Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare12

Hello Red Class,

This week we read, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ in reverse. We even changed the words to ‘We’re Going on a Friend Hunt’ as we considered the story from the bear’s point of view. We talked about how to make the  bear feel happy in Red Class and some of the children’s ideas included making pictures for the bear, making bear friends in the workshop and organising a bear camp/party. We found out how to write an invitation and lots of you decided to write an invitation during play and explore time.

Next week, we will plan the food and games for our camp. Remember to choose one special bear to join us for the camp and ask your grown up to write your reasons on the sheet provided in your book bag. Send the sheets into school because we’re going to put them into your special learning journey.

Phonics sessions focused on previously taught letter sounds. We revisited long vowel phonemes (ai, ee, igh, oa) and practised reading and sorting sentences using these sounds. Next week, you will find new letter sounds in your little blue book. We also started to learn how to write cursive letters starting from the line. Writing 'c' in shaving foam was a particular highlight. 

During maths sessions, we practised counting back from different numbers. We found this tricky at first, however, we’re improving! We enjoyed playing tennis where I ‘served’ 20 and then you ‘returned’ 19 and we continued to take turns to say each number. Play counting tennis at home. Remember you can start at any number. We also found out about 10p and 1p coins and used them to make teen numbers. We checked our understanding with dienes.

During PE, we moved around thick, oozy mud (PE spots) in different ways and then made some very smart, still shapes. Later, we moved our still shapes onto equipment. Some children decided to work together in pairs and mirrored each other’s shapes while other children held their shape without the support of the bench. I don’t think I’ve got that much tummy control! Super core strength work! Next week, we will learn how to turn our shapes into rolls! We might even let our bear find out about teddy bear rolls.

We also enjoyed being super scientists this week as we explored materials and their properties. Would you rather swim through jelly or swim through ice? Well, we explored this question using our senses. Who wouldn’t want to explore the properties of jelly, ice and ice cream? We will continue to ask scientific questions and explore the properties of materials next week.

We’re very lucky in Red Class to be working with Miss Bailey who is a university student gaining school experience. Miss Bailey is also a former pupil. Miss Bailey will be playing alongside the children, listening to readers and helping the children with their learning until Friday, 9th February.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner, Mrs Roberts and Miss Bailey