Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare21

Hello Red Class,

It’s been a very busy day in Red Class with our ‘Grand Show’ and a mass wake and shake. Thank you for dancing with such enthusiasm and for raising money for Sport Relief. You managed to keep up with the older children and demonstrated great stamina!

Your ‘Grand Show’ was very successful and a joy to watch! You performed with confidence. You remembered all the words and actions to your retell, danced in time and your singing was a delight. The Nursery children were so impressed that some of them decided to perform their own show at Forest School. Next week, we will continue to work hard on our Easter songs ready for the Easter Coffee Morning on Thursday. I wonder, can you show your Mum or Dad some of the steps from our country dance?

We found out about doubling and halving this week in Maths. We used our ‘Double Trouble” monster song to recall a range of doubles including:

“20 teeth and 20 teeth, 40 toothed- monster!”

As we sing, I use the Fabacus to show the doubles, linking the rapid recall of number facts with concrete equipment. I know you also like pretending to be the monster with your learning partner as you wave your hands/arms etc. to the song, again making the number facts meaningful. Perhaps you could teach your grown ups some of the doubles.

History sessions involved asking questions and finding out about schools and libraries over 1000 years ago in Baghdad. The children enjoyed finding out how to make ‘ink’ from 900AD with honey, tree sap, soot and water. Some of the children enjoyed writing their name with the ink while other children preferred the tools we use today! We used paintings, video clips and first-hand experiences to find out about the past.

We tried a very challenging letter in handwriting this week. By learning each step slowly and carefully, we all managed a cursive 'x'.  You should have v, w and z in your handwriting books. Next week, you will receive your last set of letters including x! We will spend the summer term improving letter formation, joining letters together and reducing letter size, ready for Year 1!

Thank you for waiting patiently for show and tell this week, as we now share show and tell items on Mondays and Fridays.

Have a fantastic weekend superstars.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx