Headteacher: Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Governors at Blackwell, including Finance

blackwell first school bromsgrove 19It is the governing body's role to support the head teacher in leading the school and act as a 'critical friend' as well as ensuring statutory responsibilities are carried out.  The governing body consists of a range of motivated and committed members with a wide variety of experiences which support the life of the school.  
       ...we are very grateful to the leadership, staff and governors . BFS is an amazing school which manages to combine the most caring and nurturing atmosphere with expectations of the highest standard... (Parent comment)


One governor has a governance role in another educational institution. There are no material interests arising from relationships between governors or governors and school staff. There is currently one associate member.

Governor name Type of governor (elected by) Committee member for Specialist responsibility Term of office started Term of office ends Attendance at meetings 2019/20 Business declarations
Anna Moss Head teacher All n/a n/a n/a 12/13 Wife of associate head teacher
Helen Townsend Teacher (staff) Curriculum n/a 2017 2021 8/8 Sister of administrator

Hugh Evans

c/o Blackwell First School

0121 445 1622

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Chair of Governors (Governors) All (Chair of Finance)


Safer Recruitment

Statutory responsibilities

2020 2024 13/13 None
Claire Kirkby Webb



Curriculum TBC 2019 2023 12/13 None
Simon Checkley Co-opted (Governors)


Premises (Chair)

SFVS (Finance)

Health and Safety

2019 2023 10/13 Father of TA
Ken Lewis





Pupil safety, including esafety and bullying

Views of stakeholders

2018 2022 6/8

Governor at another school

Debbie Wilson

Vice Chair of Governors


Curriculum (Chair of Curriculum)

All safeguarding


Safer recruitment

2020 2024 12/13 Two roles in school
John Reed






2018 2022 12/13 None
Clair McNeill

Associate, with voting rights



Data- outcomes

Teaching and Learning


2019 2023 7/9 None
Paul Lewis






Curriculum 2017 2021 12/13


Clerk to Governors is Clare Tomlinson and enquiries regarding governance should be addressed her at 0121 445 1622 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Formal Documents

Role of the governing body

Click here for the monitoring timetable 2020-21.

Click here to read BFS Strategy document 2020-21.

Click here to read Terms of Reference.

Click below to link to the DfE financial benchmarking documents.


There are no staff members earning a gross salary of above £100,000 and therefore no requirement to publish this information. 

Click here for the Governor summary report for parents for 2019-20.

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