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Red Class News

 Red Class News

Friday Fanfare 18

Hello Red Class,


Our 'Adventures' topic started with a little adventure to find two new friends. We asked you to think of names for the bears and you thought of some wonderful ideas including rhyming names, famous explorers and even the names of bears who live in the wild. Thank you for your suggestions. We voted for our favourite names and chose Rainbow Columbus and Friendship Bear.


One of the bears will visit you during the half term for 1 or 2 days. Each bear has their own special diary for you to add pictures, photos or simple sentences. You can find out more information in the class newsletter which was sent home tonight.


This week we have played listening games, read our new story 'The Jolly Postman' and practised new letter shapes in handwriting. In phonics we've practised keywords using 'rainbow writing' and  played a new 'look, cover, write, check' game from www.ictgames.com. We've also been trying very hard to sound out short words and spell them correctly ready for writing sentences. Next week we're going to focus on spelling words with vowel digraphs e.g. ai, ee, oa.


In Maths we've been reading and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond. We've also been playing games to compare numbers.   Next week we're going to make number sentences practically and then record our ideas using markings, numerals and signs (+ = ).


At Forest School today we started to think about the changing seasons and we listened to the story of how the snowdrops shared their colour with the snow. As we listened to the story, we could hear the rain tapping on the canopy. It was very relaxing! We made soggy nature bracelets to think about the signs of spring, built dens to keep dry from the rain and tried to stop the great flood in the outdoor area! It was a very exciting (and very wet) Forest School. I'm sure we're due some sunshine soon! 


I was very impressed with your handwriting books this week Red Class. They were a joy to mark. Keep up the super work and effort and remember it's better to write a few letters correctly than a lot of letters formed incorrectly. If your grown ups would like to find out how to form some of the letters using the cursive script then there will be a handwriting session on Friday, 24th March 8.45am-9am in Red Class. I wonder, will your grown ups be as good at using the whiteboards as you? 


See you next week my little stars. I hope Rainbow Columbus and Friendship Bear enjoy their first sleepovers.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Choose names for our special friends

Hello Red Class,


Today we went on our first adventure as part of our new topic all about adventures. We managed to find two new 'beary' nice friends. Sadly, our friends do not have names yet so I asked you to go home tonight and to think of two names. You could think about our class, our school or our topic to help you.  For example, Blackwell Bear or Red Bear. We will share our names and vote for our favourite two tomorrow. Remember these friendly bears will come home with you for one night during the topic to share an adventure.


Mrs Webb :)

Friday Fanfare 17

Hello Red Class,


Another great week of learning. We've been reading and spelling two syllable words in Phonics and revising some tricky sounds and keywords. You should find a new handwriting book in your bookbag tonight. Try to practise your letters each week and keep the book in your bag so that we can add new letters each week. Your phonics books can stay at home.


In Maths we've been naming, describing and sorting 2D shapes. We enjoyed making our own shapes using a piece of string. We tied the ends together and then worked with a partner to move the string into different shapes. You could try this activity at home with your grown ups.  You could also sing our 1 more song at home:


Can you see my adding 1 machine?

Put a number in my ear and a number will appear.

When I bop my nose.

Like...1 bop 2, 8 bop 9 etc.


In RE we've been learning about the Bible and sharing stories such as the story of creation. We thought about what we were grateful for and the children had some lovely ideas including their family and friends, the school, trees and flowers, food and water. In PE, we've been travelling over mats and benches and thinking about levels (low/middle and high). We've also enjoyed making Egyptian sunset pictures. These pictures will be added to our time capsule.

Mrs Moss will talk about the time capsule during our first assembly after half term.



Enjoy the holiday my little stars. Make sure you play, rest and stay safe and we'll see you after the holiday for our exciting new topic, 'Adventures,' where we'll be meeting some 'beary' nice friends!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Friday Fanfare 16

Hello Red Class,


We're starting our fanfare with some super news.  Today we were awarded the tidy classroom and cloakroom certificate during our celebration assembly. This is a great achievement as we have so many areas to look after and keep tidy. Well done little stars!


This week we've been learning to read and spell 'er' words and reading two syllable words such as sunset and bedroom. This is the last sound for your phonics book (I'm sure I just heard a cheer) so once I've marked your 'er' pictures, your phonics book can stay at home. Remember to keep practising your sounds and see if you can teach your grown ups, brother, sister, pet or friend the actions and sounds. 


During your reading time at home, I would like you to make sure that you're pointing to each word as you read. Remember, you need to point to the words and your grown ups can have a rest! Use your letter sounds and picture clues to read new words and try to break long words into smaller words just like we've been learning in phonics this week.


We've also been learning to say, read, order and write a simple sentence. You're very good at telling me now that a sentence needs a capital letter, full stop and a verb. See if you can spot a capital letter and a full stop in your reading book. During handwriting sessions, we've been practising curly caterpillar letters within words i.e. so, do, dog. Next week we will send home a handwriting book with 4 curly caterpillar letters to practise.


I was very impressed with your take away work this week. We even watched a video on the big board of some of your super maths skills using the egg boxes. It was wonderful to see turn taking using our resources which is our learning partner target. Next week we will find, name and describe 2d shapes and solve some problems with shapes too.


Remember to keep a pair of socks in your book bag for after outdoor play. Mrs Allen has a basket of spare socks, hats and gloves if you forget but it's even better to keep your own in your book bag. We will not be visiting Forest School next week as it's the last day of our topic. It was very cold at Forest School today but I was delighted to see that most children remembered their hat, gloves and spare socks. During the session we played a game to keep safe around the campfire, looked for risks in the forest and we found out about animals who live in the forest through our story 'The Surprise Party' by Pat Hutchins. We even made our very own clay animals. As the weather was so cold we returned to school earlier than usual to defrost!


Have a super weekend my little stars.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Friday Fanfare 15

Hello Red Class,

We enjoyed a super session at Forest School today. We were all prepared with hats, scarves, gloves and socks and then it turned out to be a little milder than usual. We enjoyed listening to a story called, ‘The Tale of the Heaven Tree’ and we thought about what might happen to the forest if we didn’t look after it. Some of you enjoyed making a little tree guardian (a face made from clay and natural materials). Now your tree guardian will look after your favourite tree.

This week in Maths we’ve been comparing and measuring the length and height of objects. I was really pleased to see you using some of these skills in your play. For example, measuring teddy bears and comparing snacks. Next week we will learn about subtraction.

In Phonics, we’ve been learning about trigraphs (three letters making one sound) i.e. ear, ure, air. Next week we will read and spell words with ‘er’ and concentrate on reading and spelling keywords. This week we also played some games to learn about sentences and what makes a sentence. We will continue to read and make simple sentences with a capital letter, full stop and verb.

We’ve been thinking about our personal history and how we’ve grown from a baby to a toddler to a child and how we will develop in the future. We’ve also started to explore Ancient Egypt through pictures, songs and films. Next week, we will think about how our lives today are the same and how they are different to the time of Ancient Egypt.

Over the last few weeks, during circle time, we’ve been learning about compliments and it’s been wonderful to hear you giving compliments about our school dinners.


“This is delicious”….”I like all of the colours on my plate”…”This is really good for you”.


Well done my little stars. Have a good weekend and try to give the people in your family a compliment.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin J

Friday Fanfare 14

Hello Red Class,

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a late night at school for storynight. We shared stories with a drink and a biscuit as your families looked at the stunning art and DT work in the hall. Did you see your flowers on the tables and on the shelves in the hall? You worked very hard on your cutting, joining and decorating skills. Jack’s garden looked stunning!

Today was the final day of our Roald Dahl topic and we finished with a fashion show of Roald Dahl characters where you shared compliments about your costumes. We also filmed our retell of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and helped Jack to solve some addition problems in Maths.


In Phonics this week, we played a new game from the ICT games website called 'Help a Hedgehog'. This game helped you to read words using our focus sounds. Next week we'll be learning about trigraphs (3 letters making one sound). We'll be reading and spelling words using ‘ear’, ‘air’ and ‘ure’. Remember to draw pictures in your little blue books this week. You will find 4 new sounds.


We pretended to be cats in Write Dance. Our cat dance and cat pictures helped us to practise curved lines and shapes and the ‘round and back’ action needed for c,o,a,d,g and q. Your letter formation is improving each session Red Class.


In Maths, we've been adding two sets of objects together and starting to record our work. You’re growing in confidence to recognise and recall number bonds every day. Next week we will focus on number formation and we'll be solving problems using different measures. If you have a spare few minutes, practise your number formation (particularly 2 and 5) and we’ll show your work at school.


Our new topic is Ancient Egypt. We'll be making something very special with the rest of the school but I'll tell you more about that next week! Have a great weekend my little stars.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Friday Fanfare 13

Hello Red Class,


Can you believe we're nearly at the end of our Roald Dahl topic? Next week we've got some fun events planned with storynight on Wednesday 25th January at 5.30pm and our Roald Dahl character day on Friday, 27th January.  I can't wait to see you all in your costumes. My charcater is very big and very friendly! Who could it be? Forest School will not take place on Friday as you will all be wearing your special costumes instead. Please make sure you pack two pairs of thick socks for Forest School on Fridays as little feet can get very cold in wellies. We have spare hats and gloves but I might need to ask Grandma Webb to knit some spare socks!


Next week we will be reading and spelling words with 'oi', 'ur' and 'ow'. New sounds will be added to your phonics books next week so please pop your books into your book bags. In Maths, we will be learning to add two numbers together and solving simple addition problems. I was very impressed with your work on position and following/giving directions this week. We had great fun pretending to be robots! Next week in DT we will finish our flowers for the display and practise some new rolls in gymnastics.


Finally, thank you for all of your eggboxes. Mrs Marks (Green Class) found a bumper pack of boxes so we've reached our target. Cardboard tubes, cartons and other items for junk modelling are always gratefully received.


Stay safe and have fun this weekend my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)



Friday Fanfare 12

Hello Red Class,


Another good week at school with lots and lots of learning including a new wake and shake routine, 'La Bamba'. This week we've started to learn Roald Dahl's 'Jack and the Beanstalk' rhyme using actions and a story/rhyme map. Our version is shorter than the original because we've taken out some of the extra revolting bits! I was very pleased to see you thinking about the similarities and differences between our big book version and the revolting rhyme and some of you made your own story/rhyme maps during play and explore time. We've also been thinking about rhyming words. See if you can find rhyming words when you listen to your bedtime stories.


Every morning we've been singing our alphabet song. It's important to remember that the letters have a name (just like you have a name) but they also make a sound and the sounds help us to read and spell. In Phonics, we've been practising 'ai', 'ee', 'igh' and 'oa' and looking and listening for these sounds using interactive books on the board. Next week you will be able to use the interactive books again during your play and explore time and we'll also be learning some new sounds: oo(boot), oo(look), ar (farm) and or (for).


In Maths, we've been making numbers in different ways using the abacus to support our thinking. Your ability to talk about your number work is improving every day. We've also had fun guessing the number bond in Mrs Webb's number bag. This week you made some super guesses for number bag 4 (4 and 0, 3 and 1, 2 and 2 etc.). Next week we're going to learn about positional language (in front/behind/next to) and directions (forward, backward, left and right) and we'll be using the programmable toys (Bee-Bots) to support our learning.


In Art, we've  been learning to name, sort and use textiles such as silk, lace, cotton and hessian. We've started to cut and join textiles with tape and glue to make a big dinner plate for the Giant.  We've even started to do some sewing. We've experimented with size, colour and type of stitches. Well done Red Class, some tricky skills which you can start or continue to explore next week during play and explore time. Next week we will be making flowers as part of our DT work to make a class display of Jack's garden. 


In PE, we've made some fantastic gymnastic shapes from a pair of shorts (tuck), to a skirt (straddle), an ironing board (front support) and a washing basket (dish). I could see pointed toes and  good posture! The next Olympic gymnast is in Red Class! Please mention Mrs Webb when you win your medal!


Although Forest School was on the school site, we still enjoyed some fun in the snow making snow angels, mini snowmen and snow hedgehogs. We made prints with our boots and some of you started to make bird feeders for the hungry birds.  


Thank you to your grown ups for collecting so many cardboard tubes, egg boxes and general 'junk'. It really means a lot and I know you've thoroughly enjoyed delving into the big junk box this week to see what you can make. We just need a few more egg boxes to reach our target of 15. Thank you once again!


Have fun this weekend my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen,  Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)







Friday Fanfare 11

Hello Red Class,


Well done for a good first week back. We enjoyed our visit to the library earlier in the week. We listened to stories with the library manager, made a shell for the tortoise in Esio Trot and toured the library to find some key features. If you visit the library over the next couple of weeks, you might see our tortoise on display.



This week we've also practised some of the letter sounds from last term. We're going to spend the next few weeks practising some of our vowel digraphs (ai, ee, oa) to make sure  we know them really well. As a result, we will not be sending new letter sounds home in the phonics book. Please use this time to draw pictures for some of the letter sounds that you might have missed in your phonics book last term or practise your keywords instead.


Next week, we will be cutting and colouring textiles. We will also listen to Roald Dahl's revolting rhyme about 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and we will make number bonds using our fingers and equipment i.e. different ways to make three (2+1=3  3+0=3).


Have a super weekend and I will see you all on Monday my little stars.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)


Christmas Fanfare

Hello Red Class,


Congratulations, you've completed your first term at school! It seems only moments ago that you were walking through the classroom door, ready for your first day. I am amazed at how much you've achieved this term including fantastic performances of 'Mary's Knitting' at the church. I'm also very proud to announce that we are the current wake and shake champions. Red Class competed against Green, Purple, Yellow and Blue and Mrs Moss thought we were the most improved since the last competition. We were all moving in the same direction and at the same time :)


Keep reading over the holidays as every little helps. Remember your keywords, phonics book and phonics games count as reading too. You could even play a maths game. See if you can beat your grown ups at Bing Bong Zong! 


Thank you for all of your kind words, cards and gifts and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas. We can't wait to see you in the New Year. Keep shining little stars. Merry Christmas!


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)





Friday Fanfare 10

Hello Red Class,


Mrs Moss started the week talking to us about patience in assembly and we've certainly had to be patient this week with all of our rehearsals. A big 'thank you' to all of our families for providing tights and tops. The children looked fantastic in their costumes today for the dress rehearsal and it wouldn't be a true Nativity without a headress sliding off or a mask falling down. We hope you enjoy the productions on Monday and Tuesday. I would also like to say 'thank you' to members of the Red Class team for making costumes and masks and for all of their hard work during such a busy time of year.


Alongside rehearsals, we've managed to learn two new sounds (igh and oa) and we've listened to Christmas/winter themed poems. In Maths, we've practised our curvy numbers (0,3 and 6). Next week we will practise 8 and then move onto numbers with straight lines and curves i.e. 2, 5, 9. We even had time this week for an afternoon campfire, parachute games and stories in the forest.  


Next week we've got lots to look forward to with Christmas dinner, party day, a pantomime, our Nativity at St Catherine's Church and Christmas crafts. Enjoy your weekend Red Class. Keep practising 'Away in a Manger' with your 'big' voices. 


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)



A change to Forest School

Dear Families,


Due to church rehearsals, Forest School will not take place on Friday. Children should come dressed to school in their full uniform. However, on Thursday afternoon, we're hoping to have a campfire. The children will wear their Forest School coats and trousers so their uniform will be protected. On Thursday, the children can wear their uniform to school.


Thank you to all of those families who have 'Away in a Manger' on repeat! Keep practising as every little helps. Here are the words:


Away in a manger
No crib for His bed
The little Lord Jesus
Lay down His sweet head


The stars in the sky
Look down where He lay
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep on the hay


The cattle are lowing
The Baby awakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying He makes


I love Thee, Lord Jesus
Look down from the sky
And stay by my side
'Til morning is nigh


Be near me, Lord Jesus.

I ask thee to stay

Close by me forever

And love me, I pray.


Bless all the dear children

In Thy tender care

And take us to Heaven

To live with Thee there.



Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Webb :)

Friday Fanfare 9

Hello Red Class, 


It's the Friday Fanfare...on a Saturday! That's how busy our week has been! First of all, we would like to wish all of our poorly children a speedy recovery. We're all missing you at school but we hope to see you very soon. 


This week we've tasted, created and evaluated our sweets (coconut and melon barfi) and we opened our Indian Festival. Then we created Father Christmas and angel tree toppers to sell at the fair.  By the way, some of our delightful creations are still available to purchase. Please see Mrs Webb or send £2.50 into school. 


Our Indian Festival was fantastic! You worked incredibly hard dancing, retelling your story, giving out sweets and playing a game to entertain your grown ups. You're only 4 and 5 so to do all of those things alongside Green, Purple, Yellow and Blue was amazing! Just standing up in front of all of the grown ups was an achievement. Well done Red Class. We feel incredibly proud of all of you!


Next week you will practise your part for the Christmas play and continue to work on your songs and dances. Red Class will be performing 'Away in a Manger' so if your child could sing this at home (a lot) it would really help. Alongside Christmas crafts, we will continue our work on the Christmas story and listen to some Christmas poems. In Maths, we will work on number formation (0,3,6,8). I thought your 'straight' numbers (1, 4, 7) were fantastic this week. In Phonics we will continue our work on vowel digraphs (two letters making a vowel sound). You worked hard on ai and ee this week. 



Finally, thank you to those parents who attended the workshop on Friday. You should find a pack in your child's book bag including a Maths games sheet and a Phonics games sheet. I hope these ideas are helpful but remember I'm always happy to answer questions and to suggest ideas. 


If you have any small boxes, tubes, cartons or pots, please send them into school for our workshop area. We always need spare 'junk' for modelling so we will never turn a cardboard tube away!   



Have a super weekend Red Class. Shine brightly my little stars. 

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin. 

Friday Fanfare 8

Hello Red Class,


Well done for another good week at school. Thank you to those families who were able to attend the reading and writing workshop today. You will find  a pack in your book bag tonight including the PowerPoint slides, keyword games, progression in handwriting and letter formation sheets. Next week (Friday - 8.45am-9.15am) there will be a maths workshop. This will include some practical activities and games so be prepared to play Bing Bong Zong :)  


This week we've learnt ch, sh th and ng in Phonics. Remember to teach your grown ups that you need to poke your tongue out a little for some words using 'th' such as thin and further out for words like thumb. In Communication and Language sessions, we've been starting to find and read sentences and think about what makes a sentence.  In Maths, we've been counting back from 10 and learning how to take away a small number of objects. Practise counting back at home by passing a ball/small object between you and a grown up. You could make the game harder by clapping your hands  once as you count so that you have to start at 10 again. We play this game at school but Mrs Webb uses a bell.  You  could also pretend to be a rocket. Start at 10 and blast off when you get to 0. Even better, you could find 10 objects and as you count back take one item away. This will help you to match the number name to the correct number of objects.


In PE, we've started to learn our dances for the Christmas play. We've been practising our Christmas songs too. On Monday, there will be a slip in your book bag to tell your grown ups which part you will be playing in the Christmas play and  if we need any additional items for your costume. We usually ask for tights/tops (of various colours depending on the part). In previous years, parents have bought packs of tights to share which has worked really well. 


The Indian festival will take place Wednesday and on Friday it is the Christmas Fair so there is a lot to do next week Red Class! We will start the week by tasting and making some Indian sweets. A note to parents, we will be tasting and making some sweets with coconut. We already have a list of known allergies but should you require further information, please speak to Mrs Webb. We will continue to practise our bhangra dance routine and our retell ready for the festival! Then we'll be making something special to sell at the Christmas Fair. 


Have a super weekend Red Class. Get plenty of rest.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Friday Fanfare 7

Hello Red Class,


Well, we started the day wearing something yellow (it's a good job the grown ups wear high-vis jackets to Forest School) for Children in Need. Thank you for all of your kind donations. 


We had a super time at Forest School learning how to use a new tool...a vegetable peeler! We made a forest friend by stripping the bark from a twig to make a face and then we decorated our friend using felt tips and natural objects. We will continue this activity next week so there will be more opportunities to use tools and to make a friend! Remember to pack one or two pairs of thick socks next week as we had quite a few cold feet this week. 


In Phonics, we've been learning y, z, zz and qu and reading words and captions using our focus sounds. Maths sessions have focused on 3D shapes where we've named, matched and looked for cylinders (silly cylinders), cubes, cuboids and spheres. The Counting Queen has also been keeping us busy in the mornings. It's a good job we're good at spotting the missing numbers. I've been very impressed that you can even tell me how you know they're missing i.e. 10 is missing because it's one more than 9. 


We've started to learn about Hinduism too. We've used big books, pictures and short films to help our learning. We even found out about Hindu temples called mandirs and what happens in a mandir. We will continue to learn about Hinduism next week. In PE, we've created motifs (dance actions) to help us to retell the story of The Enormous Yam and you had some very imaginative ideas!

Well done for another good week Red. Have a super weekend my shining stars.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)



Friday Fanfare 6

Hello Red Class


You're certainly working hard at the minute! This week we've been practising our retell of The Enormous Yam, using a story map to support our storytelling. You're getting really good at the actions now and some of you know it so well you're retelling the story in your play! We even had an enormous yam in the sand-pit this week!


In Phonics we practised 'ck' again and then moved onto 'v' 'w' and 'x'. You should all have a new phonics book in your book bag. Check your old book as most of you had a few pages left so your sounds might be hiding there. In Maths we've been working on one more and adding two sets of objects. We also met the Counting Queen who likes to steal the number cards from the number line. I bet there will be some missing cards on Monday morning! 


In Geography we used a big book and photo cards to find out about India. We started to think about how Blackwell is the same and different to a village in India. In Music we created a rhythm (coffee, tea, coffee, tea) and played this rhythm on different body parts and with an instrument. We've also been learning some very special songs for...CHRISTMAS! Here are the words for Spinning Away if you want to practise at home:


Spinning, spinning, spinning away,

Spinning, spinning, spinning away.

Making thread ever so long,

And singing a song.

Singing a song. 


Spinning , spinning, spinning away,

Spinning, spinning, spinning away.

Making thread lovely and strong,

And singing a song. 

Singing a song. 


Spinning, spinning, spinning away,

Spinning, spinning, spinning away.

Making thread ever so long,

And singing a song,

Singing a song. 



Thank you to all of the families who attended parent consultations this week. The children are working really hard and making all of their grown ups very proud! I hope you all enjoy using your name cards. I have already received some wonderful examples of name writing from home. Well done Red Class...keep up the good work!


Finally, if you feel your child is appearing very tired at home (we do take part in 2 wake and shakes each day...sometimes I need a rest), there is an option to collect your child at 1.40pm before the start of clubs. Just inform the grown up on the gate in the morning and they will let me know. 


See you on Monday Red Class when we'll be finding out about Hinduism and 3D shapes. Remember to shine brightly my little stars.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin

Friday Fanfare 5

Hello Red Class,


Well done for a super first week. This week every child entered the classroom without their grown up and completed their routines independently...fantastic! Let's keep it up!


On Monday we introduced our new topic, 'Cooking Around the World' with a special focus on India. We spent the morning learning a bhangra dance and playing a a special drum from India called a dhol. Yes grown ups, every child played a drum! We can't wait to show you some of our dance moves during our Indian Festival on Wednesday, 30th November.  More information will be available very soon.


We have also started to retell a story for the festival called, 'The Enormous Yam'. Can you show your grown ups the actions for some of the characters (old man, woman, daughter, son, dog, cat and mouse)?  In Phonics we found out how two letters can make one sound (ss,ll,ff,ck). In your book bag you will find a sheet to remind you of the actions for the letter sounds and some words you can sound out and blend with your grown ups.


In Maths we played a new game called, 'Bing Bong Zong' to help us to think about the value of numbers. Remember, we chant 'Bing, Bong, Zong' whilst we tap our knees and then we show our learning partner a number of fingers. The person showing the most fingers is the winner. We also played the game where the person with the least number of fingers was the winner too. You could teach your grown ups how to play. You could also sing our bean song  to help you to count back.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0....b.b.b.b, baked beans, baked beans, baked beans, b,b,b,b baked beans, baked beans pop!  Repeat for jumping beans, runner beans, jelly beans...any beans! Just remember to start from different numbers.


Finally, as part of our work in Geography, we took a little tour of Blackwell to find the main features of the village (shop, school, church, nursery, park) and then we made a map of the village with our learning partner. What a lot of learning!


