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Happy Holidays!

Hello Yellow Class!

We hope that you’ve had a really wonderful Christmas celebrating with your family and friends. Thank you so much for all our cards, kind words and gifts. You are very generous and thoughtful. We are very lucky!

Now you’ve had chance to play with your new presents, here are a few things to keep your brain ticking over:

- Pick up a reading book (Let us know if you got any nice stories as presents when we’re back!)

- Practise your 2, 5, 10, 3, and 4 times table so that you know them inside out and back to front!

- Read/watch ‘101 Dalmatians’

When we come back in the New Year, we are so lucky to get the opportunity to see the stage production of the ‘101 Dalmatians’ and our Literacy will be based around the story.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and we wish you a very Happy New Year!

Miss Steele and Miss Chamberlain :-)


Hello children. Just a reminder to bring your costumes for the Christmas play to school on Monday in a named carrier bag. Thank you.

Victorious Vikings!

Hi Yellow Team,

Well done for a great start to the Vikings this week! We had a lovely trip on Monday and an introduction to 'Viking Rock' today... the melody will be in our heads all weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing some Viking inspired homework next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Steele and Miss Chamberlain :-)

New Yellow Team!

Hello new Yellow Class!

We hope you’re having an amazing summer! Have you grown since we last saw you? As you know, our first topic will be Scarecrows. Why not do a little research about them to start warming your brains up again? We will be making pneumatic systems as part of our DT work in this topic. Any small cardboard/plastic containers (yoghurt pots, cereal boxes, small boxes) that you can collect would be fantastic! The more we have, the more choice you will have!

Less than a week to go and we will see you bright and early with your bits for DT. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Miss Steele and Miss Chamberlain :-)

Well done Team Yellow! :)

Wow! What a year! Thank you Yellow Class for all of your generous words, cards, vouchers and gifts! You have worked so hard this year and it has been lovely to see you mature and progress. 

You have been an absolute pleasure to teach and are a credit to your grown ups.

We hope you have a fabulous summer!

Love Miss Steele and Mrs Moran xx

Minibeast hotels!

Well done for your super efforts with your homework.


The ones that have been brought in are sitting alongside our flowering plants on our balcony!


Don't forget to bring in yours if you can. For this week's homework please consider what food you will make to bring in and share at our 'Tea Party' next week.


We are very proud of how hard you are working in these last few weeks. Well done.


Miss Steele and Mrs Moran x

Well done Yellow!

Yellow Class,


Well done for a super half term, it has been a busy one. With your super class assembly, excellent performances at Sports Morning and ever growing maturity there is so much to be proud of!


To keep your brain ticking over, you could practise your number bonds to 1000 (in multiples of 50) and telling the time in 5 minute intervals on an analogue clock. It is a nice holiday for you to read a book by a new author. Why not try a book from Lauren St John?


We hope you are having a lovely half term with your family and friends.


Miss Steele and Mrs Moran x

Well done Yellow Team!! :)

Just to say well done for your amazing performance today. All of you played an important part to make it so special. The grown ups I spoke to were very proud... and so are we!


Love from Miss Steele and Mrs Moran :)

Handkerchiefs and Flat Caps!

Hello Yellow Team!


Another great start to a new week... For our special class assembly if you have a handkerchief and a flat cap at home then please bring them in so that we can start to use them! (You can take them home next Thursday!)


As part of your home learning, perhaps you could find out about a steam train we are yet to research.


We are looking forward to our assembly preparations!


Miss Steele and Mrs Moran x


The first week back after the Easter holiday sees the start of swimming. Your child will need the following:

  • swimming costume (no bikinis), trunks or swimming shorts (must be above the knee)
  • towel
  • hair brush and bobble for those with hair longer than shoulder length
  • no earrings
  • goggles (if parents have given consent)


Happy Easter!

Hello Yellow Class! :)


Firstly, well done for a brilliant spring term! We have spotted how mature you are becoming from the way you are applying what you have learnt to lots of different areas of our learning.


We hope you have all had a super start to the holidays. What lovely weather we have had! To keep your brain ticking over, do a little reading and have a go at learning a times table that you find tricky- don't forget the division facts too! The 8 times table would be a super one to crack!


If you want a further challenge, perhaps you could write a diary of your 'adventures' over Easter? Think about what you could include to impress us e.g. fronted adverbials, lots of different conjunctions.


We wish you a very fun, relaxing and happy Easter and look forward to seeing you in the summer term ready for 'Inventions'...


Love from Miss Steele and Mrs Moran :)

A great first week :)

Well done Yellow Class for a super first week back! We have found out about Gerald Durrell and his adventure with ‘Sarah the Anteater’. Perhaps you can find out which other animals he helped? Enjoy your weekend and any ‘adventures’ you may have!


Miss Steele and Mrs Moran :) 


P.S. Don't forget to keep an eye out for different rocks!