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Red Class

Red Class News

 Red Class News

Summer Term...

Hello Red Class,


We hope you have had a good rest and are ready for exciting adventures in our brand new classroom!


Our topic is all about aliens and space! Start to have a think about what you would like to find out...


Now you are getting so grown up, there will be some special jobs that you can do at home with your grown ups about aliens and space. Your grown ups will get a letter to tell them more about it.


We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at our new classroom gate!


Miss Steele, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Franklin :-) 

A super week :)

Hello Red Class,


What a great time we had yesterday at the museum. So many of your grownups came and said such lovely things about your learning. Well done all of you!


Today we have started to think about Easter and how it is celebrated. Talk to your grownups about what your family will be doing over the Easter holidays.


We started to look at time in Maths today- I couldn’t believe how brilliant you were! I wonder how many clocks each of you can find in your house… For a ‘cheeky challenge’ see if you can tell your grownup when it is ‘half past’.


Don’t forget to bring your egg to school on Monday for the Easter competition!


Next week will be a really busy time for us… so get lots of rest over the weekend.


Miss Steele :)


Ps- Keep your eyes open for that baby dinosaur!

This week in Red Class...

Hello Red Class,

What a brilliant time we have had with our dinosaur topic!

Many children showed excellent perseverance and teamwork when
creating a volcano dinosaur setting in the dough area yesterday.

Children have also created some brilliant dinosaur names in Literacy. They
could use some of the names in your family to create more at home.

In Maths this week, the children are learning to use positional language.
'Bronty' (Red Class' pet dinosaur!) has been under, over, on top, behind, in
front and next to all sort of things in Red Class! Maybe they could use one
of their toys at home to practise using positional language...

There are lots of things for us to get ready before the prehistoric museum
on Thursday where your grownups will be travelling back to the dinosaur
age with us... How exciting!

Miss Steele :)

Feeling proud!

What a fantastic production of 'Wendy and Peter' we saw today! It was a pleasure to take the children on their first school trip. The theatre staff commented on how well they sat and behaved throughout the performance.


I felt very proud - Well done Red Class!


Love from Miss Steele :-)

Well done Red and Green Classes

Hello Red and Green Classes,


Well done for super Nativity performances and for helping your families have such a lovely time watching you.

Have a Happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year for lots more exciting learning.


Mrs Moss xx


ps - remember to keep reading over the holiday so that you don't forget your reading skills.

Red Class photo retake

Hello All,


We will be retaking the class photo as we are aware that it was so sunny on the day that it was taken that the children's faces are very light.


Apologies and another one will come home soon.


Mrs Moss

Reading diaries

Hello Everyone,


Well done with all of your reading Red Class. In case you were wondering, we have kept the children's reading diaries this evening in order to plan some key word checks for tomorrow.


Please keep practising those key words with the children as little and often is definitely working best.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Steele :)

Shoe boxes please...

Hello Red Class,


We are continuing to learn 'All about me' and are setting up a shoe shop in our role play area. If you have a spare shoe box or pair of old shoes (clean please!) that you could donate to school that would be super!

Well done on your first few weeks of starting school. You have settled in so well and I am very proud of you all.


Miss Steele :)

Red Class news

Click here for the first newsletter for Red Class.

Hello Red Class

Hello and welcome Red Class!

I have been thinking about all the lovely things that we will be doing together in our first week. We will get to know each other, explore our new classroom and learn all about what we do at school. Remember, there is still some time to make an ‘All about me’ shoebox. You can put in drawings, photos, objects... Anything that helps to describe you!

I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures of all the changes that have been happening at school. Isn’t it wonderful that we are starting school together at such an exciting time?

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and I am looking forward to meeting you all again on Monday 7th September.

From Miss Steele x

Thank You and Bye Bye

Dear Red Class (very nearly Green Class),


I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you for all of your kind gifts, cards and wishes. I've been very spoilt and so has Baby Webb!  Have a fantastic time with Mrs Edney in Year 1 and I can't wait to see you all next year! I'm also looking forward to seeing how the school changes over the next year! I'll need a map when I come back to school. 


Have a lovely summer break,

Love Mrs Webb :)



Ugly Bug Ball

Dear Families,


To bring our Growth topic to a close we're holding an Ugly Bug Ball tomorrow (Thursday). We're raising money for the Blue Cross and for a donation of £1 the children may wear their own clothes to school. In the morning we will learn a dance with Green Class and then play party games in the hall. Later we will enjoy party food in Red Class.


Also, please send a plastic bag into school tomorrow so that we can send home the children's work books and learning journeys. Finally, attached to your child's report was a reply slip. We ask you to send your slip into school so that we know there isn't a stray report lurking behind a cupboard or lodged in a drawer.


See you all tomorrow for the Ugly Bug Ball,


Mrs Webb and Mrs Thompson x

Red Class Family Assembly

Dear Families,


Just  a quick reminder that it's our family assembly on Thursday, 25th June at 8.40am in the school hall. The assembly will finish at around 9am when you will be able to see your child before they go back to class. As you can imagine standing up in front of the whole school and lots of parents can be a big challenge for a lot of 4 and 5 year olds so taking part in the assembly is a big achievement!


If your child does not have a pair of shorts in their kit bag please could you send a pair of named black or blue shorts into school for Thursday. Girls can wear their hair in a scruffy Stone Age ponytail (all up, half up - it's up to you) and boys you have my permission not to comb your hair!!!


See you all on Thursday,

Mrs Webb :)

Class Photos

Dear Families,


It's class photos tomorrow in the morning (Wednesday). Best smiles Red Class!


Many thanks

Mrs Webb :)

Stone Age Britain

Dear Families, 


This half term our new topic is 'Stone Age Britain'. Our project will be to prepare for our class assembly on Thursday, 25th June at 8.35am in the school hall. Families are invited to attend and to share in the children's learning. More details will follow in our class newsletter.


We have a couple of spare water bottles in the class at the moment without names. If you know your child is missing a bottle please pop into school. Also, please ensure all uniform and PE kit is named. It makes the job of returning a stray jumper much easier. Finally, although the weather seems to be improving (I'm told there will be a heat wave soon), please send a waterproof coat into school every day as the children have constant access to the outdoor area.


We're looking forward to seeing you on 25th June for our family assembly.

Remember I'm free to talk after school. Just pop over the playground to see me!


Mrs Webb :)


You're nearly Year 1!

Dear Red Class,


Well done for such a super half term. Highlights include our trip to Birmingham Art Gallery and then the Ryland Centre and  seeing your fantastic artwork in the gallery at school.  We start next half term by going back in time to the Stone Age and of course it's our class assembly (25.6.15). This is also a very important half term as we prepare for Year 1!


The only homework for the holiday is reading. I have collected in your handwriting books. You will be given a new topic homework sheet for our Stone Age topic when you're back at school.

Have a wonderful holiday. Play, get plenty of rest and I look forward to seeing you next half term.


Have fun!

Mrs Webb :)