Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Friday Fanfare10

Today was a perfect Christmas card picture. The cast of the Nativity, walking to the church, against a snowy backdrop. Even with a very exciting snow day, you listened really well and followed your instructions beautifully in church and I was very impressed with your changing. You tried really hard with your singing and dancing and we can’t wait to see the finished DVD. Well done for shining so brightly superstars!

This week, as well as play rehearsals, we used dienes (rods of 10 and cubes for 1s) in Maths to support our work on teen numbers and we explored the story of Christmas. In Phonics, we found out that ‘oo’ can say ‘u’ (book, look) and ‘oo’ (moon, food). We also practised the sound and action for ‘or’. You will find your ‘or’ card in your phonics book on the same sheet as ‘ee’ as we say both sounds for the donkey. Due to the snow day and extended filming, we didn’t find out about ‘ar’ so we’ll find out about ‘ar’ on Monday.

Use the next week to ‘catch up’ with your Phonics book. Try to draw a picture for each letter sound. You only need phonics book 2 in your book bag. Book 1 can stay at home. This week’s pages (oo and ar) will be the last two pages before Christmas.

Stay safe and enjoy the snow.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts