Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare13

Hello Red Class Families,

Forest School is the perfect place for the children to develop good learning behaviours and I was thrilled by the children’s learning this week. They were all deeply engaged in their choice of learning. Some children persevered with a new skill as they used the potato peelers for whittling. Another group worked as a team by taking part in a trust walk and showed a lot of consideration as they quietly instructed their friends. Some children were engrossed in a mini beast hunt and couldn’t wait to share their experiences while another group of learners enjoyed taking risks by playing on the new forest school swing. Even as we walked home, the children were asking lots of questions and making predictions about the frost and why some areas of the field were covered but not others. I can’t wait to do it all again next week!

Maths sessions focused on 3D shapes (sphere, cylinder, cube, cuboid and cone). We enjoyed finding and matching real life examples as well as sorting and solving problems with our shapes. See if you can find some 3D shapes at home and describe them to your grown ups. Do they have flat or curved faces? Which shapes can you roll or stack easily?

We created a story map to support our 'reverse’ storytelling of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and we used our phonic and keyword knowledge to read different texts, such as instructions. Phonics sessions focused on oi (coin), ur (fur) and er (her). Remember, use the same action for ‘ur’ and ‘er’ by rolling your hands. You will find ‘oi’ and ‘er’ in your little blue books this week.

Finally, our super scientists explored waterproofing as we tried to find a waterproof material for our bear’s coat. We made simple predictions, tested ideas and recorded results. We’re going to avoid making paper coats!

Remember to bring your bear to school on Friday, 26th January for our friendship camp. Thank you for drawing a super picture of your bear and for thinking of such fantastic reasons for why your bear should visit Forest School. I can’t wait to meet 30 bears next week!

Enjoy your weekend Red Class. Play, rest and relax.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner, Mrs Roberts and Miss Bailey :)