Friday Fanfare17

Hello Red Class,

Have you ever wondered what it's like living or working next to a cake shop? Well, today we found out! It was hard to resist those colourful fillings and delicious flavours. Thank you to our Red Class families for making, baking and decorating delicious cakes to help raise money for our school. We’re extremely grateful.

This week, we enjoyed learning about capacity by comparing and ordering containers of sand and water. The ‘Capacity Café’ was a success with children using money, writing lists, taking orders and, of course, using their skills and the language of capacity. Miss Holmes helped us to explore worship (puja) using lots of artefacts, photos and role play to support our understanding. Rather than rolling on the mats, we were rolling balls this week in PE. First, we practised the correct technique with our learning partner and tried to beat our personal best score, then we developed accuracy through a relay race before applying our rolling skills in a team game.

Mrs Moss purchased a new chalking mat for Red Class. We’ll be using this new mat next half term to support our Write Dance, pattern and letter formation work. You will find ‘i’, ‘u’ and ‘y’ in your handwriting books. Joined c’s should be the pattern for the ‘q’ page to support the round and back action needed to form ‘q’. If there are any parents with a spare few minutes (I chuckle as I write this because I wonder if spare minutes exist when you’re a parent), we’re looking for someone to repaint our chalk boards as they’ve been in use for a few years now.

It’s World Book Day on Thursday, 1st March. Over the half term break, I would like you to find out and share your grown up’s favourite story. This could be a story from their childhood or a story they enjoy reading to you. Take a photo of you sharing the book and send it into school during the first week back. Try to read a little bit every day during the holidays. Reading and revisiting the same book will help to develop pace, fluency and confidence. Remember, it's very important to listen to stories and poems with your grown ups too.  

Enjoy the half term break Red Class. Make sure you rest and play before we start our new topic, “A Land Far Away.”

Love Mrs Webb, Miss Holmes, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts