Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Calendar Dates

Autumn term 2017

11.9.17 Parent meetings for Red Class children this week

11.9.17 After school clubs start and music lessons

18.9.17 Book fair in school Monday-Thursday after school 3.15-3.45pm

18.9.17 7.30pm PFTA meeting in school

20.9.17 3.15-4.30pm Class and Nursery pop ins to meet teachers to say hello informally

29.9.17 3.15-4.30pm Scarecrow festival

2.10.17 Blue and Yellow Classes- Viking trip

2.10.17 Harvest assembly- children only

5.10.17 Green and Purple Classes- Viking trip

6.10.17 Red Class- Viking trip

10.10.17 Flu Vaccine- nasal spray

18.10.17 5.30-7pm Open Evening – Viking theme- everyone welcome

18.10.17 Break up for half term

30.10.17 School opens after half term

1.11.17 Open Evening for prospective parents for Nursery/Reception 2018

6.11.17 Early Years Portal opens for claiming hours- Nursery

6.11.17 12-8pm Parent Consultations

8.11.17 4-6pm Parent Consultations

17.11.17 Evening PFTA event- Jewellery Sale

30.11.17 8.45am Blue Class family assembly – Blue Class families welcome

8.12.17 Christmas plays being filmed for DVD sale- please look out for a letter

13.12.17 1.30pm Red and Green Class Christmas Play at church- toddlers welcome

14.12.17 9.30am Red and Green Class Christmas Play at church – ADULT ONLY

14.12.17 1.30am Purple, Yellow and Blue Christmas Play at church – toddlers welcome

15.12.17 9.30am Purple, Yellow and Blue Christmas Play at church – ADULT ONLY

18.12.17 2.30pm Nursery Coffee Afternoon

19.12.17 Pantomime (YR-4) and party (whole school including Nursery)

19.12.17 Term ends

Spring term  2018                                                                                                                                                           

4.1.18 Term starts for children

5.1.18 Theatre trips- Reception –Year 4 classes

8.1.18 7.30pm PFTA meeting- Blackwell Club

24.1.18 Y3s gymnastics festival

25.1.18 8.45am Green Class family assembly- Green Class families welcome- note change of date

10.2.18 ‘Beer and Pasty’ PFTA event- TBC

14.2.18 Y2s Dance festival

19-23.2.18 Half term

1.3.18 Early Years portal opens- Nursery families

8/9.3.18 Mothering Sunday sale after school

14/15.3.18 Parent Consultations

27.3.18 Y1s drama event

29.3.18 Easter coffee morning (whole school)

29.3.18 Easter egg hunt PFTA event – TBC

29.3.18 Term ends

3-6.4.18 HOLIDAY CLUB- sign up for places

Summer term 2018

16.4.18 School opens for children

30.4.18 Castle visit (Reception- Year 4)

7.5.18 Y3s Forest School event

12.5.18 PFTA Spring Ball- TBC

16.5.18 8.45am Yellow Class family assembly – Yellow Class families welcome

25.5.18 Sport’s Day

28.5- 1.6.18 Half term

11-13.6.18 Residential Year 4s

14/15.6.18 Father’s Day sale after school

18.6.18 PFTA AGM 7.30pm at School

27.6.18 Red Class family assembly – Red Class families welcome

27.6.18 Red Class- athletics event

30.6.18 Summer Fair

11.7.18 Y4s championships for sport

19.7.18 8.45am Purple Class assembly – Purple Class families welcome

20.7.18 Annual reports sent home

23.7.18 Visits to new classes

24.7.18 Leaver’s Breakfast

24.7.18 Term ends

25-27.7.18 HOLIDAY CLUB – sign up for places

28-31.8.18 HOLIDAY CLUB – sign up for places