Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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The Arts

the Arts, music and drama at Blackwell First SchoolDeveloping children’s cultural awareness is an important part of life at Blackwell.

Music, art, drama and wider cultural experiences add to the
rich curriculum on offer.




Music, dance and drama


Wider cultural experiences

· Music specialist enabling all children to enjoy extra curricular music


· Dance specialist enabling children to enjoy extra curricular dance


· Music curriculum planned and delivered by highly competent teachers


· Regular productions and performances involving all children, from class assemblies to whole school events


· Enrichment clubs after school, e.g. guitar, recorder, music group, singing


· Violin, flute, recorder and piano tuition offered in school day


· School educational visits to theatre events


· Collaborative events with other schools, such as ‘Our World’ at Charford and 'Rio'

· An art curriculum based on skill development


· Art exhibitions in school


· Educational visits, e.g. Birmingham art gallery


· Participation in ‘Voices and Visions’ in Worcester cathedral


· Collaborative art exhibition, such as ‘Our World’ at Charford and 'Rio'


· Development of children’s awareness of great artists through curriculum work


· Value placed on children’s art work, e.g. sale of individually designed Christmas cards


· Development of art in the outdoors through Forest School

· Collaborative events such as Bromsgrove dance festival and Charford ‘Our World’ exhibition


· Educational visits, such as Birmingham museum and art gallery, Stratford RSC theatre, Warwick Arts Centre


· Bhangra dance and drumming workshops


· Visit Anderton Park primary school, Birmingham


· Community events, such as Easter Celebration, Summer Fair


· Experiencing wider cultural events through extra curricular Film Club