Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 6th March 2020

What a beautiful end to the week - the sun has shone all day today making our outdoors feel very much like Spring.

It was lovely to meet most of your grownups at Parent Consultations this week - it is always so lovely to find out what you are like at home. :-)

We have begun our "Families" topic and lots of you now have your family photograph up on our wall.  We will be playing some fun games with these over the next few weeks.  If you do not have a family photograph on the wall, please can you ask your grownup to get one to us.

Outdoors we have explored the new pond area with Mrs Allen, it is going to be fun to watch and see how this area develops as the weather warms up.  When the big children go to Forest School in the afternoon, they are always munching on apples and so Mrs Allen decided it would be fun to steal the pips and plant them - how exciting to see if anything happens!  Your looking skills have been put to the test by using the magnifying glasses to explore broccoli, lettuce and asparagus and using the binoculars to find and spot those singing birds.  Our safety rules have been revisited on how we move the long sticks in the building area to build a den.

Indoors we have been role playing the Nursery Rhymes of Jack and Jill by building and climbing up some hills and flapping our wings to fly away to "Two Little Dicky Birds".  Our Write Dance of Pat-a-Cake has had us making circles with our wrists (very tricky!), hips (the funniest!) and in green paint (like the Hulk!).  Our younger group have been learning about the number 1 and the number 2 and seeing how they can look so different in objects, numicon and now egg box style!  Our older children have been learning different ways we can make six and you have extended your learning by making your own doubles.  Dough Disco has had us balling and twisting our wrists to "What does the Fox say?" and poking and passing to "Getting Jiggy with it".  For most of us, rhyming has been our favourite Phonics circle time as we have been making Silly Soup and playing Rhyming Bingo.  Your listening skills have come on such a long way since September which has made learning about rhyming so much easier for you.  Keep it up as we move on to alliteration, blending and segmenting in the summer term, this will really test your listening skills.

Fingers crossed the sun shines all weekend!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Flynn.