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Well done Yellow!

Yellow Class,


Well done for a super half term, it has been a busy one. With your super class assembly, excellent performances at Sports Morning and ever growing maturity there is so much to be proud of!


To keep your brain ticking over, you could practise your number bonds to 1000 (in multiples of 50) and telling the time in 5 minute intervals on an analogue clock. It is a nice holiday for you to read a book by a new author. Why not try a book from Lauren St John?


We hope you are having a lovely half term with your family and friends.


Miss Steele and Mrs Moran x

Well done Yellow Team!! :)

Just to say well done for your amazing performance today. All of you played an important part to make it so special. The grown ups I spoke to were very proud... and so are we!


Love from Miss Steele and Mrs Moran :)

Handkerchiefs and Flat Caps!

Hello Yellow Team!


Another great start to a new week... For our special class assembly if you have a handkerchief and a flat cap at home then please bring them in so that we can start to use them! (You can take them home next Thursday!)


As part of your home learning, perhaps you could find out about a steam train we are yet to research.


We are looking forward to our assembly preparations!


Miss Steele and Mrs Moran x


The first week back after the Easter holiday sees the start of swimming. Your child will need the following:

  • swimming costume (no bikinis), trunks or swimming shorts (must be above the knee)
  • towel
  • hair brush and bobble for those with hair longer than shoulder length
  • no earrings
  • goggles (if parents have given consent)


Happy Easter!

Hello Yellow Class! :)


Firstly, well done for a brilliant spring term! We have spotted how mature you are becoming from the way you are applying what you have learnt to lots of different areas of our learning.


We hope you have all had a super start to the holidays. What lovely weather we have had! To keep your brain ticking over, do a little reading and have a go at learning a times table that you find tricky- don't forget the division facts too! The 8 times table would be a super one to crack!


If you want a further challenge, perhaps you could write a diary of your 'adventures' over Easter? Think about what you could include to impress us e.g. fronted adverbials, lots of different conjunctions.


We wish you a very fun, relaxing and happy Easter and look forward to seeing you in the summer term ready for 'Inventions'...


Love from Miss Steele and Mrs Moran :)

A great first week :)

Well done Yellow Class for a super first week back! We have found out about Gerald Durrell and his adventure with ‘Sarah the Anteater’. Perhaps you can find out which other animals he helped? Enjoy your weekend and any ‘adventures’ you may have!


Miss Steele and Mrs Moran :) 


P.S. Don't forget to keep an eye out for different rocks!

Well done Yellow Class!

Dear Yellow Class,


Firstly, well done for your super performances in church. We noticed lots of happy, smiling grownups watching you in the church. Everyone was very proud of you all.


Some brilliant learning has taken place this autumn term. To continue your super learning, here are a few things to keep you busy over the festive period!



Little and often works best. Remember fluency is a huge part of reading so it is good to keep re-reading your book over. Read your school book and other books from home... Perhaps a new year’s resolution could be to join the library?



Write a diary telling us all about your Christmas holidays. Really think about your handwriting as you write. Make sure it is the very best that you can do.



Practise the 3 and 4 times tables. Make sure that you know the corresponding division facts as well.

Finally, thank you all so much for all the lovely cards, messages and gifts. It is very generous of you all. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all in January!


Love from Miss Steele and Mrs Moran :)


Over the next two weeks, your homework is to practise recalling doubles and halves to 20 + 20 and multiples of 5 to 100, near doubles i.e. 17 + 16 and to enjoy lots of reading.


Love from Miss Steele :)

A successful day :)

Well done to Yellow and Purple Class for a successful trip today!

You were able to show off your Roman knowledge and learn a few more facts as well! The adults at the villa commented on how brilliantly behaved you were.

At our Grand Opening tomorrow, all of your Roman work will be on display. It will be nice to see the grown ups and let them know how well you have settled into Year 3.

Miss Steele and Mrs Moran :)

Hello Year 3s!

Hello Yellow Class,


We are nearly there... Hopefully you have had a super break, done lots of exciting things and are ready for the start of term!


We are exploring everything Roman when we start back and have a trip to look forward to later on in the topic. We will even be creating 'Roman inspired' toys as part of our DT learning. If you have any spare 'squeezy' plastic bottles or boxes (particularly egg!) then it would be really helpful for you to bring them in on Monday, ready for our designing and making on Tuesday.


As you start to warm your brains up again, perhaps you could find out a Roman fact to share with everyone on Monday. Hopefully all of you will have had some time to read over the holiday, if you have a 'Recommended Read' to share with us then please bring it in.


We are really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!


From Miss Steele and Mrs Moran :-)

British Sport

Hello Yellow Class,


What a lovely week we've had learning all about 'British Sport'! I'm looking forward to more learning next week leading up to our Sports Day on Friday where we will be running, skipping and having fun with lots of team games. For your homework this weekend why not research a little about your favourite British sporting star? You can present what you have found out in your own way i.e. poster, leaflet, PowerPoint, art... and bring it in to show us all on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend.


From Miss Kuriger :)