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Get set for next half term!

Hello Yellow Class!


We've now completed 3 of our 6 half terms of the year, so that means we are half way through Yellow Class! Wow! Doesn't time fly.


Next half term we are going to be learning about Prehistoric Britain and I've called our topic 'The Bronze Age and Beyond!' This is one of my favourite topics so I'm busy planning all sorts of interesting and exciting activities for us to do.


We will first have a little reminder about the Stone Age before looking at the Bronze and Iron Ages in Britain. Plus, this half term is our class assembly (on the 17th March...so 30 days if I have counted correctly!). Please have a little think if there is anything in particular you would like to do for the assembly.


Year 2s - if you can, please try and collect any little bits of metal this week - bits of foil, paper clips, old nuts and bolts that dad doesn't want etc. But, nothing sharp and ask an adult first. Bring them in on Monday.


Year 3s - if you have chance, become familiar with some Stone Age cave paintings. Your knowledge will be useful on the first day back. Try http://www.lascaux.culture.fr/#/en/00.xml/index.html for an interactive view!


Stay safe and see you on Monday.


Miss Kuriger :)

Well done Yellow Class!

Thursday has been a good day! Very very well done to Year 2 who won the Wake and Shake competition today. You managed to show excellent timing and energy and are the well deserved champions! Year 3s you have improved so much so here's hoping for next time...I am very proud of you.


Also today, what wonderful designers you have all been. You designed, wrote recipes for and created healthy snacks, which I know you enjoyed munching on. Well done for being so sensible and safe whilst creating your goodies.


Miss Kuriger

Yellow Class Homework

Hello Yellow,


For the next couple of weeks, homework will be activities on the school wall and mental maths practise. Miss Townsend and I will both post an activity on the school wall so there will be a choice, or you can complete both - keep on collecting those points for your shields!


Mental Maths:

Year 2s - practise to be perfect with the 5 times table. This means knowing the multiplication facts, but also the division facts, out of order.


Year 3s - Miss Brown would like you to do the same with the 4 times table. I wonder how many different ways you can practise to help you get better.  


Keep up the reading too. This helps your understanding, your speaking, your writing and your spelling! And it can be fun as well :)


Miss Kuriger

Well done Yellow and Blue Classes

What fabulous performances you all gave this week! You were amazing remembering all those words, dances and playing your instruments so well. Have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing you again in January 2016! Mrs Moss xx ps- remember to practise your reading over the holiday.

Year 3 P.E.

In P.E. after Christmas, Year 3 children will be learning how to play tag rugby. This will take place on the school field. Your child will need jogging bottoms, a jumper and trainers in their P.E. bag along with a plastic bag to put muddy trainers into after!


Many thanks.

What a performance!

Well done children for a fantastic Christmas production. Your grown ups had a super time listening to your beautiful singing and watching your fabulous dancing as well as enjoying all of the other talents on show.  You have all worked extremely hard and well and truly earned your tasty Christmas lunch.


You're all super stars!

Hello Yellow Class

Hello Yellow Class,


Here we go…my first message to you!


I just wanted to say a quick ‘hello’ and let you know about some of the learning that we have ahead for next term. It was really great to meet you all before the holiday and think about our first topic a little – Native Americans. The artwork you completed about Native American names was so fantastic. I have it all ready to go on the wall in our new classroom.

When we come back to school on Monday 7th September, we’ll be thinking a little bit about our school history to start with because of all of the big changes that are planned – I hope you’ve seen some of the photographs that Mrs Moss has put on the website showing the building as it is now. I wonder if you spotted our new room!


On Tuesday we’ll start our Native American topic and we’ll begin by looking at totem poles and seeing if we can make our own. Later in term I’m looking forward to some great history lessons and drawing in art, as well as Native American music to enjoy!


If you want to get ahead with your learning then you could start to research a little about Native Americans. Perhaps you want to show your learning through a fact file, story, piece of artwork or even a poem. You can share your learning in class in the first week back.


I think these two websites are a good place to start:




Don’t forget to keep on reading. I’m enjoying the Famous Five at the moment by Enid Blyton.


See you all soon.

Miss Kuriger

Adventures in Wonderland

Hello Yellow Class,


We had a great first day back thinking about our new project...a Mad Hatter's tea party. It will take place on Thursday 16th July and leading up to it, Mrs James will work on place mats in Art using designs inspired by your Science work. I will be helping you develop your story telling skills as we learn the whole story ready to share at the tea party!


The only thing you need to think about at home is your outfit. An outfit fit for a Mad Hatter's tea party, something smart I think. See what you can find.


See you in the morning to start thinking about our retell.


Mrs Moss x x

Happy half term!

Hello Yellow Class,


Well done to everyone for working so hard this half term.


When we come back next week, 'Stone Age Britain' is our next topic and our project will be to present the information we find out to other classes. We may be writing reports, creating powerpoints and short films. You will have to decide how you want to present your learning.


Red Class will have a special project...their first ever class assembly! We will enjoy watching that.


Over half term, maybe you could find out five interesting facts about Stone Age Britain and then present one amazing fact in an interesting way to be displayed in the classroom. Perhaps you could paint a picture, write a poem, write a fact file or create a 3D model of something interesting that will inform others about the Stone Age?


I look forward to seeing you all after the holidays. Have a good holiday.


Mrs Moss x x


Sporting Stars!

Hello Yellow Class,


You have been working hard during these last few weeks and your 'Top of the beanstalk' stories and art work was a great success.


Your families enjoyed the art exhibition and hopefully your artwork is on a wall somewhere at home now to make everyone smile.


We have our School Games Morning this Thursday, so remember to make sure that you have full PE kit in school, including trainers.


Mrs Moss x x