Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare 08

Hello Red Class,

Thank you for supporting Pudsey this morning. You looked fantastic and raised a lot of money for Children in Need. We spotted a lot of birds at Forest School this morning, but we didn’t see any bears! Red Class also collected a lot of firewood in preparation for our first fire next week.

In the afternoon sessions, we explored homes in India and considered how our homes look the same and different to homes in India. We then ranked the Indian homes in order of how much we would or would not like to live in them. You thought of some fantastic reasons for your answers. One child said, “I wouldn’t want to live in an apartment because my brother doesn’t like heights!”

Phonics sessions focused on qu, ch and sh. As well as reading words and sentences using our target sounds, we also read our keywords every day too. During Literacy, we used a story map to retell ‘The Enormous Yam’ then created our own story maps. We also sequenced story events using story cards and created pictures of the story after reading words, phrases and sentences.

We thought carefully about our retell during PE too. We generated action words for story events and then created  a motif. Later, you watched your learning partner and awarded 3 points if you could see big, clear and repeated actions. It was like an episode of Strictly!

In Maths, we compared length and used vocabulary related to length, for example, long, longer and longest. The children enjoyed using their problem solving skills to make and order different lengths using pasta. During our number focus group, we explored tally lines as another way to read and understand numbers.

This week, the classroom was alive with the sound of… chime sets! We found out how to open the chime set box, where to find the notes and how to hold and use the beater. We managed to keep the pulse to 'The Grand Old Duke of York' whilst playing D. If you say, ‘Clip Clop,’ you might hear part of a song as we’ve started to learn songs for the Christmas play too.

Have a wonderful weekend Red Class.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts