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Red Class

Red Class News

 Red Class News

Final Fanfare

Dear Red Class,

Thank you for a lovely last day and for your thoughtful gifts and kind words. During the holidays, please rest and play. I’m sure I’ll be chasing Grace and Joseph around the beach and splashing in the sea at some point.

If you finished school at 1.40pm today, don't worry, Mrs James is looking after your attendance certificates. You will also find a letter about Year 1 in your book bag and there will be an opportunity to ‘meet the teachers’ in the autumn term. Good luck in Green Class and thank you for a wonderful year. I know you will continue to shine in Year 1.

If you start in Red Class in September, remember to collect items for your special box (photos, drawings, postcards etc.). I can’t wait to find out about you…a new galaxy of shining stars!

Love from,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Franklin and Miss Turner 

Bags for Books

Hello Red Class Families,


Please pop a named bag into your child's book bag tomorrow so that we can send their books and folders home on Friday.


Many thanks,

Mrs Webb :)

Diary Dates

Hello Red Class,


Just a few dates for your diary:

Tuesday, 11th July: Forest School

Thursday, 13th July: Athletics Event, Ryland Centre

Saturday, 15th July: Summer Fayre


Your optional homework for this week is to design a biscuit for a Jungle Tea Party. You will need to find out how to make a biscuit, research ingredients and think about your design. You can present your ideas in your homework book. You can then make or decorate your biscuits for an exciting Jungle Tea Party at school in the final week. More information about the party will follow soon. 


See you tomorrow my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Friday Fanfare 28

Hello Red Class,


Well done for such a fantastic class assembly on Thursday. You worked hard, tried your best and performed with confidence. I'm always proud of your achievements and your class assembly was another one to add to my list. Next week, we will start a new topic all about "Creepy Crawlies". I will let you know about our very exciting project on Monday.


Enjoy the weekend my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Forest School Reminder

Dear Families,

Forest School will take place tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. We usually ask the children to wear long sleeved tops and jogging bottoms to protect their arms and legs from the brambles and nettles. However, due to the hot weather, the children may wear shorts to school tomorrow. We will use the waterproof trousers to protect their legs but if it is far too hot we will work on the field. Remember to apply sun cream in the morning. Pop a bottle of named sun cream into the book bag and send a hat into school.


We're regularly drinking water at the moment (grown ups too to set the example) and we're constantly refilling the bottles. Due to the hot weather, we're not emptying the water bottles at the end of the day. We will be taking our water bottles to Forest School tomorrow.


Just a reminder to send a colourful outfit into school ready for our class assembly. This could simply be a colourful top and a pair of shorts. We're still waiting for quite a few outfits.


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin and Mrs Roberts :)

Friday Fanfare 27

Hello Red Class,


Another good week at school, exploring different coins and counting in 1s, 2s and 10s using 1p, 2p and 10p coins. There was a lot of super problem solving. You worked hard and

showed great perseverance. We even had time to find and use adjectives in our reading and writing.


Your throwing and catching skills are improving every PE session. We practised catching with two hands and then one hand. Some of us wanted an extra challenge so we tried to catch the bean bag with our non-dominant hand as we moved around the space.


Our Forest School sessions focused on safe use of tools and equipment, for example, using a saw to cut tree cookies and then using sandpaper to smooth the rough edges. Next week, Forest School will take place on Thursday afternoon.  However, the biggest smile on my face appeared on Tuesday when we played the chime sets for the first time.  You worked really well as a team and tried very hard to play together. You're all musical stars!


Enjoy a lovely weekend and make sure you rest too.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)


Friday Fanfare 26

Hello Red Class,


Well done for a great first week back. We really enjoyed the start of our new topic, 'The Circus,' with a super circus skills day. From riding little bikes in colourful clown wigs to performing tricks with flower sticks, it was a very exciting day.


The circus skills inspired our Art lessons as we created a clown for our class display using the basic skills of collage (tearing, sticking and overlapping). You will be able to see some of our super collage work during our class assembly on Thursday, 29th June. More details about the class assembly will follow in the class newsletter at the start of next week.


A new homework sheet was sent out in the book bags tonight.  Remember topic-based homework is optional but if you would like to complete a topic activity, in addition to your reading, then you might win the next 'Homework of the Week' certificate! For those families who have requested a maths worksheet, you will find your sheets in your book bags on Monday. Just write a note in your child's homework book if you would like to receive the maths worksheet.


I hope you have a lovely weekend my little stars and I'll see you all for some more fun at the circus next week.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)


Sporting Success

Well done Red Class for a super morning. You tried very hard with your running, jumping, throwing and catching and  when we returned to school, it was great to hear all of the things that you enjoyed. I hope you feel proud of your fantastic medals that you created in your art sessions and thank you to Mr Evans (R's Dad) for providing the 'real' medals. You all deserved your awards. Congratulations!


Have a lovely half term. Try to read a little bit each day and I look forward to seeing you next half term. Take care my little stars.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Sports Day

Hello Red Class,


Please make sure you wear a named sun hat tomorrow and apply sun cream before school. You will also need your water bottle and a snack. It's going to be a fun morning of team games and races in the sun!


See you all tomorrow my little stars,

Mrs Webb :)

Friday Fanfare 25

Hello Red Class,


The 'Friday Fanfare' provides an insight into your child's week at school during the first two terms. In the summer term, the homework sheet provides an overview of learning. However, every so often I will post a message on the website. This is our Friday ritual afterall!


Over the last few weeks at Forest School we've continued to learn about different types of trees. Last week we found out about the oak and this week we spotted the hawthorn. Some children made fairy houses, other children enjoyed climbing new trees and some children made photoframes by using their lashing and frapping skills. During our warm up game we explored the forest canopy. The children used mirrors to look at the top of the trees. Some children even tried to guess the type of tree by looking at the canopy through the mirror.


In Literacy this week we've been retelling the story of our school trip using time words and actions. Our retell and photographs helped us to write sentences about the trip. In Phonics we've focused on keyword spellings by looking carefully at the tricky part of the word i.e. a-s in was.


In Maths we've been comparing and ordering items by weight and discovering that not all small things are light and not all big things are heavy. The children used the balance scales in their play and explore time to investigate their own interests.


In Science this week we've designed tests to find out how to change the speed of a rolling object and this even led to a discussion about friction! The children also thought about how the puddles in the outside area might change the speed of their vehicles and they enjoyed finding out the results!


Thank you for your kind donations of cardboard boxes and tubes. My cupboard is completely full now so you can have a rest from collecting. Please just add a spare pair of socks into your child's book bag for after outdoor play.


Finally, it is sports day on Friday, 26th May. The event starts at 9am on the school field and runs until lunchtime. The children take part in a mixture of races and team games and collect points for their country. At the end of the event a cup is awarded to the country in first place. Red Class will be racing first!  Families can observe this sporting spectacle from the viewing circle which is a large circle in the middle of the school field. The school field is next to the park. Feel free to bring chairs or a picnic blanket and watch the children as they rotate around different events.  The children will be practising their events throughout the week at school as part of our 'Extreme Sports' topic. 


Enjoy your weekend my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin and Mrs Roberts :)


Super School Trip

Hello Red Class,

Thank you for a super day at the Black Country Museum. I was really impressed by your behaviour, listening and fantastic questions. We found out lots about transport from the past. We looked inside a narrow boat, met Danny the horse who pulled the boats and spotted the tram line. We also experienced a lesson in a Victorian school where we used a slate for our writing and practised the alphabet. A very busy day filled with lots of learning.


See you tomorrow my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)


Friday Fanfare 24

Hello Red Class,


The story of the rowan tree filled our Forest School session today. You enjoyed finding rowan trees around the site and making fairy houses and fairy wands linked to the story. You're developing a real love and interest for the forest.   


In Phonics we've been reading and spelling words starting with s-l (slug), t-r (train) and s-t-r (strong). We've been retelling the story of the 'The Train Ride' in Literacy and reading and writing sentences linked to the story. Maths sessions have focused on problem solving with shapes and exploring capacity.


Next week we will revisit ch, sh, th and ng in Phonics and read and spell words with more than one syllable. In Maths we will solve problems involving doubling, halving and sharing. If you have a spare few minutes at home, try to recall 1 less to 10 and then 1 less to 20. You could play '1 less tennis'. Your '1 more tennis' is very strong! Next week, Science will focus on forces and their impact. We have started to explore push, pull and twist during our play and explore time in the dough and construction areas.


According to our records, either Rainbow Bear or Friendship Bear should have visited every child. The bears wanted to say a big, "THANK YOU" for looking after them so well. They really enjoyed their time with you and your grown ups.


Finally, thank you for such creative and imaginative homework. It really was a joy to mark and it was very tricky to decide who should be awarded 'homework of the week'. Your handwriting was also excellent this week. You will find 'v' and 'w' in your books. Remember, reading is the most important activity. Topic work is optional.


Enjoy the weekend my little stars and I will see you next week.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)





Friday Fanfare 23

Hello Red Class,


This week we've been incredibly busy. We started the week by creating transport pictures using loose parts.  Thank you to the families who collected loose parts. We had a wonderful choice of objects to turn into a transport picture or a collage. Your imaginative work will be displayed very soon.


In Literacy, we've been finding out about information books (non-fiction) and reading some simple facts. We even had time to write some super sentences and some of you wanted to make your own transport books. Phonics sessions have focused on spelling keywords and reading and writing words starting and ending with s-t i.e. star/stick/toast/crust. Finally, subtraction was the focus for Maths where we used objects and/or printed number lines to take away a small number.


In your book bags you will find a new homework book and a newsletter. You will find a sheet inside the homework book. This sheet explains how to tackle the homework but the homework book is optional. Finally your handwriting letters for the week are 'r' and 'p'. In school, we've started to join some of our letters together within short keywords i.e. the and to.


See you Tuesday my little stars,


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Keep Collecting

Hello Red Class,


Just a little reminder to keep collecting your metal loose parts (picture hooks, metal washers, old keys) ready for Monday. Collect things with a grown up so that you can check your loose parts are small and not sharp. Also, if you have any photos of your Easter holiday to share, then bring them into school so that we can display them on the lightbox.


I've made a few changes to the classroom today. Do you think you will spot them on Monday?

Stay safe and have fun my little stars.


Mrs Webb :)

Easter Fanfare

Hello Red Class,


Well done for a super spring term. Your singing at the Easter coffee morning was beautiful and we all enjoyed the Easter egg hunt in the afternoon.


Over the holidays, I would like you to collect a little bag of 'loose parts' for our first day back. I have collected metal washers, small bolts, hinges and old keys. You will need to collect your items with a grown up and make sure they're not sharp. We will use our 'loose parts' to create a picture for our 'Inventions'topic.


Next term there will be a few changes as we slowly prepare for Year 1. For example, we will show you how to change your reading book and you will have more responsibility during tidy up time. After the Easter holiday, we will send out a newsletter with further ways to support transition.


Have a wonderful holiday Red Class. I hope Friendship Bear and Rainbow Bear have a wonderful time too. Make sure you rest and play my little stars.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin  :)

Friday Fanfare 22

Hello Red Class,


Another lovely week with lots of super learning. Today was our last Forest School session of the term. We found out how to build a '5 minute fire'. We searched for sticks and built our own (pretend) fires. Later, we shared a story about a fox who tried to create fire as Mrs Webb lit a real campfire. As well as promoting awe and wonder, fire safety and risk assessment is at the heart of our learning at Forest School.


In Literacy, we shared and performed an Easter poem, "Five Little Easter Eggs" and used a poem map and actions to recall the words. In our Maths sessions, we named, described, created and solved problems with 3D shapes.


To support our number bond work, we played a new game. Working with our learning partner, we secretly made a number bond to 5 with objects i.e. 2 cubes and 3 cubes. Then we revealed our number bond to our partner. If we made 5 in different ways, we gained a point. You could try playing this game at home with objects or fingers.


As we get ready for lunch, we play another number bond game. I show you 4 fingers and you show me 1. I show you 5 fingers and you show me 0. We make a great team! Remember you can make number bonds to any number, so you could try 3 or 6.


