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Red Class

Red Class News

 Red Class News

Forest School on Thursday

Dear Families,

Forest School will take place on Thursday this week. The children should come dressed to school in their Forest School clothes (jogging bottoms, trainers and Blackwell top) on this day. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Webb


Friday Fanfare 1

Hello Red Class,

Thank you for another lovely week at school. This week, we explored the sound, song and action for i, m, n and d. We read words with 2 and 3 letters (at, man, dip) and started to spell them too. Well done for reading at home. Remember to ask your grown ups to initial your card each time you read and if you need a new book, turn the traffic light to green. Over the weekend, try to draw a picture for each letter sound in your phonics book. I was amazed by your super effort this week.

In our Maths sessions, we’ve been making numbers in different ways through songs and games. Can you remember Bing, Bong Zong? Hide one hand behind your back, say ‘bing, bong, zong’ and use your other hand to show a number. If your number matches your partner’s number, you win a point!

Our dough dance sessions have been fun too with lots of squeezing, patting and rolling to exercise the muscles in our hands and arms. Listen to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and see if you can show your grown ups some of the actions. Next week, we will be taking a ‘chalk for a walk’ as we start to learn a new Write Dance to develop curved lines and shapes.

In PE, we’ve started to explore basic shapes using items of clothing. Can you show your grown ups the shape for a dress, shorts, trousers and a skirt? We’ve also been practising our wake and shake dance  so that we’re ready for the competition at the end of the half term. In Music, we’ve been developing our sense of pulse and learning how to warm up our voices ready for singing.

At Forest School, we thought about important rules to keep us safe. We also shared the story of ‘The Leaf Man’ before making a leaf friend. We can’t wait for hot chocolate next week!

On Monday, we will start our Design Technology work as we design and make our mini scarecrows. We will select, stuff and join materials and of course we’ll be decorating our scarecrows too. The Scarecrow Festival will take place, Friday, 29th September at 3.15pm where you’ll be able to spot scarecrows on the school grounds.

This week, it’s been lovely to see you growing in confidence to complete your morning routine. You’re so quick now that we have time for the calendar too. If possible, from Monday, we would like you to say 'goodbye' to your grown ups by the balcony gate and, as the weeks progress, try to say ‘goodbye’ a little further back until you reach the gate by Mrs Moss. I know some of you feel confident to do this already. Remember, the grown ups in Red Class will help you with your snacks and book bags during the morning session. We also need to be nice and early on Monday as it’s our first assembly with Mrs Moss!

Well done for coping with the long days this week Red Class. Remember to rest over the weekend.

See you Monday superstars,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)

Day 8 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

During the day, I’ve been taking photographs of super behaviour and learning and my finger is aching from pressing the button on the camera so much! I have some wonderful photos of children following our good listening rules:

-Look at the person who is talking.

-Sit still.

-Stay quiet.

-Listen to all the words.

We’re trying really hard to be patient and to wait for our turn to speak. First, we check where our friend or the grown up is looking because they might be listening to somebody else. Then, when they’ve finished speaking, it’s our turn.

Today, we used the magnetic letters to find s, a, t and p then we made short words such as ‘at’. In your book bag, you will find a Phonics books with your focus sounds. Look around your house for objects beginning with s, a, t and p and then draw some pictures in your book. Return your book to school so that we can stick 4 new sounds into your book each week.

Later in the morning, Mrs Webb used props to retell our story of the week, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. By repeating the story, we can develop our use of story language and build our confidence to tell stories in different ways (through big books/actions/story maps/ props).

Just before lunch, we performed the volcano dance then we drew a picture of a volcano using straight, curved and zigzag lines. I was very impressed with how you collected your chalk board, chalk and rubber independently. In Maths, we performed a number song (5 Little Speckled Frogs) and used a mini ‘fabacus’ to link the number to the number name.

From next week, I will write a weekly ‘Friday Fanfare’. I hope the daily blogs have been useful and I look forward to telling you about our learning in the next Friday Fanfare which can be accessed in the same way as the daily blogs.

Have a fantastic weekend my little treasures.

Love Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)

Day 7 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

What a super morning! You’re really starting to understand your morning routine and lots of you were on the carpet in record time today! Keep up the good work.

Today, we practised the sound, song and action for ‘p’ and performed the 'Volcano' dance. We found out how to collect and clean our chalkboards so we’re ready to draw a volcano tomorrow. In our Maths session, we used our class ‘fabacus’ to count to 10 then you used your mini ‘fabacus’ with your learning partner. I could see lots of sharing and turn taking. We also found out how to mix paints to create self-portraits. This afternoon, we met Mrs Allen who will be working in Red Class on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Remember you only need one healthy snack. We always eat a piece of fruit in the morning (in addition to your snack) and of course you have a delicious hot dinner to enjoy.

See you in the morning superstars,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Day 6 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

Today we practised 't' using our Jolly Phonics song and action.Then we listened to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Mrs Webb used a story map and actions to retell the story. Do you remember the action for Goldilocks? Think about her hair! We also started our Write Dance work today. We found out about volcanoes and performed volcano actions. Finally, we talked about the past and used language associated with time e.g. yesterday, last year, a long time ago. We shared memories from our shoe boxes. Mrs Webb shared her photo of Grace as a baby. The photo was 5 years old!

Don't worry if you forget your routine in the morning. During the day, Miss Turner will check your book bag and look for any forgotten snacks. If you have any money in your book bag, Miss Turner will also help you to buy a snack. Thank you Miss Turner! It's better to be independent and to have 'a go'. Mistakes help learning.

I've been very impressed with your listening and behaviour Red Class. You have so much to learn and you're doing a really good job! You're learning to look after the classroom (cleaning the play dough boards, brushing the sand tools, sorting the Duplo) and you're trying hard to look after each other. At the same time, you're starting to work on your number and reading skills. I'm a very proud teacher!

See you in the morning,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)

Day 5 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

Another fantastic day at school, especially at lunchtime. You’re trying hard to eat all of your dinner and you’re clearing the table beautifully. All of the grown ups are very impressed so keep up the good work.

This morning you played a turn taking game with your new learning partner. Your learning partner is a special friend who will help you to become a super learner. Later on, we revisited ‘s’ and introduced ‘a’. Show your grown ups the action for ‘a’. Do you remember the song too? I was also very pleased with your counting using the egg boxes and cubes. During our Music lesson, we used different body parts to keep a steady pulse. I heard some super singing too!

On Friday, you will be given your first set of keywords and a little blue book where you can draw pictures of objects starting with our focus letter sounds. Although we’re not visiting Forest School this week, it’s a good idea to wear your Forest School clothes every Friday. You will need to wear jogging bottoms, your Blackwell top and a pair of trainers.

Please phone the school office if you would like to talk to me about the first few days of school. It has been lovely to meet lots of Red Class families.

See you tomorrow,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Day 4 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

It was great to see so many children entering school independently even though we had the weekend break. When you feel confident, say ‘goodbye’ to your grown ups on the path by the balcony gate. We’re all different so when you’re ready…go for it!

Today, we enjoyed our first PE lesson in the hall. You listened carefully to the rules of the games and you moved safely around the space. At lunchtime, you tried your first Blackwell dinner and it was fantastic to see so many clean plates! The children also met Mrs Roberts who will be working in Red Class in the afternoons.

This morning, we started our phonics work with ‘s’. See if you can find objects around your home and garden starting with ‘s’. Can you teach your grown ups our song for 's'?

See you tomorrow Red Class when we’ll be opening the art and block areas and enjoying our first music lesson together!

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts

Day 3 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

Thank you for such a lovely first week. You should feel very proud of your achievements. I think you're more than ready to say 'goodbye' to your grown ups on the path by our balcony. Some of you did this today!

This morning we tried a few steps from our new wake and shake. You tried very hard with your jumping and marching to '5,6,7,8' by Steps. Each day we will practise our wake and shake so you'll get to know the steps.

We also enjoyed playing 'Bunny Ears' where Mrs Webb showed a number of spots on the board and we matched the spots with our fingers. We placed our fingers by our ears like bunny ears. This game will help us to make numbers in different ways.

Later in the day, we exercised the muscles in our hands and arms during our dough dance. It's important to develop our fine motor skills so that we're ready for writing later in the school year. Can you show your grown ups how to roll your dough to 'Round and Round the Garden' or "Tommy Thumb"? 

Next week, we will visit the school hall for PE and to eat lunch. We'll also be opening more of the outdoor areas such as the mud kitchen.

Have a lovely weekend Red Class. Try to look at your new reading book and talk about the pictures with your grown ups and make sure you rest. We're already looking forward to seeing you next week.

Love Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)    


Day 2 at Blackwell

Another great day at school! We’re working hard learning new rules and routines and looking after the classroom. Today, we started our work on self portraits. We talked about facial features including eyelashes and nostrils! Some of you drew your face during ‘explore and play’ time. We also found out how to dress for outside play and how to use the sand-pit safely. Miss Turner was pleased to see you trying so hard to dress independently. Remember to bring a pair of named wellies to school so that you can use the outdoor area.

You will find a new book in your bag tonight. Use the pictures to tell the story with your grown ups. Talk about the characters (people/animals), setting (place) and the events of the story. Keep the book until Monday. If you would like a new book, please turn your traffic light to green. Happy reading!

See you in the morning Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts J

Day 1 at Blackwell

Dear Red Class,

Well done for completing your first day at school! We've really enjoyed finding out about you and we can't wait to see you tomorrow. Today, we played listening games and explored our special boxes with a partner.  We explored the inside classroom and the trail. Tomorrow we will open the outdoor area too.

We've popped a little animal card onto your book bag. The animal will help you to find the correct basket for your book bag and the correct box for your water bottle. Remember to bring your wellies in the morning and pop them onto the rack on the balcony and put your PE bag onto your peg. At the moment, we're establishing the snack routine so it would be helpful if you could bring a healthy snack to school such as a piece of fruit. We will also be cleaning and storing your water bottles at school to save your grown ups a job!

Have a good rest tonight and we'll see you tomorrow for another super day.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)


Starting School

Hello Red Class,

Tomorrow you're starting school! The classroom is ready for you to explore and we're looking forward to seeing you all again. In the morning, your grown ups can help you to put your things away then sit on the carpet ready for songs and rhymes.

On your first day, you will need:

-a coat

-a book bag

-a healthy snack

-a water bottle

-your special box

Please bring your PE bag and wellies to school on Thursday so you have less to carry tomorrow!

On the balcony, grown ups will find a sheet to book an appointment with Mrs Webb. During these meetings, we will discuss the first few days at school.

See you tomorrow Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)

Final Fanfare

Dear Red Class,

Thank you for a lovely last day and for your thoughtful gifts and kind words. During the holidays, please rest and play. I’m sure I’ll be chasing Grace and Joseph around the beach and splashing in the sea at some point.

If you finished school at 1.40pm today, don't worry, Mrs James is looking after your attendance certificates. You will also find a letter about Year 1 in your book bag and there will be an opportunity to ‘meet the teachers’ in the autumn term. Good luck in Green Class and thank you for a wonderful year. I know you will continue to shine in Year 1.

If you start in Red Class in September, remember to collect items for your special box (photos, drawings, postcards etc.). I can’t wait to find out about you…a new galaxy of shining stars!

Love from,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Franklin and Miss Turner 

Bags for Books

Hello Red Class Families,


Please pop a named bag into your child's book bag tomorrow so that we can send their books and folders home on Friday.


Many thanks,

Mrs Webb :)

Diary Dates

Hello Red Class,


Just a few dates for your diary:

Tuesday, 11th July: Forest School

Thursday, 13th July: Athletics Event, Ryland Centre

Saturday, 15th July: Summer Fayre


Your optional homework for this week is to design a biscuit for a Jungle Tea Party. You will need to find out how to make a biscuit, research ingredients and think about your design. You can present your ideas in your homework book. You can then make or decorate your biscuits for an exciting Jungle Tea Party at school in the final week. More information about the party will follow soon. 


See you tomorrow my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Friday Fanfare 28

Hello Red Class,


Well done for such a fantastic class assembly on Thursday. You worked hard, tried your best and performed with confidence. I'm always proud of your achievements and your class assembly was another one to add to my list. Next week, we will start a new topic all about "Creepy Crawlies". I will let you know about our very exciting project on Monday.


Enjoy the weekend my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Forest School Reminder

Dear Families,

Forest School will take place tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. We usually ask the children to wear long sleeved tops and jogging bottoms to protect their arms and legs from the brambles and nettles. However, due to the hot weather, the children may wear shorts to school tomorrow. We will use the waterproof trousers to protect their legs but if it is far too hot we will work on the field. Remember to apply sun cream in the morning. Pop a bottle of named sun cream into the book bag and send a hat into school.


We're regularly drinking water at the moment (grown ups too to set the example) and we're constantly refilling the bottles. Due to the hot weather, we're not emptying the water bottles at the end of the day. We will be taking our water bottles to Forest School tomorrow.


Just a reminder to send a colourful outfit into school ready for our class assembly. This could simply be a colourful top and a pair of shorts. We're still waiting for quite a few outfits.


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin and Mrs Roberts :)

Friday Fanfare 27

Hello Red Class,


Another good week at school, exploring different coins and counting in 1s, 2s and 10s using 1p, 2p and 10p coins. There was a lot of super problem solving. You worked hard and

showed great perseverance. We even had time to find and use adjectives in our reading and writing.


Your throwing and catching skills are improving every PE session. We practised catching with two hands and then one hand. Some of us wanted an extra challenge so we tried to catch the bean bag with our non-dominant hand as we moved around the space.


Our Forest School sessions focused on safe use of tools and equipment, for example, using a saw to cut tree cookies and then using sandpaper to smooth the rough edges. Next week, Forest School will take place on Thursday afternoon.  However, the biggest smile on my face appeared on Tuesday when we played the chime sets for the first time.  You worked really well as a team and tried very hard to play together. You're all musical stars!


Enjoy a lovely weekend and make sure you rest too.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)


Friday Fanfare 26

Hello Red Class,


Well done for a great first week back. We really enjoyed the start of our new topic, 'The Circus,' with a super circus skills day. From riding little bikes in colourful clown wigs to performing tricks with flower sticks, it was a very exciting day.


The circus skills inspired our Art lessons as we created a clown for our class display using the basic skills of collage (tearing, sticking and overlapping). You will be able to see some of our super collage work during our class assembly on Thursday, 29th June. More details about the class assembly will follow in the class newsletter at the start of next week.


A new homework sheet was sent out in the book bags tonight.  Remember topic-based homework is optional but if you would like to complete a topic activity, in addition to your reading, then you might win the next 'Homework of the Week' certificate! For those families who have requested a maths worksheet, you will find your sheets in your book bags on Monday. Just write a note in your child's homework book if you would like to receive the maths worksheet.


I hope you have a lovely weekend my little stars and I'll see you all for some more fun at the circus next week.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)


Sporting Success

Well done Red Class for a super morning. You tried very hard with your running, jumping, throwing and catching and  when we returned to school, it was great to hear all of the things that you enjoyed. I hope you feel proud of your fantastic medals that you created in your art sessions and thank you to Mr Evans (R's Dad) for providing the 'real' medals. You all deserved your awards. Congratulations!


Have a lovely half term. Try to read a little bit each day and I look forward to seeing you next half term. Take care my little stars.


Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)

Sports Day

Hello Red Class,


Please make sure you wear a named sun hat tomorrow and apply sun cream before school. You will also need your water bottle and a snack. It's going to be a fun morning of team games and races in the sun!


See you all tomorrow my little stars,

Mrs Webb :)