Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare16

Dear Red Class,

This week, we found out more about Hinduism using non-fiction books, artefacts and stories. You used your play and explore time to make diva lamps on the playdough table and to make little books about Hinduism in the writing area. You used your super drawing skills to create mehndi patterns. Some children used photos as a stimulus, other children used their friend’s work to inspire them and some children used their imagination to create a completely unique design. The final artwork will be revealed next week.

Gerald the Giraffe helped you with your number work. When Gerald made mistakes, you were happy to help because Red Class LOVE MISTAKES. Mistakes are important and valuable, especially when you can explain your mistake and think about the next step in your learning. You were very good detectives this week, sorting subtraction number sentences into those that were right and those that were wrong. You used your egg boxes to prove your answers and enjoyed reading the number sentences ‘ninja style’ (using finger and arm actions to show the number sentence).

During our music session, we passed a clap to a steady beat and then played a simple rhythm using the chime sets. To make this even more challenging, we played the rhythm alongside a familiar song. Chanting the rhythm helped us to stay in time. It was tricky though!

You may have noticed your animal tag has disappeared from your book bag. The tags helped you to remember your animal group and supported your morning routine. Some were looking a little old and tired, so I’ve removed them to give you one less (very small) thing to carry! We’ve noticed a growing number of keyrings. Try to stick to one keyring to support storage in the classroom.

Remember, you can now remove your phonics book from your book bag. Your new letters, for your handwriting book, include: d, g and q. If we can’t find your handwriting book in your book bag, we will pop your new sheets into your bag.

Every week in school, the children read their reading book and keywords with a grown up. Every day, and as many times as possible, we read as a class. Regular reading has a significant impact on reading progress. When reading at home, encourage your child to place their finger under each word as they read. Rehearse keywords within the sentence first to support pace and fluency. For example, spot ‘the’ and ‘to’ in the sentence before reading the sentence from the beginning. Try to make links between the initial sound of the word and the picture clue, helping your child to make sense of tricky words in the sentence. Reading little and often is really important.

We started Forest School in the snow this week, so gloves and hats may look even more muddy than usual! Sorry, for the washing from a fellow parent! Those children with damp jogging bottoms in their bag swapped into their PE jogging bottoms on their return to school. These children enjoyed the puddles and the weather this week.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend Red Class.

Mrs Webb, Miss Holmes, Miss Turner, Mrs Roberts and Miss Bailey