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Red Class News

 Red Class News

Celebration Sunday

Hello Red Class,

It's a Sunday Celebration instead of a Friday Fanfare this week after a very busy Chrstmas Fair! So, let's find out what happened last week.

On Friday, we enjoyed a celebration assembly for our ‘Festivals’ topic where we performed ‘The Enormous Yam’ to the whole school. I felt very proud to see you all taking part and trying your best with the words and actions. It was lovely to find out about learning in the older classes and to see Blue Class perform their family assembly. 

Phonics sessions introduced vowel digraphs and a trigraph ai (rain), ee (sheep), igh (light) and oa (goat). During our Literacy lessons we started to think about verbs and how we use verbs to make sentences. You were very good at the ‘Mrs Webb says…’ game where you listened for verbs and performed the actions. Then, you thought of your own verbs by looking at pictures from ‘The Enormous Turnip’ story before sorting the verbs onto green and red cards (green for useful verbs and red for not very useful). 

Number sessions focused on reading, making and understanding teen numbers. We also tried hard to talk about numbers too. So, “13 is one ten and three ones or thirteen ones.”  We enjoyed the ‘Guess My Number’ game where I choose a secret number on the hundred square and you tried to find the answer by asking questions e.g. Is it higher than 10? Does it have 3 ones? Is it double 2? Try this game at home. Your grown up could write 5 numbers on a piece of paper and then you could ask questions to guess your grown up’s secret number.

We’ve been learning rhymes to write 1-9 during our handwriting sessions. For example, “Across the sky and down from heaven. That’s the way we make a 7”. Perhaps you could write 1-9 at home and bring them in for show and tell. Remember to start from the top. 

During the afternoons we’ve used box notation to play rhythms in Music and found about people who help us and how to be a good friend in circle time. During our last Forest School session we listened to the story of the holly and the robin and then some of you chose to make holly stars. 

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Christmas Fair on Friday. Events like this help to raise a lot of money for our school. This special event also marks the start of our new topic…Christmas! We’ve already started to learn songs and dances for our Christmas play and from Monday we’ll be visiting St Catherine’s Church to start full rehearsals. 

See you tomorrow Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Friday Fanfare 09

Hello Red Class,

This week we explored Buddhism through photos, stories, artwork and P4C questions, such as, “Is it ever right to hurt another person?” The children found out about some Buddhist beliefs and practices and created a Buddhist shrine in the classroom.

We recapped ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ and taught ‘th’ and ‘ng’ focusing on correct mouth shape and tongue position. In our Literacy sessions, we used our phonic knowledge and picture clues to read, order and follow simple instructions to make puppets for our story. It was lovely to see some of the children making puppets at home too.

Maths sessions focused on finding less and taking away a small number. Playing a simple rhythm on a chime set was our challenge in Music and we created dance phrases in PE to retell a sequence of events from, ‘The Enormous Yam’.

Lighting a ‘modest’ fire to bake our chocolate bananas was the highlight of Forest School. The children listened to a Native American fire story, prepared their bananas and watched them bake on the campfire. We have one more Forest School session next week (1st December).  Remember two pairs of socks to keep your toes warm at Forest School.

Costume slips, for our Christmas play, were sent out in the book bags tonight. We’ve set a return date of Friday, 1st December but don’t worry if you need another weekend to shop! Some of the children need similar items (white and black tights are very popular on the costume slips) and in the past parents have decided to split packs of tights rather than buy individual pairs. If you have any questions about the costumes, please pop into school.

See you next week superstars,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Friday Fanfare 08

Hello Red Class,

Thank you for supporting Pudsey this morning. You looked fantastic and raised a lot of money for Children in Need. We spotted a lot of birds at Forest School this morning, but we didn’t see any bears! Red Class also collected a lot of firewood in preparation for our first fire next week.

In the afternoon sessions, we explored homes in India and considered how our homes look the same and different to homes in India. We then ranked the Indian homes in order of how much we would or would not like to live in them. You thought of some fantastic reasons for your answers. One child said, “I wouldn’t want to live in an apartment because my brother doesn’t like heights!”

Phonics sessions focused on qu, ch and sh. As well as reading words and sentences using our target sounds, we also read our keywords every day too. During Literacy, we used a story map to retell ‘The Enormous Yam’ then created our own story maps. We also sequenced story events using story cards and created pictures of the story after reading words, phrases and sentences.

We thought carefully about our retell during PE too. We generated action words for story events and then created  a motif. Later, you watched your learning partner and awarded 3 points if you could see big, clear and repeated actions. It was like an episode of Strictly!

In Maths, we compared length and used vocabulary related to length, for example, long, longer and longest. The children enjoyed using their problem solving skills to make and order different lengths using pasta. During our number focus group, we explored tally lines as another way to read and understand numbers.

This week, the classroom was alive with the sound of… chime sets! We found out how to open the chime set box, where to find the notes and how to hold and use the beater. We managed to keep the pulse to 'The Grand Old Duke of York' whilst playing D. If you say, ‘Clip Clop,’ you might hear part of a song as we’ve started to learn songs for the Christmas play too.

Have a wonderful weekend Red Class.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts 

Friday Fanfare 07

Hello Red Class,

Another great week in Red. We've practised reading words, phrases and sentences using w, x, y and z and also started to retell the story of ‘The Enormous Yam’ using story actions. Can you remember the actions for some of the characters? What did we do for the mouse or the Old Man?

In our Maths sessions, we’ve been adding two groups of objects. We used ninja moves to talk through our number sentences and then worked out the answers with equipment. The children are really improving in their ability to talk about numbers. For example, this week I showed 10 on the fabacus. One child said, “Mrs Webb it must be 10 because I can see two 5s. It’s a double!” The children are quickly recognising numbers and making links in their learning. Well done Red Class.

In our Art sessions, we’ve continued to explore printing by using different media (chalk/paint). We’ve explored negative prints by printing over and around objects to leave a shape and finally we looked at collograph blocks. The children used their reasoning skills to explain why some collograph blocks would be easy to make and why others would be hard. Next week, during play and explore time, the children will have opportunities to make collograph blocks and to use them for printing.

Forest School was fun too. We were cosy in our hats and lots of children remembered gloves or mittens. This week, we explored the levels of the forest (canopy, shrub layer and forest floor) through our ‘Animal Watch’ game and then we found out how to tie a stopper knot. The children used their knot for a range of purposes, for example, to build shelters, make a lead for their log dog or to make a trap. In PE we tried some bhangra moves. There were some very imaginative dance ideas and it was wonderful to see the children sharing ideas and copying each other.

Next week, we’ll be finding out about different homes in India. Maybe, you could start your research over the weekend and bring in any pictures of homes from India and the UK. Imagine India, what do you think it is like?

It was lovely speaking to your grown ups this week. We talked about your learning and behaviour and your next steps for learning. Your reports will be sent home in the book bags soon. Well done my little superstars for working hard. Play is a full-time job!

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts.

Friday Fanfare 06

Hello Red Class,

Well done for a super first week back at school. You’ve made a great start to our new topic, 'Festivals Around the World'. On Monday, we looked at a picture of the Himalayas and you made predictions about who or what we might find there. You thought of some very imaginative ideas from skiers to bears to Father Christmas! We found out how to ask a good question and you thought of some very good questions with your learning partner. We will display your super questions on the board.

We will have to make some room on our display for your amazing pictures of the Himalayas too. I was very impressed with your collage and printing skills. Your pictures will make fantastic Christmas cards. Your grown ups will soon be able to buy your wonderful work.

During phonics sessions we’ve revisited previously taught letter sounds and practised reading VC (an, in, on) and CVC (cat, bun, tin) words before moving on to learn the sound, action and song for ‘j’ and ‘v’. During our number sessions, we’ve used egg boxes to recognise, count and make numbers to 10 and we’ve compared numbers too.

Every music lesson we listen to a piece of music from a broad selection (pop, folk, rock, soul, classical) and we talk about the types of voice we can hear, whether we think there is one person singing or a group and we pretend to play the instruments. I notice a change in your ability to listen to and to talk about music every week.

Finally, during our philosophy work, we used photographs of children from around the world to spark a discussion about friendship. The children thought about the question, do we always have to play with children who are the same as us? The children voted to show their initial answer and then discussed the question. It was wonderful to hear different opinions and to hear reasons for those opinions. Through their discussion, the children started to consider whether boys should only play with boys and girls should only play with girls and they were able to give good reasons for their opinions. The children also started to sensitively challenge their friend’s ideas.

Philosophy is an important part of our curriculum. It provides the children with time to think and talk about important topics and questions. The children develop their speaking and listening skills and learn to consider and to be tolerant of the ideas and opinions of their peers. It helps them to shape their understanding and to pose questions about the world. Very important work for 4 and 5 year olds!

Enjoy the weekend Red Class and we’ll see you next week to learn some new printing skills and to start our special dance work in PE.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Forest School Today

Dear Families, 

To ensure that we could visit Forest School this week, we decided to visit Forest School today (Thursday, 2nd November). We used our class set of warm hats, full waterproofs and wellies to enjoy a lovely morning in the forest. Please note, Forest School will usually take place on Fridays. Tomorrow, the children may wear their school uniform to school but it doesn't matter if they're dressed in their forest school clothes. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Friday Fanfare 05

Hello Red Class,

Well done for an excellent first half term at school. You’ve achieved so much already and I’m really proud of the progress that you’ve made so far. Keep up the good work my little learners!

This week , we’ve used ss, ll and ff to read and spell words and applied our reading skills to follow simple instructions. Over the holidays, look through your little blue book and draw a picture for each letter. If your book is up to date (well done), then play some of the keyword games and teach your grown ups the actions and sounds for each letter.

We explored ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ in maths sessions and used a mini ‘fabacus’ and an egg box to support our thinking and reasoning. Try to use ‘more, most, fewer and fewest’ at home and explain your answers to your grown ups. Who has the most peas on their plate? Tell me how many peas you can see. How can we check? What if I eat one? How many now?

During our music session, we used vocal sounds to pretend to be different types of drum and then used these sounds to accompany a piece of music called ‘Viking Rock’. You tried really hard to keep in time and to sing together.We even found time for our wake and shake competition. Although we didn’t win, we were really happy with our performance and it was lovely to see so many older siblings supporting our effort!

When we return to school, our topic will be all about ‘Festivals’. We will learn how to ask questions, using artwork and photos as starting points, and then use these questions to help shape our ‘learning path’. We will also develop storytelling and printing skills. All of this learning will help us to make Christmas cards and your grown ups will be able to purchase these cards from school.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Make sure you rest and play, ready for another exciting half term. If you spot any pine/fir cones, please collect them and bring them into school for our natural art area. Keep safe superstars.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Friday Fanfare 04

Hello Red Class,

We started our new ‘Art Journey’ books this week. This special book will stay with you as you move from Reception to Year 4 and will be filled with examples of your super work. This week, we explored marks, lines and shapes using different mark makers such as pencils, felt tip pens, oil pastels and wax crayons. We also started to design and create shields for the open evening display.

In PE, you demonstrated your super throwing and catching skills and used a bean bag to keep your body shapes as still as possible. There were a few wobbly bean bags! See if you can make the shapes at home (shorts, trousers, skirt, dress) and try to balance something flat on your head at the same time.

Our phonics sessions focused on b, h, f and l so please try to draw a picture for each sound in your little blue book. We tried very hard to practise our keywords and we really enjoyed playing buried treasure where you sorted real and ‘alien’ (nonsense) words.  Your grown ups can find this game through a website called ‘Phonics Play’.