We started our Easter topic by sharing our experiences of Easter. We used Easter themed objects to support our talk work. We listened to the Easter story, sequenced key events and considered how Jesus was thoughtful. Our Write Dance sessions were filled with Easter egg dancing and drawing. Your Easter egg pictures and patterns were fantastic!


This weekend, please check your jumpers at home and make sure they're all named and belong to you :)


Have a super weekend super stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)


Friday Fanfare 21

Hello Red Class,

We enjoyed another lovely day at Forest School today. The sun was shining as we used our photo key to find animals in the forest. Every week we look for risks and changes in the forest and think about how to keep safe. We chant, “Look high. Look low. Look everywhere you go.” This chant helped us to find the animals quickly.

In Phonics, we’ve been reading and spelling 4 letter words beginning with 2 consonants e.g. stop, swim, crab. We’ve focused on the second sound in each word because sometimes this sound can get lost i.e. ‘stop’ turns into ‘sop’. In Literacy sessions, we’ve been thinking about the difference between letters and words so that we can use finger spaces correctly. We’ve also thought about how to use capital letters for the start of a sentence and for names. Sharing was the focus in Maths. Try sharing at home. For example, you could share buttons between yourself and a grown up. Remember to share the buttons one by one and check each person has the same amount. Also, see if you can teach your grown ups our ‘Chip the Chopper’ song. This song will help you to practise halving. Remember to use your fingers to help.

 My name is Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip the Chopper.

And I like to chop numbers in half.

My name is Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip the Chopper.

And I like to chop numbers in half.


 Thank you to those families who attended today’s handwriting ‘drop in’. Below is a brief outline of handwriting sessions across the week:

Monday: Write Dance session including a dance to develop gross motor skills.

Tuesday: Write Dance session including picture and pattern work to develop fine motor skills.

Wednesday-Friday: Letter formation work. We learn how to form a letter correctly and apply it within words and sentences.

We introduce a ‘family’ of letters every couple of weeks. Each family begins with the same action. For example, the curly caterpillar letters start with a round and back action (c,o,a,d,g,q).

When we introduce a new letter, we ask the children to tell us what the letter looks like. Perhaps the letter looks like a superhero with a cape, a jungle animal or a roller coaster. This encourages the children to look closely at the letter shape and it helps to provide a story for the letter. For example, when learning how to write letter ‘m’ one child commented that the ‘m’ looked like mountains so we pretended that Martin the Martian was visiting from space and he wanted to climb the mountains. Drawing little stick people (Mrs Webb’s art ability shining through) climbing over the letter really engaged the children.

When practising at home, use the step by step guide in the handwriting book to show your child how to form the letter correctly then practise in different ways:

-Rainbow writing with felt tips (tracing over the same letter with different coloured pens).

-Write in a tray of shaving foam, sand, flour, sprinkles, paint.

-Use cotton buds or fingers, dipped in paint, to print over the letter.

-Chalk on the patio.

-Make marks and form letters in play dough.

-Use the handwriting book.

The most important message is to have fun. The children are already making progress with their writing. Every day I receive letters, cards, lists and messages because the children are motivated to write and to apply their new skills. During focus group work this week I’ve been very impressed with their word and sentence work. Mrs Moss was also very pleased too. Keep up the good work Red Class!

Finally, you will find your child’s report in their book bag tonight. I look forward to seeing my last few families next week. Your reports will follow the consultation.

Have a lovely weekend my little stars. I’m looking forward to Sunday!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin

Friday Fanfare 20

Hello Red Class,


Another great week at school with lots of super learning. In Phonics, we've been been reading and spelling 4 letter words such as went, sand and jump. We listened carefully to the third sound in each word as sometimes we can miss this sound. 'Went' can sometimes turn into 'wet' if we're not careful. Today you made an 'I can book' using a 4 letter word in each sentence e.g. I can jump . There were lots of super sentences with capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and verbs. All of your hard work talking in sentences and writing simple sentences in Literacy is making a difference.  


In Maths we've been learning about time. Finding ways to measure time (sand timer, stop watch, wall clock etc) and timing activities. You can do lots of star jumps in 1 minute! We even used the small clocks to read and find O'clock times. It's been wonderful to see you taking an interest in the timers during your play and explore time.


In Science we've started to explore materials and their properties. We explored materials using our senses and started to test materials to make the best waterproof coat for teddy. In PE, we've made a good start to our dance as postmen and postwomen. We've thought of dance motifs such as driving a van, posting letters, putting parcels into a sack and skipping down the road and we've linked some of these motifs into a sequence! 


Forest School was pleasant today. As one child said, "God sent the right weather today!" We shared the 'Gruffalo's Child' which inspired us to make tracks and trails to guide the Gruffalo's child around the forest.


It was lovely to see all of your grown ups this week and to tell them how well you're doing at school. Keep up the good work and I'll see you next week Red Class. Keep shining my little stars.


If you would like further support with handwriting please pop into Red Class next Friday at 8.45am. Finally, please remember to label all school clothing as it makes the end of the day much easier for the grown ups in school.


Many thanks,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)




Friday Fanfare 19

Hello Red Class,


This week we've explored special places across the United Kingdom. We've looked at the UK map, explored photos, watched a film and drawn pictures of special places. In Phonics we've been working hard on our spelling by carefully sounding out words with some of the tricky graphemes such as 'igh' and learning to read and spell keywords. I've been very impressed in Maths this week. You're getting very quick at recalling doubles using the abacus and you've been making super number sentences with objects.  


Next week we will be exploring and testing materials to make new coats for our bears to keep them nice and dry in the spring showers. In Maths we'll be thinking about time by timing different activities and exploring analogue clocks.  In Literacy we will learn how to write simple sentences about our weekend adventures using a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.


There is just one letter in the handwriting books this week (f) as it needs all of your attention. We practised it today and you all did a very good job! Pretending the letter was like a roller coaster seemed to help! This week we tried sensory activities in class to support letter formation including shaving foam and flour trays. It's a good way to motivate handwriting!


Enjoy the weekend my little stars.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)



Friday Fanfare 18

Hello Red Class,


Our 'Adventures' topic started with a little adventure to find two new friends. We asked you to think of names for the bears and you thought of some wonderful ideas including rhyming names, famous explorers and even the names of bears who live in the wild. Thank you for your suggestions. We voted for our favourite names and chose Rainbow Columbus and Friendship Bear.


One of the bears will visit you during the half term for 1 or 2 days. Each bear has their own special diary for you to add pictures, photos or simple sentences. You can find out more information in the class newsletter which was sent home tonight.


This week we have played listening games, read our new story 'The Jolly Postman' and practised new letter shapes in handwriting. In phonics we've practised keywords using 'rainbow writing' and  played a new 'look, cover, write, check' game from www.ictgames.com. We've also been trying very hard to sound out short words and spell them correctly ready for writing sentences. Next week we're going to focus on spelling words with vowel digraphs e.g. ai, ee, oa.


In Maths we've been reading and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond. We've also been playing games to compare numbers.   Next week we're going to make number sentences practically and then record our ideas using markings, numerals and signs (+ = ).


At Forest School today we started to think about the changing seasons and we listened to the story of how the snowdrops shared their colour with the snow. As we listened to the story, we could hear the rain tapping on the canopy. It was very relaxing! We made soggy nature bracelets to think about the signs of spring, built dens to keep dry from the rain and tried to stop the great flood in the outdoor area! It was a very exciting (and very wet) Forest School. I'm sure we're due some sunshine soon! 


I was very impressed with your handwriting books this week Red Class. They were a joy to mark. Keep up the super work and effort and remember it's better to write a few letters correctly than a lot of letters formed incorrectly. If your grown ups would like to find out how to form some of the letters using the cursive script then there will be a handwriting session on Friday, 24th March 8.45am-9am in Red Class. I wonder, will your grown ups be as good at using the whiteboards as you? 


See you next week my little stars. I hope Rainbow Columbus and Friendship Bear enjoy their first sleepovers.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)