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Thank you and happy holidays!

Have a lovely holiday everyone and thank you all on behalf of all the staff members for lovely cards, words and gifts this week. It is very kind of you all and we value your appreciation. We will see many of you at holiday club, but when school is closed at the end of next week, we wish you all a very happy holiday and look forward to seeing you on Monday 5th September.

Mrs Moss :)

Hello from Malvern

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from sunny Malvern. We have walked to the top of the Beacon (with very few moans!), are about to make beds (ho ho) and are having a lovely time! Everyone says hello to you all.

Thank you for letting us all come for this special visit.

Best wishes,

Mrs Moss, Miss Townsend and Year 4s x

Arts Festival

Well done everyone for enjoying our 'Arts Festival' today. Reception and Years 1 and 2 made a good job of their retells, songs, poems and rhymes. Children in Years 3 and 4 performed in small groups so well and with confidence, either reciting poetry, playing their instruments or playing as part of the music group. Thank you to everyone who was able to come along and listen. It was good to see that we can all fit onto our new steps...a great new performing space for us.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Moss :)