Maths sessions involved lots of counting. We counted sounds, actions and most importantly objects! Did you know that the total will stay the same if you count a number of objects and then arrange them in a different way? Red Class discovered this fact through lots of practical activities this week.

Thank you to the families who attended the workshop on Wednesday. We’ve received some lovely comments. If you couldn’t attend, don’t worry, we will send out a pack of information next week. Please pop into school if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to help.

We’ve nearly completed our first half term. Well done Red Class for working very hard and showing lots of enthusiasm at school. Also, a big 'thank you' for your junk!  Enjoy the weekend superstars and we’ll see you on Monday. 

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Workshop Reminder

Hello Red Class Families,

Our Reception workshop will start at 7pm in the school hall tomorrow (Wednesday, 11th October). We'll be sharing ideas to support your child's learning in reading, writing and maths at home. Mrs Moss, Miss Townsend and myself are looking forward to seeing you.

We're running a little low on spare socks. If you have any school spare socks, please return them to school. It's always useful to pack some spare socks in your child's book bag. We're also looking for recycling for our junk modelling box. Cereal boxes, milk cartons, egg boxes and cardboard tubes are really useful. However, they may return to you as a ship, shield, telescope...the list is endless!

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Webb :)



Friday Fanfare 03

Hello Red Class,

Are you tired? I think I’ll soon be asleep with so much fresh air! Well done for a super school trip to Bishops Wood. You represented the school beautifully.

I think my favourite part of the trip was listening to the Viking story about Thor, Loki and Freyja (Freya) as we sat around the fire in the Viking hall. Later in the day, it was wonderful to hear you retelling the story events. Our listening games at school must be working! We’ll be listening to more Viking stories next week.

We also made clay pots, played a Viking game with shields and beanbags and made shelters. You were very good at creeping through the willow when we were ‘hunting’ for our lunch. I was relieved to eat Mrs Barker’s delicious sandwiches though!

As well as a fantastic school trip, we’ve also practised the sound, action and song for ck (duck), e, u and r and used positional language in Maths. We’ve used short film clips, paintings and drawings to find out about Viking life and explored your interests, for example, finding out about and making Viking shields and brooches.

Enjoy the weekend Red Class. If possible, draw a picture for each of your letter sounds in your little blue book. Finally, remember to rest and play. See you on Monday my little superstars.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Friday Fanfare 02

Hello Red Class,

This week, we joined the whole school to find out about and make scarecrows for the festival. Did you find your little scarecrows? You worked hard to stuff, join and decorate your scarecrows and you made important decisions about your work too. Did you manage to spot Mrs Webb and Miss Turner as scarecrows?

Our story this week was, “The Scarecrow Who Didn’t Scare”. We used pictures from the story to support our talk work with our learning partner We were trying very hard to speak in full sentences which is an important skill for later writing. We thought about why the scarecrow looked sad and gave reasons for our answers before thinking of ways to make him happy again.

We’ve been practising the sound, action and song for g, o, c and k and trying hard to read keywords. Keywords are words that you will see a lot in your reading and sometimes they have a tricky part to find. Keep practising your keywords at home using the keyword games on the reverse of the class newsletter. See Mrs Webb if you would like another copy of the newsletter.

Maths sessions have focused on 2D shapes (Suzie Square, Robert Rectangle, Sammy Circle and Timmy Triangle). We enjoyed looking for 2D shapes around the classroom and singing about them. Over the weekend, you could look for 2D shapes at home and make a shape picture.

Next week, we’re turning into Vikings as we find out about daily life and ‘set sail’ on our school trip to Bishop’s Wood. On Friday, the children should dress in Forest School clothes as usual and wear trainers to school. We’ll have to find another time for our hot chocolate as this was a highlight of Forest School this week!

On Wednesday, 11th October at 7pm we’re hosting a workshop for Red Class families to find out about reading, writing, maths and outdoor learning. During the workshop we will share keys messages and demonstrate games and activities to support learning at home. Get ready for a dough dance! If you would like more information, please speak to Mrs Webb.

Enjoy the weekend superstars,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Forest School on Thursday

Dear Families,

Forest School will take place on Thursday this week. The children should come dressed to school in their Forest School clothes (jogging bottoms, trainers and Blackwell top) on this day. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Webb


Friday Fanfare 1

Hello Red Class,

Thank you for another lovely week at school. This week, we explored the sound, song and action for i, m, n and d. We read words with 2 and 3 letters (at, man, dip) and started to spell them too. Well done for reading at home. Remember to ask your grown ups to initial your card each time you read and if you need a new book, turn the traffic light to green. Over the weekend, try to draw a picture for each letter sound in your phonics book. I was amazed by your super effort this week.

In our Maths sessions, we’ve been making numbers in different ways through songs and games. Can you remember Bing, Bong Zong? Hide one hand behind your back, say ‘bing, bong, zong’ and use your other hand to show a number. If your number matches your partner’s number, you win a point!

Our dough dance sessions have been fun too with lots of squeezing, patting and rolling to exercise the muscles in our hands and arms. Listen to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and see if you can show your grown ups some of the actions. Next week, we will be taking a ‘chalk for a walk’ as we start to learn a new Write Dance to develop curved lines and shapes.

In PE, we’ve started to explore basic shapes using items of clothing. Can you show your grown ups the shape for a dress, shorts, trousers and a skirt? We’ve also been practising our wake and shake dance  so that we’re ready for the competition at the end of the half term. In Music, we’ve been developing our sense of pulse and learning how to warm up our voices ready for singing.

At Forest School, we thought about important rules to keep us safe. We also shared the story of ‘The Leaf Man’ before making a leaf friend. We can’t wait for hot chocolate next week!

On Monday, we will start our Design Technology work as we design and make our mini scarecrows. We will select, stuff and join materials and of course we’ll be decorating our scarecrows too. The Scarecrow Festival will take place, Friday, 29th September at 3.15pm where you’ll be able to spot scarecrows on the school grounds.

This week, it’s been lovely to see you growing in confidence to complete your morning routine. You’re so quick now that we have time for the calendar too. If possible, from Monday, we would like you to say 'goodbye' to your grown ups by the balcony gate and, as the weeks progress, try to say ‘goodbye’ a little further back until you reach the gate by Mrs Moss. I know some of you feel confident to do this already. Remember, the grown ups in Red Class will help you with your snacks and book bags during the morning session. We also need to be nice and early on Monday as it’s our first assembly with Mrs Moss!

Well done for coping with the long days this week Red Class. Remember to rest over the weekend.

See you Monday superstars,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)

Day 8 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

During the day, I’ve been taking photographs of super behaviour and learning and my finger is aching from pressing the button on the camera so much! I have some wonderful photos of children following our good listening rules:

-Look at the person who is talking.

-Sit still.

-Stay quiet.

-Listen to all the words.

We’re trying really hard to be patient and to wait for our turn to speak. First, we check where our friend or the grown up is looking because they might be listening to somebody else. Then, when they’ve finished speaking, it’s our turn.

Today, we used the magnetic letters to find s, a, t and p then we made short words such as ‘at’. In your book bag, you will find a Phonics books with your focus sounds. Look around your house for objects beginning with s, a, t and p and then draw some pictures in your book. Return your book to school so that we can stick 4 new sounds into your book each week.

Later in the morning, Mrs Webb used props to retell our story of the week, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. By repeating the story, we can develop our use of story language and build our confidence to tell stories in different ways (through big books/actions/story maps/ props).

Just before lunch, we performed the volcano dance then we drew a picture of a volcano using straight, curved and zigzag lines. I was very impressed with how you collected your chalk board, chalk and rubber independently. In Maths, we performed a number song (5 Little Speckled Frogs) and used a mini ‘fabacus’ to link the number to the number name.

From next week, I will write a weekly ‘Friday Fanfare’. I hope the daily blogs have been useful and I look forward to telling you about our learning in the next Friday Fanfare which can be accessed in the same way as the daily blogs.

Have a fantastic weekend my little treasures.

Love Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)

Day 7 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

What a super morning! You’re really starting to understand your morning routine and lots of you were on the carpet in record time today! Keep up the good work.

Today, we practised the sound, song and action for ‘p’ and performed the 'Volcano' dance. We found out how to collect and clean our chalkboards so we’re ready to draw a volcano tomorrow. In our Maths session, we used our class ‘fabacus’ to count to 10 then you used your mini ‘fabacus’ with your learning partner. I could see lots of sharing and turn taking. We also found out how to mix paints to create self-portraits. This afternoon, we met Mrs Allen who will be working in Red Class on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Remember you only need one healthy snack. We always eat a piece of fruit in the morning (in addition to your snack) and of course you have a delicious hot dinner to enjoy.

See you in the morning superstars,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Day 6 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

Today we practised 't' using our Jolly Phonics song and action.Then we listened to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Mrs Webb used a story map and actions to retell the story. Do you remember the action for Goldilocks? Think about her hair! We also started our Write Dance work today. We found out about volcanoes and performed volcano actions. Finally, we talked about the past and used language associated with time e.g. yesterday, last year, a long time ago. We shared memories from our shoe boxes. Mrs Webb shared her photo of Grace as a baby. The photo was 5 years old!

Don't worry if you forget your routine in the morning. During the day, Miss Turner will check your book bag and look for any forgotten snacks. If you have any money in your book bag, Miss Turner will also help you to buy a snack. Thank you Miss Turner! It's better to be independent and to have 'a go'. Mistakes help learning.

I've been very impressed with your listening and behaviour Red Class. You have so much to learn and you're doing a really good job! You're learning to look after the classroom (cleaning the play dough boards, brushing the sand tools, sorting the Duplo) and you're trying hard to look after each other. At the same time, you're starting to work on your number and reading skills. I'm a very proud teacher!

See you in the morning,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)

Day 5 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

Another fantastic day at school, especially at lunchtime. You’re trying hard to eat all of your dinner and you’re clearing the table beautifully. All of the grown ups are very impressed so keep up the good work.

This morning you played a turn taking game with your new learning partner. Your learning partner is a special friend who will help you to become a super learner. Later on, we revisited ‘s’ and introduced ‘a’. Show your grown ups the action for ‘a’. Do you remember the song too? I was also very pleased with your counting using the egg boxes and cubes. During our Music lesson, we used different body parts to keep a steady pulse. I heard some super singing too!

On Friday, you will be given your first set of keywords and a little blue book where you can draw pictures of objects starting with our focus letter sounds. Although we’re not visiting Forest School this week, it’s a good idea to wear your Forest School clothes every Friday. You will need to wear jogging bottoms, your Blackwell top and a pair of trainers.

Please phone the school office if you would like to talk to me about the first few days of school. It has been lovely to meet lots of Red Class families.

See you tomorrow,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Day 4 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

It was great to see so many children entering school independently even though we had the weekend break. When you feel confident, say ‘goodbye’ to your grown ups on the path by the balcony gate. We’re all different so when you’re ready…go for it!

Today, we enjoyed our first PE lesson in the hall. You listened carefully to the rules of the games and you moved safely around the space. At lunchtime, you tried your first Blackwell dinner and it was fantastic to see so many clean plates! The children also met Mrs Roberts who will be working in Red Class in the afternoons.

This morning, we started our phonics work with ‘s’. See if you can find objects around your home and garden starting with ‘s’. Can you teach your grown ups our song for 's'?

See you tomorrow Red Class when we’ll be opening the art and block areas and enjoying our first music lesson together!

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts