Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

School Staff

Head teacher: Mrs Anna Moss  

Deputy Head teacher: Miss Helen Townsend 

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator: Miss Helen Townsend


School Policies


Teacher: Miss Helen Townsend - Year 4         
Teacher: Miss Holly Phipps - Year 3
Teacher: Miss Bethan Kuriger - Year 2
Teacher: Mrs Katie James - Year 1 
Teacher: Mrs Fleur Webb  - Reception
Teacher: Mrs Lynsey Mander - Nursery
Teacher: Mrs Jayne Edney - Afternoon clubs and extra curricular clubs
Music teachers: Mrs Liz Hipkiss/ Miss Helen Foster/Mrs Liz Grainger/Mrs Christianne Cutler/ Mrs Alison Grew
Maternity Leave: Mrs Emma Dudek


Mrs C Tomlinson
Mrs D Bailey
Mrs M Hargreaves
Teaching School administrators - Mrs D Wilson/ Mrs C Vanes



Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Allen- Reception and Nursery
Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Marks - Year 4
Teaching assistant: Mrs M Morgan - Year 3
Teaching assistant: Mrs M Moran - Year 2
Teaching assistant: Mrs X Arscott - Year 2
Teaching assistant: Miss J Turner - Year 1
Teaching assistant: Mrs K Reid - Reception
Teaching assistants: Ms S Cain/ Mrs K Thompson - Reception
Teaching assistant: Mrs K Roberts - Reception/Nursery
Teaching assistant: Mrs J Franklin - Nursery
Teaching assistant: Mrs C Lewis - Nursery
Teaching assistant: Mrs I Broome - Nursery
Teaching assistant: Ms S Cain - Forest School
Miss K Chamberlain is on maternity leave. 
Mrs S Barker
Assistant - Mr L Hopkins


Mrs D Wilson

Cleaner - Miss P Checkley

Cleaner - Miss L Pugh

Cleaner - Mr T Bailey

Cleaner - Mr T Smith

Cleaner - Mr J Hughes