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Red Class

Red Class News

 Red Class News

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello Red Class,

It really was a wonderful Wednesday today. There were so many pairs of muddy hands and very happy faces and many skills on show: problem solving, working with others, asking and answering questions and talking about learning.


Today we started to learn some new keywords, listened to unfamiliar nursery rhymes and we've started to spot the rhyming words. We've also played some fun maths games to help us to think about what numbers actually mean. You could play 'bunny ears'at home. Say a number to your grown up and then ask them to show you two bunny ears and to make that number using their fingers. If you said '3' they could show 2 fingers on one hand (bunny ear) and 1 finger on the other hand (bunny ear).


Tomorrow we start Write Dance which is a fun movement and mark making session developing skills for handwriting. If you hear 'volcanoes' then the children are thinking about Write Dance.


Well done to those children who are starting to come into the classroom independently and thank you for a super start to the parent/teacher meetings. We'll see you all tomorrow. My smile will be in my coat pocket.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin

Terrific Tuesday

Hello Red Class,


Another super day at school. Today we opened the new outdoor area where you explored the new sandpit and sand tools. Tomorrow, we will open the mud kitchen so get ready to 'squelch, squerch' in the mud as we make mud pies and mud cakes! 


Singing number rhymes and songs, playing maths games and developing listening skills through listening games are just some of the fun things we've been learning today. I liked playing 'noughts and crosses' using our shells and buttons. It's fun to play and to create new games. We've also explored the new trail and wooden play equipment and a final highlight was watching our wake and shake video and trying out the steps! 


You may have noticed a little friend on your book bag this afternoon. Your little animal will help you at the end of the day to find your book bag and your water bottle. It will also help the grown ups in the classroom to find your book bag and your water bottle! The tuck shop is now open. You can buy a healthy snack from Mrs Allen in the morning or bring a healthy snack from home.



Parent/teacher meetings will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after school. This is a good time to share key information and to talk about your child's first few days at school. If you need an appointment please sign the sheet on the classroom door.  We look forward to seeing you over the next couple of days.


I've popped my smile in my sandwich. Where will your smile be? 

See you tomorrow :)


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin 



Fantastic First Day

Hello Red Class,


Well done for a fantastic first day. You all remembered your smiles and they were a delight to see. Today we've played listening games, shared our shoe boxes, explored our new indoor classroom, visited some important parts of the school and we've started to learn some new routines. Tomorrow our new outdoor area will be open. Get ready to have some fun in our big sandpit. 


Grown ups are welcome in the classroom to help with the morning routine this week. When your child is happy to enter independently, please say goodbye at the classroom door.  


We're looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Our smiles are packed in our pockets x 


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :) 



Welcome Red Class

Hello Red Class,


Your first day at school is nearly here. I am very excited to see you all again. We will have a lot of fun playing and learning in our new classroom and outside in our new outdoor area. We are very lucky!


On Monday you need to pack something very special...your biggest smile. You also have some jobs to do in the morning (mums and dads can help too). Here's a helpful list:


1) Put your named wellies on the welly stand (on the balcony just outside the classroom door).

2) Place your book bag in the box under the reading book table.

3) Pop your snack in the basket. The snack table is by the window.  

4) Your water bottle should be placed by the sink. We will fill it for you later on. 

5) Find your peg for your coat (in the corridor). 

6) Say goodbye to your grown ups and sit on the carpet for songs and rhymes.


For the first day, it would be useful to bring a snack from home so that you have one less job to do.


I'll see you all on Monday. I've packed my smile already! 


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Franklin and Mrs Roberts



Thank you!!

A huge thank you for an amazing year! It has been a privilege to teach Red Class and we will miss them. Thank you so much for all of your kind words, cards and presents. We are very lucky! Wishing you all a wonderful summer break. See you in September when Red become Green!


Love from Miss Steele, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Franklin x


Well done to all of Red Class for their amazing assembly this morning! You were all so confident and made us all feel proud. What a brilliant way to end our special 'Britain and Queen' topic!

Well done superstars!

Love from Miss Steele, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Franklin x

British Sport Homework

Hello Red Class,


Well done for your super work on our 'Space and Music' topic. Lots of grown ups this week have said how well you performed at the Arts Festival. You make us all so proud!


We have started our British Sport topic by learning some new games and embarking on a DT project! For your homework this week you could practise your jumping skills- use your measuring skills that you have learnt in Maths this week to find out how far you can jump. You could also make your own Olympic flag... What colours could you use? What patterns or symbols could be included in your flag? Any ideas you want to show us can be put into your green homework book.



We hope you have a lovely weekend. Keep up the brilliant reading and key word practise!


Love from Miss Steele, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Franklin :-)

Summer Term...

Hello Red Class,


We hope you have had a good rest and are ready for exciting adventures in our brand new classroom!


Our topic is all about aliens and space! Start to have a think about what you would like to find out...


Now you are getting so grown up, there will be some special jobs that you can do at home with your grown ups about aliens and space. Your grown ups will get a letter to tell them more about it.


We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at our new classroom gate!


Miss Steele, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Franklin :-) 

A super week :)

Hello Red Class,


What a great time we had yesterday at the museum. So many of your grownups came and said such lovely things about your learning. Well done all of you!


Today we have started to think about Easter and how it is celebrated. Talk to your grownups about what your family will be doing over the Easter holidays.


We started to look at time in Maths today- I couldn’t believe how brilliant you were! I wonder how many clocks each of you can find in your house… For a ‘cheeky challenge’ see if you can tell your grownup when it is ‘half past’.


Don’t forget to bring your egg to school on Monday for the Easter competition!


Next week will be a really busy time for us… so get lots of rest over the weekend.


Miss Steele :)


Ps- Keep your eyes open for that baby dinosaur!

This week in Red Class...

Hello Red Class,

What a brilliant time we have had with our dinosaur topic!

Many children showed excellent perseverance and teamwork when
creating a volcano dinosaur setting in the dough area yesterday.

Children have also created some brilliant dinosaur names in Literacy. They
could use some of the names in your family to create more at home.

In Maths this week, the children are learning to use positional language.
'Bronty' (Red Class' pet dinosaur!) has been under, over, on top, behind, in
front and next to all sort of things in Red Class! Maybe they could use one
of their toys at home to practise using positional language...

There are lots of things for us to get ready before the prehistoric museum
on Thursday where your grownups will be travelling back to the dinosaur
age with us... How exciting!

Miss Steele :)

Feeling proud!

What a fantastic production of 'Wendy and Peter' we saw today! It was a pleasure to take the children on their first school trip. The theatre staff commented on how well they sat and behaved throughout the performance.


I felt very proud - Well done Red Class!


Love from Miss Steele :-)

Well done Red and Green Classes

Hello Red and Green Classes,


Well done for super Nativity performances and for helping your families have such a lovely time watching you.

Have a Happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year for lots more exciting learning.


Mrs Moss xx


ps - remember to keep reading over the holiday so that you don't forget your reading skills.

Red Class photo retake

Hello All,


We will be retaking the class photo as we are aware that it was so sunny on the day that it was taken that the children's faces are very light.


Apologies and another one will come home soon.


Mrs Moss