Ellie Shepherd   


Mrs Debbie Wilson