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Red Class News

 Red Class News

Friday Fanfare24

Hello Red Class,

What a busy week! We enjoyed our trip to Kenilworth Castle where we found out about Queen Elizabeth I and her friend Robert Dudley. During the day, we visited the Queen’s garden, climbed towers and enjoyed eating our lunch outside. Your behaviour was excellent. Well done Red Class!

In Literacy, we concentrated on our recount work. We ordered photographs from the trip using time words (first, next, then, finally) and talked about key events. Later, we planned our writing using pictures and keywords on a cartoon strip, before writing simple sentences.

Phonics sessions focused on reading and spelling keywords. Remember, if you spot a keyword (my, you, was, they, her) try to say it straight away. This will help to develop your reading pace and fluency. If you need to work it out, use your phonic knowledge and try to find and talk about the tricky part of the word.

In Maths, we explored 2D shapes through pictures and paintings. We looked at paintings of Queen Elizabeth I and tried to spot shapes in her clothing! During the sessions, we named, described and solved problems with 2D shapes. The children tackled problems, such as, can you make a circle with cotton buds? There was a lot of reasoning, making decisions, cooperation and trial and error as the children tried to find out the answer. Over the weekend, try to find and talk about 2D shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, kite, pentagon, hexagon and oval) in pictures. You could stick the picture into your homework book and label the shapes.

Science sessions explored push, pull and twist. We selected a toy, predicted what would happen after a push, pull or twist and then tested the toys to see if we were right. The toys moved, stopped, changed direction and speed and the play dough changed shape! We’ll plan and carry out further tests next week!

During Technology sessions, with Mrs Allen, the children enjoyed coding using ‘Daisy the Dinosaur’ on the iPads. The children helped Daisy to move across the screen. Mrs Allen also helped the children to think about gender stereotypes (in their words) through P4C (Philosophy for Children). They discovered, through their discussion, that all toys can be shared by all children. Girls can play with building blocks and boys can play with dolls. It’s whatever interests them and makes them happy. Pink, blue, grey with red spots, we can play with toys of any colour.

Next week, we’ll be starting our Design Technology work. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’ll give you a clue to what we're making…you can wear it on your head in a castle. What could it be? If your grown ups attend our Castle Fayre (Thursday, 17th May) then you will be able to put the finishing touches to your special work with them. Don’t worry if your grown ups can’t attend, we will send your special item home for you to finish together.

See you on Tuesday Red Class. You’ve worked so hard this week so I’m going to let you stay in bed on Monday! Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend. 

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Friday Fanfare23

Hello Red Class,

Monday morning featured a lot of running in PE! We tried hard to use high knees and driving arms (moving them from lips to hips). We then played a treasure relay race to apply our new skill. You were great at encouraging your learning partner and telling them how to improve. Your grown ups can watch you in the treasure relay race on School Games Day (Sports Day).

This week, we enjoyed listening to the story of ‘Robin Hood’ and talking about new vocabulary. During one reasoning activity, I asked you to tell me one character to help you to attack a castle. Most of you chose the main character, Robin Hood. However, when we read the story, and we found out that Maid Marian saved the day, many of you changed your mind!

During phonics sessions, we worked hard to find and read digraphs and trigraphs. Before reading, it’s important to scan a word to check for digraphs and trigraphs so that the word is segmented correctly. For example, by spotting 'ar' in star, it would stop us from sounding out 'a' and 'r' separately. This weekend, try spotting digraphs (two letters making one sound) and trigraphs (three letters making one sound) in your reading books. It’s also important, if you know a word, to say it straight away. So, if you’ve segmented c-a-t, you don’t need to do it again, you can just say ‘cat’. This will increase your pace and fluency.

We really enjoy using Dave Godfrey’s ‘Number Fun’ songs in Red Class. This week we used the ‘Funky Finger Dance’ to help us to find our left hand and our right hand. Number bonds were also the focus for the week. We used Numicon to create as many number bonds as possible to 5 and 10. Ninja number sentences helped us to record our ideas.

On Monday, we’re visiting Kenilworth Castle. Remember to bring a small backpack to carry your water bottle and snack. We'll pack Mrs Barker's delicious sandwiches too. Wear jogging bottoms, trainers and a waterproof coat. 

See you all Monday,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Castle trip - a reminder of what to bring

Hello Everyone,

On Monday, we are off on our castle trip and everyone needs a small backpack to carry their lunch in (even if you are having a lunch provided by Mrs Barker) and a water bottle that is well sealed! You may come to school in jogging bottoms and trainers and a hooded waterproof coat is essential in these April showers!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday for our castle adventure!

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Friday Fanfare22

Hello Red Class,

We’ve ‘charged’ straight into our ‘Castles’ topic, creating castles in lots of ways. During our construction work, we’ve named and described features of castles and thought about how they’ve changed over time. During the week, our cardboard box castles have changed and improved to reflect your learning. I was also very impressed with your drawings, labels and captions all about castles. Your letters are getting smaller and your letter formation is developing every day. Remember, when you’re writing at home, always use your tri-pod grip.

This term, we’re slowly preparing the children for Year 1. We’re making subtle changes to their routine. For example, this week, we listened to music from around the world during our whole class snack time. We looked for the country of origin, for each piece of music, on Google Maps. This week, we travelled to Peru, Brazil, Columbia and Cuba…what a trip!

During the summer term, we offer the children the chance to complete optional topic-based homework, just like their friends in Years 1-4. On Monday, we will send out the children’s new homework books and inside there will be a sheet about castles with lots of ideas for activities at home. We ask the children to complete one activity each week. As an incentive, two pieces of homework are chosen for ‘Homework of the Week’ and shared in our celebration assembly every Friday.

Next week, we will show the children how to change their reading books independently. They will learn to check their traffic light and swap their book. Of course, there will be teething problems as we’re only just starting this routine. If you receive the same book…great! Read it again and hopefully your child’s pace and fluency should have improved since the last reading session. Then, send the book back to school and we’ll endeavour to find a new one.

The children have made a fantastic start to their afternoon clubs. I’ve been amazed at how they’ve coped with all the changes and their ability to work alongside older children. The children in Years 1 and 2 have been very supportive to their little friends particularly as they’ve started many new clubs including sport, outdoor activities, sewing and construction.

I wish you all a happy weekend in the sunshine. Now, where are my sunglasses?

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Easter Friday Fanfare

Hello Red Class,

What a super last week learning about Easter! We read the Easter story, found out about signs and symbols of Easter and discovered things that Christians like to do during this special festival. We enjoyed making our Easter cards and they received lots of lovely compliments from people visiting the classroom. Our Easter egg hunt was also a nice treat on the last day of school. 

You all performed so beautifully at the Easter Coffee Morning with your super singing and dancing. I felt incredibly proud of my shining stars who are looking Year 1 ready! Sadly, our sunshine song didn’t bring the sunshine out today but keep singing and you never know…

In your book bag, you will find two reading books and a special letter about Forest School. Mrs Edney, our school club leader, has been very impressed with your behaviour and learning over the last two terms. So, Reception will now visit Forest School with some of the older children during 1.40pm club time.

Your letter will tell you your group number for after the holidays and when you will visit Forest School. We will no longer visit Forest School on Friday mornings as a class. Instead, we will use this time for busy learning in the classroom with an additional play and explore session.

Thank you for your kind messages and Easter treats. We wish you all a wonderful Easter. Take care superstars.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Friday Fanfare21

Hello Red Class,

It’s been a very busy day in Red Class with our ‘Grand Show’ and a mass wake and shake. Thank you for dancing with such enthusiasm and for raising money for Sport Relief. You managed to keep up with the older children and demonstrated great stamina!

Your ‘Grand Show’ was very successful and a joy to watch! You performed with confidence. You remembered all the words and actions to your retell, danced in time and your singing was a delight. The Nursery children were so impressed that some of them decided to perform their own show at Forest School. Next week, we will continue to work hard on our Easter songs ready for the Easter Coffee Morning on Thursday. I wonder, can you show your Mum or Dad some of the steps from our country dance?

We found out about doubling and halving this week in Maths. We used our ‘Double Trouble” monster song to recall a range of doubles including:

“20 teeth and 20 teeth, 40 toothed- monster!”

As we sing, I use the Fabacus to show the doubles, linking the rapid recall of number facts with concrete equipment. I know you also like pretending to be the monster with your learning partner as you wave your hands/arms etc. to the song, again making the number facts meaningful. Perhaps you could teach your grown ups some of the doubles.

History sessions involved asking questions and finding out about schools and libraries over 1000 years ago in Baghdad. The children enjoyed finding out how to make ‘ink’ from 900AD with honey, tree sap, soot and water. Some of the children enjoyed writing their name with the ink while other children preferred the tools we use today! We used paintings, video clips and first-hand experiences to find out about the past.

We tried a very challenging letter in handwriting this week. By learning each step slowly and carefully, we all managed a cursive 'x'.  You should have v, w and z in your handwriting books. Next week, you will receive your last set of letters including x! We will spend the summer term improving letter formation, joining letters together and reducing letter size, ready for Year 1!

Thank you for waiting patiently for show and tell this week, as we now share show and tell items on Mondays and Fridays.

Have a fantastic weekend superstars.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Friday Fanfare20

Another week has flown by. Thank you to all of our families for popping into school this week. It was lovely to share the children’s interests and achievements and to talk about my little learners. Well done Red Class!

This week, we found out how to draw tallies and pictures to record numbers and to solve mathematical problems. Drawing tallies, in sets of 5, will support our work counting in 5s. There was also lots of super number talk during our mental starters: “I can see 13 because 5 and 5 make 10 and then 3 more will make 13” and “I know that’s 20…I can see 5 and 5 and 5 and 5.” The Slavonic abacus (Fabacus) is such a fantastic concrete resource and visual aid for supporting the children’s talk work.

During the week, I was very impressed with your super sentences. I could see capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives. We enjoyed finding interesting story language such as ‘once upon a time’ and ‘early one morning’ and we used these examples in our writing too. You all tried hard with some tricky letters in handwriting, including v, w and z! Although we select focus letters each week, we constantly revise previously taught letter shapes. So, you will find ‘e’ and ‘f’ in your handwriting book. We will continue to work on the size and shape of our letters at school.

In Geography sessions, we found lots of places on the interactive world map. One child, after discovering an airport symbol on the map, noticed a red hotel and this led to a discussion about places to stay, which then developed into a whole class discussion about holidays. We then made further discoveries, using the interactive world map and our class globe, including one child's holiday destination of Ibiza! 

Red Class also visited Iraq using the interactive map. Grandad (our class puppet) wanted to share his holiday postcards from a land far away. We zoomed into Baghdad, the capital city. We found key features such as a river, a hotel, a mosque, a zoo and an airport. Later in the week, we enjoyed making 3D models of key features with Mrs Allen.

Next week, we’ll be rehearsing our grand show. We’ll also be learning our Easter songs and putting the finishing touches to our country dance. Remember the grand show will replace Forest School next week. We can’t wait to show our learning to the Nursery children.

Sadly, we waved ‘goodbye’ to Miss Holmes today but that wasn’t before we made her stand up in assembly to receive our class award for 100% attendance. We wish her every success in the future.

Stay safe, have fun and enjoy the weekend my little superstars!

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts  xxx

Friday Fanfare19

Dear Red Class,

Listening to the sound of the birds from our magic spot, what a great way to start Forest School. Although it turned out to be a very busy morning with whittling, den building, finding clues to the whereabouts of the resident deer, making bird feeders and much more. Perseverance, problem solving, resilience, teamwork, communication and risk taking were all on show. I can also confirm that the 'smelly' clues were left by the deer!

Maths sessions involved lots of sharing this week. Sharing objects, coins, people and pictures equally before finding out about remainders. So, at home, try sharing pieces of fruit with members of your family or share sweets between your teddy bears.

During Literacy sessions, we created a cartoon strip to support our retelling of ‘The Door in the Mountain’ and recorded some of the most important story language. We also found out about adjectives and wrote some super adjectives to describe the appearance of Bertie Bankhouse. We’ve been preparing for our grand show by using our writing skills to make tickets and posters. Phonics sessions have helped us to read and spell CCVC words including clap, frog and flag.

The Nursery children will attend our grand show on Friday, 23rd March where we will be performing a retell, a song and a dance. The grand show will replace Forest School on this day. It doesn’t matter if the children still wear their joggers to school as this is a part of the Friday routine and I know what it’s like when the washing routine is disturbed! The grand show will prepare us for the Easter Coffee Morning and our class assembly (in the summer term) where we will perform in front of lots of people!

We’ll be saying ‘goodbye’ and ‘good luck’ to Miss Holmes on Friday, 16th March as she completes her teaching placement. Miss Holmes will be popping along to some parent consultations, with your permission, to gain further experience of the wider role of the teacher. Parent consultation slips, with the appointment day and time, should be ‘floating’ around the book bags with another very special item for Sunday. We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Webb, Miss Holmes, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

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Snowy Fanfare18

Hello Red Class,

I hope you’ve  enjoyed a safe, fun day in the snow. Grace and Joseph spent 2 minutes in the garden before returning inside! Well done for a good first week back. We’ve swapped learning partners, found a new space on the carpet and started our new topic, “A Land Far Away…” More information will follow in a newsletter next week.

During phonics sessions, we found out how to read and spell words with four letters where the second letter is a vowel e.g. sand, went, bulb. It was wonderful to see so many super sentences in phonics. I could see a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. All the things I’m looking for! Plus, super spelling of 4 letter words. You’re trying really hard to write small, neat letters during your focus group time. I’ve also noticed how hard you're working in your handwriting books. If we can use small letters from the start, then your other teachers will have one less thing to do!

Miss Holmes helped you to learn about ordinal numbers in maths and it was great to see Mr Reddy and Mr Godfrey on Tuesday, who led whole school training on the use of Number Fun songs. Singing, supported by concrete apparatus e.g. Fabacus and Numicon, will help the children to learn and recall basic number facts and understand mathematical concepts. If we can sing a song about a fact, then we’re more likely to remember it. We met some fantastic characters including a doubling monster and Farmer Pete. I know each class enjoyed their time with Mr Godfrey and Mr Reddy, they were a fantastic double act!

Thank you for your contributions to World Book Day. We really enjoyed looking at your photos and books. We’ll add the photos to your learning journeys. Take advantage of the weather and see if you can share a few stories during the next few snowy days. Handwriting books will be sent out on Monday.

Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to Miss Bailey for helping in Red Class during the spring term. Sadly, she must return to university now but we’ve asked her to return whenever she has a spare minute!

Keep safe, warm and smiling Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Miss Holmes, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts.

Friday Fanfare17

Hello Red Class,

Have you ever wondered what it's like living or working next to a cake shop? Well, today we found out! It was hard to resist those colourful fillings and delicious flavours. Thank you to our Red Class families for making, baking and decorating delicious cakes to help raise money for our school. We’re extremely grateful.

This week, we enjoyed learning about capacity by comparing and ordering containers of sand and water. The ‘Capacity Café’ was a success with children using money, writing lists, taking orders and, of course, using their skills and the language of capacity. Miss Holmes helped us to explore worship (puja) using lots of artefacts, photos and role play to support our understanding. Rather than rolling on the mats, we were rolling balls this week in PE. First, we practised the correct technique with our learning partner and tried to beat our personal best score, then we developed accuracy through a relay race before applying our rolling skills in a team game.

Mrs Moss purchased a new chalking mat for Red Class. We’ll be using this new mat next half term to support our Write Dance, pattern and letter formation work. You will find ‘i’, ‘u’ and ‘y’ in your handwriting books. Joined c’s should be the pattern for the ‘q’ page to support the round and back action needed to form ‘q’. If there are any parents with a spare few minutes (I chuckle as I write this because I wonder if spare minutes exist when you’re a parent), we’re looking for someone to repaint our chalk boards as they’ve been in use for a few years now.

It’s World Book Day on Thursday, 1st March. Over the half term break, I would like you to find out and share your grown up’s favourite story. This could be a story from their childhood or a story they enjoy reading to you. Take a photo of you sharing the book and send it into school during the first week back. Try to read a little bit every day during the holidays. Reading and revisiting the same book will help to develop pace, fluency and confidence. Remember, it's very important to listen to stories and poems with your grown ups too.  

Enjoy the half term break Red Class. Make sure you rest and play before we start our new topic, “A Land Far Away.”

Love Mrs Webb, Miss Holmes, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Friday Fanfare16

Dear Red Class,

This week, we found out more about Hinduism using non-fiction books, artefacts and stories. You used your play and explore time to make diva lamps on the playdough table and to make little books about Hinduism in the writing area. You used your super drawing skills to create mehndi patterns. Some children used photos as a stimulus, other children used their friend’s work to inspire them and some children used their imagination to create a completely unique design. The final artwork will be revealed next week.

Gerald the Giraffe helped you with your number work. When Gerald made mistakes, you were happy to help because Red Class LOVE MISTAKES. Mistakes are important and valuable, especially when you can explain your mistake and think about the next step in your learning. You were very good detectives this week, sorting subtraction number sentences into those that were right and those that were wrong. You used your egg boxes to prove your answers and enjoyed reading the number sentences ‘ninja style’ (using finger and arm actions to show the number sentence).

During our music session, we passed a clap to a steady beat and then played a simple rhythm using the chime sets. To make this even more challenging, we played the rhythm alongside a familiar song. Chanting the rhythm helped us to stay in time. It was tricky though!

You may have noticed your animal tag has disappeared from your book bag. The tags helped you to remember your animal group and supported your morning routine. Some were looking a little old and tired, so I’ve removed them to give you one less (very small) thing to carry! We’ve noticed a growing number of keyrings. Try to stick to one keyring to support storage in the classroom.

Remember, you can now remove your phonics book from your book bag. Your new letters, for your handwriting book, include: d, g and q. If we can’t find your handwriting book in your book bag, we will pop your new sheets into your bag.

Every week in school, the children read their reading book and keywords with a grown up. Every day, and as many times as possible, we read as a class. Regular reading has a significant impact on reading progress. When reading at home, encourage your child to place their finger under each word as they read. Rehearse keywords within the sentence first to support pace and fluency. For example, spot ‘the’ and ‘to’ in the sentence before reading the sentence from the beginning. Try to make links between the initial sound of the word and the picture clue, helping your child to make sense of tricky words in the sentence. Reading little and often is really important.

We started Forest School in the snow this week, so gloves and hats may look even more muddy than usual! Sorry, for the washing from a fellow parent! Those children with damp jogging bottoms in their bag swapped into their PE jogging bottoms on their return to school. These children enjoyed the puddles and the weather this week.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend Red Class.

Mrs Webb, Miss Holmes, Miss Turner, Mrs Roberts and Miss Bailey

Friday Fanfare15

Hello Red Class,

The story of Diwali was at the heart of all our work this week. We watched two different versions of the story. One version used shadow puppets. This inspired some of the children to create their own shadow puppets and to perform a puppet show. Of course, this activity also produced a lot of discussion about shadows and, as we walked to Forest School today, there were lots of opportunities to spot shadows and to talk about why they happen.

During play and explore time, some of the children decided to use their writing skills to make posters for Sita and other children enjoyed exploring the artefacts on our topic table: a Diwali card, books, puppets and pictures from the Diwali story. We will be discovering more about Hinduism next week. 

Phonics sessions focused on previously taught digraphs, such as ‘oo’, ‘oi’ and ‘ar’. We’re busily recapping tricky letter sounds and shapes before moving to the last phase of phonics in Reception. When reading at home, see if you can find digraphs within words before sounding them out. For example, before you read ‘moon’, look carefully at the word and find two letters that make one sound and then segment and blend the word. Next week, we will find out how to read and spell two syllable words and play games to read and spell tricky keywords.

Your little blue phonics books are now complete. Please keep them at home. On Monday, you will find a new book in your book bag to support your cursive letter writing. Each page will feature step-by-step instructions for letter formation and space to draw handwriting patterns and to trace and write cursive letters. Of course, all of this can also be achieved in a tray of shaving foam, on a floured surface or using a paintbrush and water outside!  Your handwriting books will be collected each Thursday and returned the following day with new letters. 

This week, we also found time to add two single digit numbers using a range of equipment and visual representations, including Numicon, egg boxes and the fabacus. During Art sessions, we explored wrapping, pegging and knotting fabric. We also used different media (oil pastels, felt tips, paint, wax crayons and pencil crayons) to decorate strips of fabric.  Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve enjoyed using iPads with Mrs Allen. From taking and editing photos to navigating interactive stories and learning how to keep safe when using technology. You deserve your weekend after so much learning! 

Stay safe and keep smiling. 

Mrs Webb, Miss Holmes, Miss Turner, Mrs Roberts and Miss Bailey

Friday Fanfare14

Hello Red Class,

Our Forest School Friendship Camp marked the end of our topic. It was lovely to meet 30 excited soft toys. Most of the toys probably arrived home a shade darker than when they arrived at school this morning. Forest School was very muddy and it did rain during our session. One pure white teddy bear fell into a very large muddy puddle, by accident, but Miss Turner came to the rescue with her super washing powers! They will all need a bath tonight!

Our class bear really enjoyed playing Forest School games, toasting marshmallows on the fire, building see-saws, drinking hot chocolate and eating some picnic treats. It was a fantastic way to end our topic. At the end of the day, we were even treated to a story session from the children in Purple Class and, after listening to some super stories, we visited their cake sale too. Thank you, Purple Class, for a wonderful afternoon and we can’t wait to meet your new furry friends.

Handwriting sessions focused on the tree dance and we continued to learn curly caterpillar letters, including ‘d’. We also found out about ‘ear’ (hear), ‘air’ (pair) and ‘ure’ (sure). You will find a little table of words in your phonics book. Use your phonic knowledge to read the words. 

We named, described and investigated the value of each coin during our money work. This week, we concentrated on 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins. We also used our coins for problem solving and started to use the 10p coins to count in 10s. You could set up a little shop at home. Collect 4 items then write 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p on some labels. See if your grown up can give you the correct coin. Can they pay you in different ways? For example, by giving you 5 x 1p coins for a 5p item.

We looked at several paintings this week, as part of our art learning, including ‘Forest of Beech Trees’ by Klimt and ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’ by Kandinsky. We used the paintings to think carefully about vertical, horizontal and circular brushstrokes. We also mixed paint colours, poured water into paint and developed our appreciation of other people's artwork. 

Next week, we will learn about Hinduism and find out about beliefs, practices and festivals. Art lessons will explore textiles including shaping, joining and adding line, pattern and colour to textiles. Our learning in RE and art will help us to create a piece of artwork for the classroom.

Finally, I would like to welcome Miss Sam Holmes to Red Class. Miss Holmes is a student teacher from the University of Worcester and she has already completed one successful teaching placement. Miss Holmes will work with the children over the next six weeks and I will continue to teach Red Class throughout this time. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to pop into school.

See you on Monday Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Miss Holmes, Miss Turner, Mrs Roberts and Miss Bailey

Friday Fanfare13

Hello Red Class Families,

Forest School is the perfect place for the children to develop good learning behaviours and I was thrilled by the children’s learning this week. They were all deeply engaged in their choice of learning. Some children persevered with a new skill as they used the potato peelers for whittling. Another group worked as a team by taking part in a trust walk and showed a lot of consideration as they quietly instructed their friends. Some children were engrossed in a mini beast hunt and couldn’t wait to share their experiences while another group of learners enjoyed taking risks by playing on the new forest school swing. Even as we walked home, the children were asking lots of questions and making predictions about the frost and why some areas of the field were covered but not others. I can’t wait to do it all again next week!

Maths sessions focused on 3D shapes (sphere, cylinder, cube, cuboid and cone). We enjoyed finding and matching real life examples as well as sorting and solving problems with our shapes. See if you can find some 3D shapes at home and describe them to your grown ups. Do they have flat or curved faces? Which shapes can you roll or stack easily?

We created a story map to support our 'reverse’ storytelling of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and we used our phonic and keyword knowledge to read different texts, such as instructions. Phonics sessions focused on oi (coin), ur (fur) and er (her). Remember, use the same action for ‘ur’ and ‘er’ by rolling your hands. You will find ‘oi’ and ‘er’ in your little blue books this week.

Finally, our super scientists explored waterproofing as we tried to find a waterproof material for our bear’s coat. We made simple predictions, tested ideas and recorded results. We’re going to avoid making paper coats!

Remember to bring your bear to school on Friday, 26th January for our friendship camp. Thank you for drawing a super picture of your bear and for thinking of such fantastic reasons for why your bear should visit Forest School. I can’t wait to meet 30 bears next week!

Enjoy your weekend Red Class. Play, rest and relax.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner, Mrs Roberts and Miss Bailey :)

Friday Fanfare12

Hello Red Class,

This week we read, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ in reverse. We even changed the words to ‘We’re Going on a Friend Hunt’ as we considered the story from the bear’s point of view. We talked about how to make the  bear feel happy in Red Class and some of the children’s ideas included making pictures for the bear, making bear friends in the workshop and organising a bear camp/party. We found out how to write an invitation and lots of you decided to write an invitation during play and explore time.

Next week, we will plan the food and games for our camp. Remember to choose one special bear to join us for the camp and ask your grown up to write your reasons on the sheet provided in your book bag. Send the sheets into school because we’re going to put them into your special learning journey.

Phonics sessions focused on previously taught letter sounds. We revisited long vowel phonemes (ai, ee, igh, oa) and practised reading and sorting sentences using these sounds. Next week, you will find new letter sounds in your little blue book. We also started to learn how to write cursive letters starting from the line. Writing 'c' in shaving foam was a particular highlight. 

During maths sessions, we practised counting back from different numbers. We found this tricky at first, however, we’re improving! We enjoyed playing tennis where I ‘served’ 20 and then you ‘returned’ 19 and we continued to take turns to say each number. Play counting tennis at home. Remember you can start at any number. We also found out about 10p and 1p coins and used them to make teen numbers. We checked our understanding with dienes.

During PE, we moved around thick, oozy mud (PE spots) in different ways and then made some very smart, still shapes. Later, we moved our still shapes onto equipment. Some children decided to work together in pairs and mirrored each other’s shapes while other children held their shape without the support of the bench. I don’t think I’ve got that much tummy control! Super core strength work! Next week, we will learn how to turn our shapes into rolls! We might even let our bear find out about teddy bear rolls.

We also enjoyed being super scientists this week as we explored materials and their properties. Would you rather swim through jelly or swim through ice? Well, we explored this question using our senses. Who wouldn’t want to explore the properties of jelly, ice and ice cream? We will continue to ask scientific questions and explore the properties of materials next week.

We’re very lucky in Red Class to be working with Miss Bailey who is a university student gaining school experience. Miss Bailey is also a former pupil. Miss Bailey will be playing alongside the children, listening to readers and helping the children with their learning until Friday, 9th February.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner, Mrs Roberts and Miss Bailey

Mini Fanfare

Dear Families,

We're waiting for a few pairs of wellies to be sent back into school. We sent them home at the end of last term so that they could be used during the Christmas holidays. We will be visiting a very muddy Forest School on Friday so please send them in by Friday.

The children might also tell you about our friendship camp or party. Tomorrow, I will send home a letter to explain when to send a bear into school and what type of bear. The party/camp will take place on Friday, 26th January. Please keep your 'beary' nice friends at home until this date.  

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Another super trip Red Class. Excellent behaviour and wonderful manners. I really enjoyed watching your reactions as snow fell from the ceiling and water sprayed across the crowd. Our theatre trip was magical with real moments of awe and wonder. Mrs Barker's picnic lunch was also a tasty treat for the children. Thank you to all the grown ups who helped to make the trip such a success. 

For more information about this topic, please see the latest class newsletter on the school website or in your child's book bag

See you next week Red Class. 

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :) 

Full Uniform Tomorrow

Dear Families, 

It's our theatre trip tomorrow instead of Forest School. Please send the children to school in their full uniform.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Webb :)