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Red Class

Red Class News

 Red Class News

Class Assembly

Hello Red Class Families,

Just a reminder that it's our class assembly tomorrow. We'll meet you in the hall at 8.40am. Despite this being the last week of school, the children have worked incredibly hard with their singing and dancing . Feel free to sing and dance too! We're looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

On Friday, we will send home the children's books. Please send a named bag into school. We will collect the children's reading books and reading cards on Thursday. 

See you in the morning,

Mrs Webb 


Athletics and Oscars

Hello Red Class,

I just wanted to say a big "WELL DONE" for a super week at school. You represented your school beautifully at the Ryland Centre where your behaviour was excellent. You spent the morning running, jumping and throwing with friends from local schools. Today, you were superstars during our Oscars! The rest of the school loved your film and your super singing. Well done to our friends in Blue Class who won the award for most popular film.

Our next topic is 'Food and Farming' and our projects will be our class assembly and a whole school picnic. Instead of a homework sheet, I will be sending home song words for the class assembly.

Have a lovely weekend in the sun,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Cain xxxx

Friday Fanfare Summer 2

Hello Red Class,

Our new composer is Sergei Prokofiev. So far, we've listened to 'Peter and the Wolf' and 'Dance of the Knights'. We've enjoyed watching an orchestra play each piece. We've named instruments and described how they're played. We even watched part of the Romeo and Juliet ballet to understand the story behind the 'Dance of the Knights'. Shakespeare in Red Class! Every Friday, we revisit the songs of Kate Rusby where the children choose their favourite song to listen to during snack time.

This week, we've listened to the story of Cinderella, sequenced story events and written notes for Cinderella. We've also been using our Mary Poppins hand of reading clues to find other ways to decode words, such as, looking at picture clues, checking for sense and finding smaller words within words. We will continue to work hard to use different reading strategies. 

In Maths, we've been making, sorting, recording and recalling number bonds to 10 and creating number stories to match calculations. Technology sessions have focused on drag and drop skills and we've started to learn how to type using the keyboard. We're using 'Dress Lecky' and 'Teddy Bears Picnic' (Crickweb website) if you would like to try these activities at home. In PE, we were busy developing movement skills such as hopping. If you find hopping tricky, try standing on one leg, then bend on the spot, hop on the spot and then travel by hopping. Once you've mastered these skills, try hopping on the other foot and change your direction. We've also started to play some simple throwing and catching games. 

Enjoy your weekend Red Class. If you have any spare cereal boxes, cardboard tubes or pots, please bring them in for the workshop area.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Cain xxx

P.S. Your homework has been fantastic! Keep up the good work!



Pirate Fanfare

Hello Red Class Crew,

Well done for a super Pirate Day. I hope you enjoyed sharing your learning and performing for your families. It was a really lovely morning filled with craft, games, buried treasure and singing. Did you spot the pirate bunting? We worked hard to make the flags in handwriting time. One of my favourite parts of the morning was joining the rest of the school to sing as a big pirate crew! You all looked (and sounded) fantastic!

Our next topic is ‘Sport Around the World’ where we’ll be getting ready for our School Games. Families are invited to bring a blanket orchairs to watch the races and games on Friday, 24th May from 9am.

For those of you listening to our singer/songwriter, Kate Rusby, please find below a list of our focus songs:

1. Sleepless Sailor

2. Blooming Heather

3. Underneath the Stars

This afternoon, we popped your last 2 letters into your handwriting books, ‘x’ and ‘z’.  These letters are a little tricky but I was really pleased with your effort and perseverance this week. We won’t change the homework sheet for the sports topic as it’s only for one week. However, if you would like to complete a piece of homework, please choose an activity from the ‘Pirates’ sheet.

Thank you for a lovely day Red Class,

Wobbly Peg Webb, Rascal Reed, Rotten Roberts, Captain Cain and Shipmate Moran


Red Class Fanfare Summer 1

Ahoy there! This week, we set sail for our new topic, 'Pirates'. Thank you for sending in so many fantastic books. We will read them during storytime and you can always look at them during play and explore time too.

Each day, we've enjoyed finding out some pirate facts, particularly the gruesome ones! Did you know that pirates would eat hardtack, a simple type of biscuit or cracker, covered in maggots? Bone soup was also top of the menu! Lots of you were surprised that girls could be pirates too so we're going to spend some time finding out about famous male and female pirates.

We're looking forward to our project, 'Pirate Day'. We've already practised a song about little pirates and created treasure maps and pirate portraits for our class display. More information about our new topic can be found on our class newsletter in your book bag. You will also find a homework book in your book bag too. Topic-based homework is optional in Red Class but the homework sheet provides a good overview of learning. 

Our cricket taster day was also very popular with the children. They enjoyed the skills games, bowling and using the cricket bat! The coach said he was really impressed by how much the children achieved. Well done Red Class!

Over the Bank Holiday, we would really appreciate it if you could collect some 'junk'. Our junk modelling box is running a little low. Cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, yoghurt pots and anything a little weird and wonderful would be great!

Finally, each half term, we're going to focus our musical ear on one particular artist, group or composer. This half term, we're listening to the music of Kate Rusby. This week, we listened to 'The Sleepless Sailor' and discussed the voices and instruments we could hear and how the music made us feel. During our listening sessions, we use musical terminology (pulse, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, pitch etc.) to appreciate and appraise music. Let me know your favourite songs by Kate Rusby.

Enjoy the long weekend Red Class,

See you soon,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx

Red Class Easter Fanfare

Hello Red Class,

Well done for a super Easter coffee morning. You performed beautifully in front of a big audience. You deserve your Easter break!

I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Mr Breden for helping us at Forest School over the last two terms. In the summer term, the children visit Forest School as part of their afternoon club time. I will send a letter home, at the start of the term, to explain which day the children will need to wear their Forest School clothes. Mr Moran will continue to work with Red Class on Fridays.

In the summer term, we will start our ‘Pirates’ topic. If you have any pirate objects or books at home, please bring them in for the topic table or show and tell.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday. Rest, play and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx

Friday Fanfare Spring 10

Hello Red Class,

Today, was the last day of our topic. We enjoyed an Anglo-Saxon Forest School session. We explored weaving with Y-shaped sticks, made herbal medicines and created animal riddles. During the Anglo-Saxon times, the children would chase rats from the grain store so, today, we played a game of rat chasing! One child tied a ribbon around their waist and their partner chased them through Forest School. We finished the session watching the clouds and talking about what we could see. 

This week, in Phonics, we found out how to read and spell four letter words with the vowel in the second position e.g. sand, jump, sink. We also practised our keywords including ‘play’ and ‘away’. Time was the focus for Maths where we timed activities using sand timers. We found out how to sequence events in time by thinking about our school day and then played “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?” to read and find o’clock times.

At home, see if you can time some activities. I wonder, how long will it take you to tidy your bedroom? We had a bit of a spring clean in Red Class, on Wednesday, after we discovered a few things were lost or broken. Learning how to care for our classroom and property is an important skill for life.

This week, we also managed to plan, make and evaluate our Anglo-Saxon houses for our model village. You worked really hard to shape, join and assemble your houses. Well done Red Class!

Next week, we will start our new topic 'Easter' where we will learn and perform an Easter poem, find out about the signs and symbols of Easter and learn about the Easter story.

Have a lovely weekend. Remember to give your Mum an extra special hug and kiss on Mothering Sunday.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Miss Evans

Friday Fanfare Spring 9

Hello Red Class,

On Monday morning, we were little historians as we travelled to Wenlock Priory. During the trip, we explored the ruins and found out about life as a monk. When we returned to school, we used the trip as a stimulus for our reading, writing and creative work. Some children even recreated the monastery out of junk modelling!

In Literacy, we sequenced photographs from the trip and orally recounted events. Later, we used our decoding skills to read and match sentences to the correct photographs. All this work helped us to think of ideas for our written captions and recounts. We even had time to practise our new keywords: when, what.

We were busy in Maths too, adding single-digit numbers with a focus on number bonds to 8. How many ways can you make 8 at home? Find 2 sets of objects to make 8 e.g. 3 teddy bears and 5 toy trains or 7 apples and 1 orange. If you want an extra challenge, try recalling pairs of numbers to make 8.

Next week, will be the last week of our Anglo-Saxon topic. During this week, we will put the finishing touches to our Anglo-Saxon model village. We will make Anglo-Saxon houses with Miss Evans by using shaping, joining and design skills taught by Mrs Allen over the last few weeks in Design Technology.

Finally, we’re working hard to be independent and to use good manners in Red Class. So, I’ve challenged the children to see if they can carry their own book bag and coat home or to the car. I think Miss Townsend is working on this in Year 4 too!

See you next week Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Miss Evans xxx

Friday Fanfare Spring 8

Dear Red Class,

What a wet and windy week! Storm Gareth didn’t stop us learning though! In Literacy lessons, we worked hard to improve our sentences using finger spaces. We also discovered that sentences need a verb. We played games to find and say verbs and then used them in our work.

Phonics sessions helped us to read and spell two syllable words, such as ‘farmyard’ and ‘airport’. We clapped each syllable before segmenting the sounds and blending them together. We also concentrated on 'do' and 'out'. See if you can spot 'do' and 'out' in your reading book or in any of your books at home.  

We’ve been busy in Maths, naming, describing, sorting and solving problems with 2D shapes. Over the weekend, see if you can draw a shape picture using 2D shapes. How many shapes can you include in your picture? Bring your pictures in for show and tell on Friday.

In Design Technology, with Mrs Allen, we discovered ways to shape materials using a range of equipment. In PE, we finished our country dance with a promenade. The children know all the steps now so we will spend the next few weeks ‘polishing’ our performance and concentrating on our timing. During History, we continued to find out about the Anglo-Saxons. We used good looking  skills and careful questions to decide whether a picture showed Anglo-Saxon life or activities from today. 

On Monday, we’re visiting Wenlock Priory. Remember to bring a small rucksack, drink and snack. Mrs Barker will make us another delicious packed lunch. We will spend the day telling stories, exploring ruins, taking part in a treasure hunt and sketching some of the sites. If it’s raining, remember your waterproofs too.

I hope the sun shines a little bit this weekend,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Miss Evans

Friday Fanfare Spring 7

Hello Red Class,

My little historians have made a fantastic start to their new topic, “Anglo-Saxons”. By looking carefully at photos of Anglo-Saxon artefacts and by asking super questions, they identified Anglo-Saxon shoes, pots and combs. It was lovely to hear the children's reasons for their answers too: “It looks like a comb, because I’ve got a comb like that in my bathroom!” We also explored chronology by looking at pots through time. We enjoyed speculating which pot was Anglo-Saxon, Victorian or from today. 

We’ve spent the last two weeks reading and spelling words with digraphs and trigraphs to strengthen the children’s ability to find and use them. We also introduced ‘little’ and ‘one’ as keywords. Next week, we will learn how to read and spell two syllable words.

Literacy sessions focused on “The Little Red Hen”. First, we practised retelling the story using a story map and actions and then we added new words and phrases to improve the story. We also helped the hen by reading and writing simple instructions to make bread. Hopefully, the other animals in the story will help her now!

We enjoyed counting in 2s this week and unpicking what it means to count in 2s. We started the week by thinking about the word ‘pair’ and how we can show pairs. Then we used equipment to count in 2s and this linked well to our work on money. By the end of the week, the children were able to buy items from Mrs Webb's fruit shop using 2p coins. Try buying items at home, using 2p coins, by counting in 2s. Next week, we’re revisiting 2D shapes.

 Last week, at Forest School, we made bird feeders using the hand drill, hammer and nails. This week, we introduced the bow saw to make tree cookie necklaces. We teach the children how to work safely with tools and it’s wonderful to see their sense of achievement when they’ve made something from a simple piece of wood! During the spring term, every child will have the chance to use tools. Although, drilling with a hand drill is a lengthy process!

Last week, Mrs Moss explained how to be kind and caring in assembly. I feel proud to say that I teach children every day who are kind and caring! I see children helping their friends with coats, collecting water bottles for friends, learning partners working together, children picking up litter and the list goes on. Thank you, Red Class, for making our classroom such a lovely place to be! 

Stay safe and smiling this weekend,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Miss Evans

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Friday Fanfare Spring 6

Hello Red Class,

On Monday, we enjoyed a trip to Worcester Cathedral. You behaved beautifully and listened well to our guide. We enjoyed dressing up and role playing important Christian events, such as attending a Christening. After lunch, we searched for animals and birds around the cathedral. You spotted a pink giraffe in the stained glass window and there were so many lions hiding everywhere.

Every day, this week, we recalled our trip using photographs and actions. We used time words and phrases to recall the order of events. We ordered photographs and wrote simple sentences to match. The children also enjoyed making books during their play and explore time.

During phonics, we found out how to scan words to find digraphs. By looking at the word first, this will help  you to use your digraphs e.g. segmenting ship as sh-i-p rather than incorrectly as s-h-i-p.  Over the last few weeks, we have used our writing skills to write lists, captions and simple sentences. Today, every child wrote a fantastic label or sentence to tell me about the animals in the cathedral. Wow! You can keep your phonics books at home.  After the half term holiday, we will send home handwriting books!

In Maths, we concentrated on ordering and comparing numbers. Fred the Frog made a few mistakes on the number line and you were able to help him to order the numbers to 20. During play and explore time, the children wanted to revisit the Polydron tiles making the most unusual 3D shapes.  I could hear lots of fantastic shape vocabulary as the children worked together.

Art sessions were filled with sticking and sewing as we explored different textiles. Some children decorated hessian tiles with stitches and some children collaged a paper plate with matching textiles. Handwriting sessions were filled with handwriting patterns and we learned how to form b, h and k.

Red Class, enjoy the half term holiday. Make sure you rest and play. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again after the half term break when we’re travelling back in time to find out about the Anglo-Saxons.

Take care,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx

Friday Fanfare Spring 5

Hello Red Class,

It was a bit damp at Forest School today! We arrived back at school smeared with mud with a few wet gloves and hats! However, the children enjoyed walking through the mud, stepping through puddles and making nests. Today, was our last Forest School session of the half term.

In Phonics, we recapped digraphs (ai, ee, oa, ar, sh and ch) and how to spell keywords using these digraphs. First, we say the word we’re trying to spell. Then, we say the word really slowly so that we can hear the initial, medial and final sounds. As we say the sounds, we write the letters to match.

We explored 3D shapes during Maths sessions. We found cubes, cuboids, cylinders and spheres in the environment and solved problems with 3D shapes. For example, which shapes would you use to build the tallest or widest tower? We even created 3D shapes using Polydron pieces. It was a bit tricky to clip the pieces together but we were pleased with the cubes and pyramids that we created!

We enjoyed sharing ‘Noah’s Ark’ and ‘The Creation Story’ through big books, film clips, photos of stained glass windows and paintings. We’re looking forward to visiting Worcester Cathedral on Monday where we’re hoping to spot some of the animals, from the stories, in the stained glass windows or architecture. We discussed some of the beliefs of Christians and where Christians might share Bible stories. We discovered they can be shared everywhere and anywhere!

In PE, I was very impressed with your sequence work as we linked rolls and travelling movements over benches and mats. Your work was very careful and I could see lots of stretched legs, feet and hands. You travelled like cats, caterpillars and snakes over the benches and you thought of some safe, creative ways to move from each bench to the floor.

Remember to bring a small rucksack on Monday for your drink and sandwiches. Mrs Barker will make us some delicious sandwiches. You can leave your book bag at home.

I’m off to dry my socks! See you Monday, Red Class.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Cain xxx

Friday Fanfare Spring 4

Hello Red Class,

This morning, there were lots of tigers in my classroom waiting for a tiger tea party. We managed some phonics and number work before Green Class showed us how to dance like tigers! Then we devoured posh finger sandwiches, flapjacks and hot chocolate (we didn’t think tea would go down quite the same). We played pin the tail on the tiger, performed some tiger songs and listened to a tiger story. Then, in the afternoon, Purple Class shared their learning with us too.

In Phonics, we found out about trigraphs (3 letters making 1 sound). You will find ear, air and ure in your phonics book this week. Instead of drawing pictures, please read the words underneath each trigraph. We also introduced ‘some’ and ‘come’. Remember, ‘some’ and ‘come’ are rhyming words.

Letter sounds: ear (hear), air (hair) and ure (sure)

Keywords: some and come

In Maths, we discovered how to read, make and understand 17, 18, 19 and 20. When making 20, the children could tell me that it was made with 20 1s but we could also make it using double 10. Some children wanted to move on even further and created their own complicated sums. We concentrated lots on counting back from 10 and 20 to make our counting back as strong as our counting on.

Next week, we will begin our new topic, “Christianity”. We will explore the story of creation and prepare for our trip to Worcester Cathedral.

Thank you for another super week and enjoy a good rest this weekend my little tigers!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx

Friday Fanfare Spring 3

Hello Red Class,

Today, we discovered how to make a fire using the fire triangle of oxygen, heat and fuel. We played a circle game to practise safety rules and then helped to prepare the fire by scrunching newspaper, stretching cotton wool and assembling sticks in the fire pit. In small groups, we toasted marshmallows and then enjoyed our tasty treat. At the end of the session, we discovered how to extinguish the fire and how to check that the fire pit was safe. Next week, instead of Forest School, we will be hosting a tiger tea party.

We’ve already started to prepare for our tiger tea party by decorating tiger tea coasters with curly caterpillar letters (c, o, a, d, g, q and s) and designing and making tiger masks. In fact, the creative table was very busy with lots of mask making this week. I’ve seen cats, vampires and all sorts of wonderful creatures. It’s been wonderful to see the children self-selecting materials and equipment, concentrating for long periods of time and making decisions about their learning. Well done Red Class!

In Phonics, we practised oi (coin), er (term) and ow (down). We used the same sound, song and action for ur and er with rolling arms and hands. We played ‘Picnic on Pluto’ and ‘Pick a Picture’ from www.phonicsplay.co.uk to learn how to read words with our focus sounds.  As well as new sounds, we also practised two new keywords: like, have. The children made super shopping lists by segmenting their letter sounds.

During Maths sessions, we learnt all about subtraction by taking away a small number of objects and we also discovered how to find the difference (between two numbers that are close together) by building and comparing cube towers. We used the ‘Beans’ song to practise counting back from different numbers. Here’s how to practise the song at home:

1.     Choose a number up to 20.

2.    Count back from that number to 0.

3.    Choose and dance like a bean e.g. runner bean (run on the spot), jumping bean (jump), baked bean (make a wide shape with your body and rock from side to side). 

Finally, in PE, we rolled!  We turned our trouser shape into a pencil roll and then changed our iron shape into a tucked, sideways roll. What a super week of learning! I think I need a rest!

Enjoy the weekend my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx

Fanfare Spring 2

Hello Red Class,

Another busy week in Red Class with lots of learning. During Literacy lessons, we discussed and played with new vocabulary, particularly adjectives. We explored the meaning of new words and thought carefully about word choices. We read and ordered sentences and talked about the purpose of capital letters and full stops.

On Monday, we introduced new keywords: said and so. We used the phrase “Sally Anne is Dancing” to remember said and discovered how so rhymes with no and go. The children were able to make decisions about how they wanted to learn the words i.e. rainbow writing (tracing letters with different coloured pens), making words with playdough, cups or bottle tops. We practised the song, sound and action for oo (boot), oo (book), ar (farm) and ur (turn). When reading words with ‘oo’, try both sounds and find out which one makes sense.

In Mental Maths, we played games to recall doubles and counted on and back from different numbers. We played the counting bell game where we counted forward until we heard the bell and then we counted back from that number e.g. 0,1,2,3,4 (ring) 3,2,1,0. You could try this game at home. We also used a range of equipment to make and recall number bonds to 6.

We used the work of Georges Braque to explore collage. We selected and sorted materials in different ways and then applied our collage skills to create a picture. Later in the topic, we will use our collage skills to decorate a tiger mask.

This week, we were also very creative in our handwriting sessions. We formed letters (c, o, a, d) in shaving foam and in a mixture of paint and handwash. I know you really enjoyed water painting too and this is something you can easily do at home with a bucket of water and a brush.

Forest School was very cold on Friday. If possible, try to pack a pair of thick socks with your hat, scarf and gloves. You could also wear extra layers underneath your Blackwell top to keep you warm. Next week, we will enjoy a campfire so we should feel nice and toasty! On Friday, 1st February we will be hosting our tiger tea party, instead of visiting Forest School. 

Enjoy the weekend little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx

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Friday Fanfare Spring 1

Hello Red Class,

Well done for a super first week at school. It’s been a busy week! We really enjoyed “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” at Birmingham Town Hall. The children behaved beautifully and enjoyed the performance. We particularly enjoyed the tiger dance and all the wonderful songs. It was a great way to start our topic and to inspire our work towards our tiger tea party.

This week, in Phonics, we recapped previously taught digraphs, particularly focusing on spelling words with ‘ai’ and ‘oa’ and we practised keywords from the autumn term. We will move on to a new set of digraphs and keywords next week. Our keywords, for the first half of the spring term, can be found on the class newsletter.

In Write Dance, we learnt a tiger dance, including ‘round and back’ actions, to help form our first set of letters: c, o, a, d. We developed fine motor skills by turning our tiger dance into a tiger picture. The children’s fine motor skills have really improved since September. It’s wonderful to see the progress in their Write Dance pictures.

We investigated doubles in Maths using the fabacus, dominoes and egg boxes. By the end of the week, we were beginning to recall some of our doubles to 5. Great work! How could you explore doubles at home?

Finally, a note about junk. Red Class families deserve a gold star for the amount of ‘junk’ you’ve donated to our workshop area. We probably have enough junk for at least the next two weeks (and probably for the rest of the half term). However, please send in any plastic milk carton lids as we’re going to use them as a resource for spelling. Thank you, as always, for your support.

Well done to Mrs Roberts who survived her first Friday Forest School session. Mrs Roberts will be helping us on Fridays as Mrs Thompson will be working in Blue Class (in the warm). Thank you for all your help Mrs Thompson. I’m sure we’ll see you during club time.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts

Christmas Fanfare 2018

Dear Red Class,

What an amazing week! You all worked incredibly hard on Tuesday to perform your play twice in one day! Your dances were dazzling with super singing and acting too. It’s not really Christmas until you’ve witnessed 3 camels marching down the aisle. After the Christmas plays, we had a few pairs of black tights without names. If you think they might be your tights, please pop into school.  

Tomorrow is party day with the pantomime in the morning and party games later on. You can leave your book bag at home. All you need is a water bottle and your party outfit! We've packed two books into your bag today for you to read during the holidays. 

On behalf of everybody in Red Class, thank you for your kind cards, gifts and best wishes. We hope that you enjoy a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the festive season. Well done for a super term at school. You’ve achieved so much my little learners and you should feel very proud of your achievements.

Lots of love,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Roberts xxx