Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Snowy Fanfare18

Hello Red Class,

I hope you’ve  enjoyed a safe, fun day in the snow. Grace and Joseph spent 2 minutes in the garden before returning inside! Well done for a good first week back. We’ve swapped learning partners, found a new space on the carpet and started our new topic, “A Land Far Away…” More information will follow in a newsletter next week.

During phonics sessions, we found out how to read and spell words with four letters where the second letter is a vowel e.g. sand, went, bulb. It was wonderful to see so many super sentences in phonics. I could see a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. All the things I’m looking for! Plus, super spelling of 4 letter words. You’re trying really hard to write small, neat letters during your focus group time. I’ve also noticed how hard you're working in your handwriting books. If we can use small letters from the start, then your other teachers will have one less thing to do!

Miss Holmes helped you to learn about ordinal numbers in maths and it was great to see Mr Reddy and Mr Godfrey on Tuesday, who led whole school training on the use of Number Fun songs. Singing, supported by concrete apparatus e.g. Fabacus and Numicon, will help the children to learn and recall basic number facts and understand mathematical concepts. If we can sing a song about a fact, then we’re more likely to remember it. We met some fantastic characters including a doubling monster and Farmer Pete. I know each class enjoyed their time with Mr Godfrey and Mr Reddy, they were a fantastic double act!

Thank you for your contributions to World Book Day. We really enjoyed looking at your photos and books. We’ll add the photos to your learning journeys. Take advantage of the weather and see if you can share a few stories during the next few snowy days. Handwriting books will be sent out on Monday.

Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to Miss Bailey for helping in Red Class during the spring term. Sadly, she must return to university now but we’ve asked her to return whenever she has a spare minute!

Keep safe, warm and smiling Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Miss Holmes, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts.