Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare25

Hello Red Class,

In Phonics, this week, we discovered ‘ir’ (third/bird) and ‘ow’ (snow/blow or cow/town). We found out that different letters can make the same sound (ur-turn, ir-bird and er-her) and that the same letters can make different sounds (ow-blow and ow-now).

Each day, in Literacy, we shared a different part of ‘Robin Hood’. We discovered adjectives, discussed their meaning and used good word choices in our writing. We also tried very hard to use ‘and’ in our sentences to make them longer.

Handwriting sessions focused on ascenders (tall letters) and how much taller they should be compared to other letters. Handwriting lines really helped us to improve our letter size. Keep up the good work Red Class!

In Maths, the children worked hard to add single digit numbers, using a range of equipment. During these sessions, there were a few reversals, especially with 2,3 and 5 so we reinforced the importance of checking and changing our formation. If you feel your child would benefit from additional work on number formation, please request a Maths sheet for homework.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Tudor (Castle) Fayre on Thursday, 17th May. Please visit our classroom, during your visit, as we have a few songs to share with you and a craft activity. All the classrooms will be open for you to explore too (except the hall).  

Although homework is optional, we've been amazed by the standard of work and the children's effort. We've seen a wonderful range of items including cardboard castles, 'lift- the- flap' books, pictures, homemade bread and research about Tudor toys. Well done Red Class.

Play, rest and have fun.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx