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Red Class

Red Class News

 Red Class News

Friday Fanfare 2

Hello Red Class,


What a busy week with your first school trip, first photo shoot and your first Forest School knot! We've practised h, m, r and d in Phonics and taken a pencil for a walk to practise curvy lines and loops in handwriting. In Literacy we discovered labels in the classroom and we started to read very simple labels using photos and pictures to help.  We met Suzie Square, Robbie Rectangle, Selena Circle and Timmy Triangle in Maths. Can you sing our shape song to your grown ups? Here are the words for Timmy Triangle's verse:


Can you draw a triangle with your finger in the sky?

Can you draw a triangle with three corners and three sides?

I can draw a triangle with my finger in the sky.

I can draw a triangle with three corners and three sides.


Next week our afternoon sessions will focus on art. We will be learning all about printing. In Literacy we will start to find and read simple lists and in Maths we will be continuing our counting work and finding 1 more. 


Thank you for finding plenty of cardboard tubes. In Reception we like to collect weird and wonderful things so if you have any of the following, please send them into school:

-old baking trays (for the mud kitchen)

-fabric (for role play)

-wallpaper (for handwriting sessions)


Have a lovely weekend Red Class. Remember to practise your letter sounds and to draw pictures for each sound. I look forward to seeing your little blue books each week. Your pictures are fantastic! 


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Katy the Caterpillar

Hello Red Class,


Today we met Katy the Caterpillar who helped us to learn about mini beasts and their homes. First we shared a story about Katy and how she changed from a caterpillar into a butterfly then we searched for mini beasts. We found them hiding under the logs in the forest and in the pond too but the mini beasts in the meadow were hiding because they didn't like the rain. Do you remember Mrs Winterbourn's newt? What a find! 


My highlight of the day was pond dipping. I really enjoyed discovering what lived in the water. Some creatures were quick, some were slow and some did somersaults! 


Red Class, I was amazed by your attitude and positive attitude today. It rained most of the time we were at Bishops Wood but nobody complained (we were wearing sensible clothes though). Every child took part in every activity with enthusiasm and lots of grown ups commented on your good manners and behaviour.


Well done Red Class! You really are my shining stars.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and a very DRY Mrs Franklin :) 



Friday Fanfare

Hello Red Class,


Another fantastic week with exciting new experiences such as sewing, sport and French. I know it has been tiring but you've coped very well.


In Phonics we've practised new letter sounds and actions  (i,n,c,k,e) and we've started to put some sounds together to read words. In Maths we found out that a total stays the same even if we start counting from a different object or if we move the objects around. Can you teach your grown ups our dancing flower song? "There is 1 little flower dancing in the sun...". Remember to make your hands dance.


We also enjoyed finding different ways to tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (big book, pictures, props) and in circle time Granddad helped us to find out why we need to clean our hands. Do you remember the glitter paint (germs) all over my hands? I had to clean them very well. 


At Forest School we played games to learn important rules. Do you remember Oak, Oak, Ash? We also had time to 'meet a tree' where you explored your favourite tree in the forest, looking closely at the shape of the leaves and carefully feeling and smelling the bark. You enjoyed making dens, building a bonfire, finding and looking after the mini beasts (one worm was carried to the mini beast hotel) and making fishing rods with Mrs Allen. Lots of you needed to tie knots to be successful so next week I will teach you how to tie your very first Forest School knot. Just one thing to practise at home...try to fasten your coat all by yourself. 


Next week we start our new topic about nature. We're visiting Bishop's Wood on Monday to learn about mini beasts and where they like to live. It will be very exciting. Please come dressed to school in your jogging bottoms. We will change into our wellies at school. If it's cold please bring a hat and a pair of gloves. 


Well done for a super week Red Class. I can already see the progress you're making. I'm a very proud teacher and you're all my shining stars!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)



What a great week!

Hello Red Class,


We've had a fantastic week and Forest School was lots of fun today. We played games in the forest to learn how to stay safe (finding the animals and 1,2,3 Where are you?) and you were given time to explore your own interests (making a bed for a fox/building a den/finding secret pathways/looking for bugs). Some of you started to make dreamcatchers to practise your weaving skills. I was very proud of your behaviour and your learning. You're my little stars!


You will find a few letters and your phonics book in your bag. I've mentioned a link in the phonics book to help your grown ups but the link is tricky to read at the end.The last part is  f_0Om8 (zero then a capital O). I hope that helps! Have fun drawing the pictures. I can't wait to see them on Monday.


We're now moving to weekly posts. Every Friday I will tell you all about our week and our magical learning moments. Clubs start next week. If you want to collect your child at 1.40pm please let Mrs Moss know on the gate in the morning. Mrs Allen will say goodbye to the children (except Wednesdays) at 3.10pm. 


Have a super weekend Red Class. You really do deserve it (and so do your mums and dads)!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin 

It's nearly time for Forest School!

Hello Red Class,


Another good day at school. Today we practised 'p' including the song and action. Then we met our learning partner and played a good looking/copying game because this is such an important skill to be a good learning partner. We practised reading some numerals and then matched our numeral card to a number of objects i.e. 5 to 5 counters. Finally, we finished our self portraits.


Tomorrow is your first Forest School session. Please come dressed to school in jogging bottoms, thick socks and trainers. On the subject of socks...the children love our outdoor area but our outdoor area doesn't like their socks! It might be a good idea to keep a spare pair of socks in your child's book bag. Please also remember to change your traffic light (in your reading pack) to green if you would like a new book.


Finally, Red Class mums and dads get a Mrs Webb 'thumbs up' (worth their weight in gold) for all of the cardboard tubes we've received. Please keep sending in your tubes and cartons. Thank you very much!


See you tomorrow Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin



What a wonderful Wednesday

Hello Red Class,


Today we practised 't' with our action (looking side to side like we're watching a tennis game). We met our new learning partner and played a copying game to help you to practise your good looking. You pulled some very funny faces.  Remember to look at the board in the classroom to find your photo and your partner's photo. The board will help you to remember your partner. We also sang some number songs and practised our careful counting. We're trying very hard to show a number in different ways using our fingers.


The final highlight was starting to use the water in the outdoor area. Some of you were fascinated by the gully and enjoyed watching your little 'boats' moving along in the water. Some of you even used the hose pipe to fill your containers for various reasons (we had a coffee station at one point). Lots of great team skills, talking to your friends to explain what to do, asking questions and some strong leadership skills!


Well done Red Class. What a super team!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin



A fantastic day

Hello Red Class,


I'm feeling very proud of you. I was amazed by all of those lovely smiles this morning as you walked into school and completed all of your jobs and at lunchtime I received some lovely comments from grown ups to say how well you've settled into your routine.


Today we practised the sound for 'a' and learnt a little song to help us to remember. We also enjoyed our first music lesson, learning how to 'warm up' our voices (think about Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle) and how to find a pulse (remember tapping our knees, heads and noses). We even had time for a birthday party in the outdoor area where the crates turned into tables and chairs and we enjoyed cups of hot chocolate (sand) and a birthday cake. Some of you sang to me (we were pretending it was my birthday) and when I asked my age one child said 68!


Thank you to every Red Class family for taking the time to label all belongings. The staff in Red Class really appreciate your hard work. 


See you tomorrow Red Class when we start our self portraits.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :) 


A new week

Hello Red Class,


Today was full of new adventures. First, Mrs Moss helped you to learn about 's' and then we enjoyed our first PE lesson where you showed me different ways to travel. This week we just changed our shoes for PE as little steps will help us to be successful. Next week we'll be changing into shorts/jogging bottoms too!  You tried very hard to eat your dinner with lots of clean plates and you even put your plate and cup away. I was very impressed!


A Few Bits and Bobs


1) Inside your reading pack you will find a traffic light. If you would like a new book, please turn the traffic light to green. If you would like to keep the book, please leave the light on red.


 2) Some of the names on the water bottles have been removed by super efficient dishwashers. Please make sure all water bottles are named. 


3) Please check your book bag each night. The children are settling into their hometime routine but sometimes they might pick up the wrong jumper or water bottle by accident. They're developing their skills of independence and that's really important. Well done Red Class! 


4) If you have any clean tubes or cartons at home, please send them in for our workshop area. 



See you all tomorrow with lots of smiles,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :) 

Fantastic Friday

Hello Red Class,


Well done for completing your first week at school! I particularly enjoyed drawing volcanoes with you today. You tried very hard with your turn taking.


Today I've sent home your first reading book and keywords. Grown ups can look at the newsletter (on the website) to find out a little bit more about reading at school. Paper copies of the newsletter will be sent home Monday where you will find a list of keyword games on the reverse of the letter.


On Monday you have a treat...Mrs Moss will be teaching you in the morning! You're very lucky to have our headteacher helping you with your learning. I will be waving goodbye to my little girl as she starts her first day at school. I'm looking forward to seeing my Red Class stars later in the morning.


I hope you have a super weekend. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. 

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :) 

Thrilling Thursday

Hello Red Class,


We've nearly completed our first week at school with lots of WOW learning and behaviour moments. The first week/s can be very tiring with so much to learn but you're doing a fantastic job! I'm very proud of my Red Class stars. 


Today we opened the large construction area outside. The children worked together to build dens, towers and boats. Inside, we made some 'silly soup' to help us to think about rhyming words and we enjoyed learning the volcano dance. We also visited the hall today to see and smell those delicious dinners! We watched our Blue Class friends so we know what to do. 


The tuck shop is open every morning with Mrs Allen. If your child is entering school on their own, please remind them to go straight to Mrs Allen to buy their snack. Our first PE session will be Monday 12th September and Forest School starts Friday, 16th September. 



Thank you for a super second day with the parent/teacher meetings. I look forward to seeing our final families tomorrow. 


See you tomorrow Red Class with those big smiles,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin








Wonderful Wednesday

Hello Red Class,

It really was a wonderful Wednesday today. There were so many pairs of muddy hands and very happy faces and many skills on show: problem solving, working with others, asking and answering questions and talking about learning.


Today we started to learn some new keywords, listened to unfamiliar nursery rhymes and we've started to spot the rhyming words. We've also played some fun maths games to help us to think about what numbers actually mean. You could play 'bunny ears'at home. Say a number to your grown up and then ask them to show you two bunny ears and to make that number using their fingers. If you said '3' they could show 2 fingers on one hand (bunny ear) and 1 finger on the other hand (bunny ear).


Tomorrow we start Write Dance which is a fun movement and mark making session developing skills for handwriting. If you hear 'volcanoes' then the children are thinking about Write Dance.


Well done to those children who are starting to come into the classroom independently and thank you for a super start to the parent/teacher meetings. We'll see you all tomorrow. My smile will be in my coat pocket.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin

Terrific Tuesday

Hello Red Class,


Another super day at school. Today we opened the new outdoor area where you explored the new sandpit and sand tools. Tomorrow, we will open the mud kitchen so get ready to 'squelch, squerch' in the mud as we make mud pies and mud cakes! 


Singing number rhymes and songs, playing maths games and developing listening skills through listening games are just some of the fun things we've been learning today. I liked playing 'noughts and crosses' using our shells and buttons. It's fun to play and to create new games. We've also explored the new trail and wooden play equipment and a final highlight was watching our wake and shake video and trying out the steps! 


You may have noticed a little friend on your book bag this afternoon. Your little animal will help you at the end of the day to find your book bag and your water bottle. It will also help the grown ups in the classroom to find your book bag and your water bottle! The tuck shop is now open. You can buy a healthy snack from Mrs Allen in the morning or bring a healthy snack from home.



Parent/teacher meetings will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after school. This is a good time to share key information and to talk about your child's first few days at school. If you need an appointment please sign the sheet on the classroom door.  We look forward to seeing you over the next couple of days.


I've popped my smile in my sandwich. Where will your smile be? 

See you tomorrow :)


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin 



Fantastic First Day

Hello Red Class,


Well done for a fantastic first day. You all remembered your smiles and they were a delight to see. Today we've played listening games, shared our shoe boxes, explored our new indoor classroom, visited some important parts of the school and we've started to learn some new routines. Tomorrow our new outdoor area will be open. Get ready to have some fun in our big sandpit. 


Grown ups are welcome in the classroom to help with the morning routine this week. When your child is happy to enter independently, please say goodbye at the classroom door.  


We're looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Our smiles are packed in our pockets x 


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :) 



Welcome Red Class

Hello Red Class,


Your first day at school is nearly here. I am very excited to see you all again. We will have a lot of fun playing and learning in our new classroom and outside in our new outdoor area. We are very lucky!


On Monday you need to pack something very special...your biggest smile. You also have some jobs to do in the morning (mums and dads can help too). Here's a helpful list:


1) Put your named wellies on the welly stand (on the balcony just outside the classroom door).

2) Place your book bag in the box under the reading book table.

3) Pop your snack in the basket. The snack table is by the window.  

4) Your water bottle should be placed by the sink. We will fill it for you later on. 

5) Find your peg for your coat (in the corridor). 

6) Say goodbye to your grown ups and sit on the carpet for songs and rhymes.


For the first day, it would be useful to bring a snack from home so that you have one less job to do.


I'll see you all on Monday. I've packed my smile already! 


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Franklin and Mrs Roberts



Thank you!!

A huge thank you for an amazing year! It has been a privilege to teach Red Class and we will miss them. Thank you so much for all of your kind words, cards and presents. We are very lucky! Wishing you all a wonderful summer break. See you in September when Red become Green!


Love from Miss Steele, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Franklin x


Well done to all of Red Class for their amazing assembly this morning! You were all so confident and made us all feel proud. What a brilliant way to end our special 'Britain and Queen' topic!

Well done superstars!

Love from Miss Steele, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Franklin x

British Sport Homework

Hello Red Class,


Well done for your super work on our 'Space and Music' topic. Lots of grown ups this week have said how well you performed at the Arts Festival. You make us all so proud!


We have started our British Sport topic by learning some new games and embarking on a DT project! For your homework this week you could practise your jumping skills- use your measuring skills that you have learnt in Maths this week to find out how far you can jump. You could also make your own Olympic flag... What colours could you use? What patterns or symbols could be included in your flag? Any ideas you want to show us can be put into your green homework book.



We hope you have a lovely weekend. Keep up the brilliant reading and key word practise!


Love from Miss Steele, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Franklin :-)