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School Council

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    ...leadership in class and at a whole school level has been very strong... (Parent comment)

Each year, the School Council members are elected by peers and they serve to represent the pupils in the school on a variety of issues, such as regeneration of a part of the playground, esafety issues and collating opinions on aspects of teaching and learning.

Over the past three years the role of the School Council developed to include taking part in monitoring children's learning by accompanying the leadership team to look for evidence of good learning attitudes around the school. They also interview the Chair of Governors and headteacher as part of their work on school leadership and feed back to Governors in a Full Governing Body meeting. They have visited other schools and come back to school to share new ideas and fed back to the whole school.

 School Councillors 2018-19

Last year the council members were voted for during September and work started immediately. The focus was: writing development (particularly spelling) and working to develop children's learning behaviours by teaching a mastery curriculum across all classes. Children supported work on spelling badges and a new initiative that saw a definite improvement in the quality of spelling.

A major achievement was preparing artwork for The Lodge at Burcot Grange residential care home based on people connected with the Burcot Grange house. This artwork will be on display in the four lounges at The Lodge.

(The School Councillors are also joined by some Eco Councillors to feedback on the Eco Council meetings).

 School Councillors 2019-20

During 2019-20 the School Councillors will focus on:

  • Developing the school in anticipation of the new school dog, Hetty.
  • Developing links with Burcot Grange reading buddies as part of our new community building work.
  • Developing monitoring of the school values. 


blackwell first school bromsgrove 19Quotes from school councillors:

It is important that I remember to do my jobs or else I won't have anything to say at the meetings. (Year 3 child)

We decided that puppets would be a good use of the money that we raised and now the children play with them all of the time. (Year 2 child)

I have enjoyed being secretary, but it is hard work as I have so much to remember. (Year 4 child)