In your book bags you will find two newsletters (one for Red Class and one for the whole school). On the whole school newsletter, Mrs Moss has mentioned parent workshops for reading, writing and maths. During these workshops I will share useful information and activities to support learning at home including how to sing the bean song! If you're lucky, we might play Bing Bong Zong too! They are really useful workshops and a great time to ask questions about learning.


Finally, on Monday we introduced the 'special person'. Each week a child is picked at random to become the special person. For one week they take the register, sit on a chair in the classroom, sit on a bench during assembly and they line up first! They also wear a special golden star to show they are the special person. Every class has a special person and it's a great way to celebrate each child and to boost their confidence and self esteem. Every child will have a turn at being the special person. I wonder, who will it be Monday?


I can't wait to see you Monday my shining stars when I'll have my storytelling crown (don't tell Grace) to go with my storytelling cloak! I will look a treat! I'm also looking forward to seeing all of your grown ups next week, at parent consultations, so that I can tell them about your wonderful learning. 


Keep safe and have fun if you're going to see some fireworks. 

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :) 

Inside your book bag...

Hello Red Class Families,


Inside your book bag you will find a very special sheet of paper showing your child's card. These cards have been designed by the children during art sessions and can be purchased for a very special 'festive' reason. The design is a present with a bow at the top. You will need to turn the paper to see the picture correctly!  Thank you for a lovely day at school Red Class. See you tomorrow, Mrs Webb x

Friday Fanfare 4

Hello Red Class,


This week we have been making repeated patterns in maths, learning l,f,b and j in phonics and starting to read and make very simple captions (a fat cat). In handwriting we've been drawing circles and eights and exploring curved movements. We even had time to tie a clove hitch knot at Forest School and to dance at the dough gym! These activities help to develop both small and big movements. In geography we've been thinking about the places we've visited. We've been drawing maps of our favourite places on wallpaper and making 'small worlds'. We even created our own version of Bishops Wood with the blocks and small world resources!


Next week we have a new home corner to explore and it's the wake and shake assembly on Tuesday. Keep practising those dance moves!


Thank you for your cardboard tubes and cartons. We have plenty for the moment. I will let you know when supplies run low :) Finally, a big 'happy birthday' to Mrs Allen who will be celebrating on Saturday.


See you all Monday,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Franklin

Friday Fanfare 3

Hello Red Class,


Another super week of learning with WOW moments every day! Including, the construction of the longest water slide I have ever seen at Blackwell! Mrs Moss helped us to learn about working as a team in Monday's assembly and you certainly had to work as a team to create your slide! There was lots of good science learning too as you tried to make the water run through all of the tubes and pipes.


This week phonics sessions have focused on g,o and u and reading real and alien (gan, ud, omd) words using our sounds. We really like a game called Buried Treasure where we practise reading and sorting words. You can find the game at:www.phonicsplay.co.uk/BuriedTreasure2.html. Remember to show your grown ups the special dance if you get the answer right.


In Maths sessions we have been learning to find one more and learning how to find a number of objects by seeing a pattern (subitising). So, when we roll a 6 using a die, you can see 6 spots without having to count.  


In PE you showed me some excellent body shapes. Do you remember how to make shorts, trousers and a dress with your body? Can you show your grown ups how to make an iron shape? Remember to point your fingers and toes. 


Art has been fun this week too! We've been learning how to print using everyday objects such as milk lids and yoghurt pots and how to print on/around and next to strips of paper. We've also started to think about repeated patterns which we will learn more about in Maths next week.  Look out for our prints. They will be appearing on something very special soon!


Forest School was also a highlight this week. The children really enjoyed making dens with their new knot last week so this week we introduced a new tool...a mallet! We found out how to use mallets safely and then used them in our Forest School work. 


Finally, a really BIG thank you for all of the tins, wallpaper and fabric we've received this week. The tins have been used to make an assortment of baked muddy goodies and the fabric has already been used by the children in their role play to create princess, ghost and dog costumes. Open-ended resources, such as fabric and pegs, really help the children to use their imagination and to be creative. I'm sure I've got the next Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney in Red Class!



Have a lovely weekend little stars.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Winterbourn, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin x