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Red Class

Red Class News

 Red Class News

Early Writing Workshop

Dear Parents,


Thank you for attending the writing workshop on Tuesday. Here are some key points and ideas from the session.

 1) Writing involves spelling, sentence construction and handwriting. We work on each of these areas every day.


2) Saying good sentences is very important. This helps to prepare the children to make and write good sentences. We practise saying sentences (which make sense) every day. If you hear a sentence which doesn't sound right ask your child to try again or say the sentence in the correct way for them to hear .


3)  We use Write Dance to develop early writing skills. Write Dance is a combination of music, dance and drawing which helps the children to create lines and shapes they need for later handwriting.


4) We are constantly developing fine motor skills using activities such as threading, pegging and weaving. The more access your child has to these types of activities the better.


5) The children love our dough disco where we play music  (Frozen is a popular choice) and move dough in our hands like we're at a disco. We roll, poke and turn the dough. The main thing is that our hands (particularly fingers and wrists) are moving. You could always have a dough disco at home.


6) From the spring term we start formal handwriting. We learn the cursive script finding out how to join our letters. The children will soon bring home a handwriting book where they should practise their formation. We start with the curly caterpillar letters (c, o,a,d,q) and then move onto different letter families.


7) In school we work in small groups to develop writing skills at your child's pace. This might include making words with magnetic letters, starting to write labels and captions or writing sentences.


If you would like any further information about writing please pop in and see me after school.


Mrs Webb :)


Can I also mention water bottles!!!! Dishwashers are fantastic for killing germs but not so great for keeping the names on the bottles. The name stickers seem to work the best but if you keep adding names to bottles that would really help at the end of the day when we hear: "I can't find my water bottle!"  If we're ever late out it's usually a lost bottle, glove or jumper!


Thank you

Mrs Webb





Early Reading Workshop


Dear Parents,


Thank you for attending the reading workshop today. Please find below some key points and useful websites.


1) As the children read make sure they point to each word. Move your child's finger if this helps!

2) If your child finds a word tricky, ask them to work it out first. Try not to give the answer straight away.

3) Tricky words can be worked out by using the following strategies:

a) Use phonics - sound out the word i.e. c-a-t but remember to blend (put the sounds back together).

b) Use keyword knowledge

c) Use picture clues

d) Read to the end of the sentence and then come back to the tricky word and find a word that makes sense.

4) Make sure letter sounds are  pronounced clearly. For example 't' should be short and crisp rather than 'ter'.

5) Try to keep your reading book for a couple of nights. The first night should be used to read the words and the second night will enable your child to read more fluently as they will be familiar with the text. The second night is also a good night to check how well your child has understood the book. Remember to ask, what might happen next? Why do you think that? How is the character feeling? Why do you think they're feeling that way?


Useful websites


www.phonicsplay.co.uk - look for buried treasure phase 2 or phase 3

www.ictgames.com - look for Forest Phonics (the children love that one!)


Last but not least... ask me! If there are any questions, please pop into school. I'm always happy to help.


Mrs Webb :)





A super term

Dear Red Class,

What a super performance on Wednesday! To stand up in front of a big audience and to sing, dance and hold onto your costume all at the same time takes confidence!!! You should feel very proud!


Thank you for an excellent term Red Class. You all deserve a nice long break. Have a lovely Christmas and we'll see you in the New Year.


Love Mrs Webb and Mrs Thompson



Dear Red Class,


Wow! What a super performance today! We were very impressed with your singing, dancing and acting. Just remember to keep smiling and if you have a spare moment practise your sheep song tonight.


Five happy sheep came jumping,

Jumping, Jumping.

Five happy sheep came jumping,

Jumping over the hill.


Well done Red Class!!!


Mrs Webb and Mrs Thompson


Baubles and wellies

Dear Red Class Families,


For the Christmas fair this year Red Class made 'bespoke' baubles. If you were unable to come to the fair but you would like to purchase your child's bauble, please pop into school at the end of the day.


If you're planning any winter walks over the Christmas holiday please feel free to take your child's wellies from the rack next to the ramp. 


We're looking forward to seeing you at our Christmas performances.


Mrs Webb and Mrs Thompson


Bits and Bobs

Dear Red Class,


1. Please keep practising 'Little Donkey'. Every little helps!


2. Keep working hard on your Phonics. Every book which is up-to-date with pictures for every letter sound will get a gold star next week. Phonics is a very important part of homework.


3. Today was our last forest school session as next week we're looking forward to Christmas lunch in school. Forest School will return in January. The children should wear uniform on 11.12.14.


Many thanks

Mrs Webb :)

Little Donkey

Dear Families,


In this year's Christmas play Red Class will sing Little Donkey. Here are the words if you would like to practise at home.


Little donkey, little donkey on the dusty road,

Got to keep on plodding onwards with your precious load.


Been a long time, little donkey, through the winter's night,

Don't give up now, little donkey, Bethlehem's in sight.


Ring out those bells tonight,

Bethlehem, Bethlehem.

Follow that star tonight,

Bethlehem, Bethlehem.


Little Donkey, little donkey, had a heavy day,

Little donkey, carry Mary safely on her way.


Little donkey carry Mary safely on her way.



Also, if you're lucky enough to receive a new set of pans from Father Christmas, please send your old pans into school for our mud kitchen.  Old cake tins and utensils would also be appreciated. So far we've received a wok and a jug. Thank you!


Mrs Webb :)


Mud Kitchen

Dear Parents,

As part of our development of the outdoor area, we are introducing a 'mud kitchen'. If you have any old saucepans, frying pans or colanders then please send them into school! I wonder if our mud kitchen will be as good as the Blackwell Kitchen!


Also, just a quick reminder about show and tell, we welcome certificates and special achievements but please keep toys at home as we would hate for them to get lost or broken.


Thank you,

Mrs Webb


Phonic books

Dear Parents,


This week we have revisited ch, sh, th and ng learning how to spell words with these sounds. Please revisit these sounds at home but you do not need to draw any more pictures.


Many thanks,

Mrs Webb

Forest School (27.11.14)

Dear Parents,


Just a quick reminder that it's Forest School tomorrow (27.11.14). The children will need a hat, gloves and a pair of thick, warm socks (the children can wear their socks to school) . I'm really looking forward to our learning in the woods tomorrow.

Mrs Webb :)



Red Forest School

Dear Families,


Just a reminder that we are off to Forest School tomorrow (13.11.14). The weather is starting to get very cold now so please make sure your child has a hat, pair of gloves and a pair of thick socks. I'm really looking forward to our trip to the woods and our chocolate treat. I wonder, what could that be?


Mrs Webb :)

Happy Holiday

Hello Red Class,


It has been a pleasure to teach you and to see the progress you have made this half term. The multi skills festival was a fun way to end the half term and once again you represented your school beautifully! Over the holidays try to read your book, practise your keywords and look back in your phonics book to practise your letter sounds but the most important thing to do is ...rest!

Enjoy the holiday and we look forward to seeing you next half term when you will meet my friend Blackwell Bear.


Mrs Webb and Mrs Thompson


Photos on Friday

Dear Red Class Families,


The children should come dressed to school as normal tomorrow. Smart on the top and jogging bottoms on the bottom! The photographer will capture the children from the waist up! 

If you know a friend in Red Class please pass this message along!

Many thanks

Mrs Webb :)

Forest School and PE

Dear Red Class Families ,


Mrs James and I have been very pleased with the level of independence demonstrated by the children when changing for Forest School and PE. We have noticed that a few children find the buttons on their t.shirts a little tricky to open and fasten so a little extra practise at home would be appreciated (although we know they are fiddly). If all clothing (including school shoes) could be named that would further help the children and the adults!


Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Webb, Mrs James and Mrs Thompson.

Bishops Wood Trip

Hello Red Class,


Thank you for a super day at Bishops Wood! You tried hard with your listening and your manners were excellent. The Bishops Wood leader said you were the best organised class she had ever seen! I also really enjoyed the commentary on the coach:

"There's the bumpy road" (speed bumps along School Lane).

"There's the wiggly road" (Spirehouse Lane).

"I can see Sanders Park".

"I've been to Stourport, there's a park with rides".



When we arrived at Bishops Wood, we enjoyed listening to stories about the oak and silver birch trees, collected natural treasures, completed tree rubbings and even sketched the trees. Finally we listened to a story about stick people and made our very own stick people. What a busy day! Thank you to the Blackwell Kitchen for our super picnic too.


See you tomorrow,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Moran


Forest School

Dear Families,


Mrs Webb and I have really enjoyed meeting lots of you this week to discuss the super start children have made in Red Class. If you couldn’t make an appointment this week, we are usually available at 3.15pm each day for an informal chat about anything you wish to discuss.

This Friday (12.9.14) Red Class will start their ForestSchool sessions. Please send children into school wearing a pair of old jogging bottoms every Friday. Children will remain in these for the day and should be worn with their normal school shirt and jumper or cardigan. If you haven’t already, please send in a pair of named wellies which can remain is school as Red Class will be doing lots of outdoor learning. As we will be changing footwear regularly, please can you name shoes as it is often hard to tell who they belong to when they all look the same!

We appreciate there are so many new routines for adults and children to get used to at the beginning of term but we are grateful for your support.

I look forward to seeing Red Class on Friday and can’t wait to get very muddy!

Mrs James

A Super Start

Hello Red Class,


What a super start to the year! We are busy learning our class rules and routines and this will be our focus for the next couple of weeks. You were very good at tidying! Tomorrow put your coat, water bottle and book bag away (your grownup can help you) and then sit on the carpet ready for singing. You were excellent at sitting on the carpet this morning!


Grownups, tomorrow we will label the top of your child's water bottle with their initials to make it easier for them to find. You're more than welcome to do this at home if you want to.


See you tomorrow Red Class,

Mrs Webb x


Your First Day

Hello Red Class,


It's your very first day at school tomorrow! We're all very excited to meet you and to have lots of fun in your new classroom. When you come into school please ask your grownup to put your wellies on the rack at the bottom of the ramp (by the classroom). You will then see Mrs Franklin at the door and she will show you where to hang your coat and PE kit. Finally come into the classroom and sit down with your book bag ready to sing songs with Mrs Webb.


On the first day please bring a healthy snack from home, such as a piece of fruit, so there is one less job for you to do. Please remember to bring your special boxes into school too so that we can find out all about you.


See you tomorrow Red Class,

From a very excited Mrs Webb!