Friday Fanfare 07

Hello Red Class,

Another great week in Red. We've practised reading words, phrases and sentences using w, x, y and z and also started to retell the story of ‘The Enormous Yam’ using story actions. Can you remember the actions for some of the characters? What did we do for the mouse or the Old Man?

In our Maths sessions, we’ve been adding two groups of objects. We used ninja moves to talk through our number sentences and then worked out the answers with equipment. The children are really improving in their ability to talk about numbers. For example, this week I showed 10 on the fabacus. One child said, “Mrs Webb it must be 10 because I can see two 5s. It’s a double!” The children are quickly recognising numbers and making links in their learning. Well done Red Class.

In our Art sessions, we’ve continued to explore printing by using different media (chalk/paint). We’ve explored negative prints by printing over and around objects to leave a shape and finally we looked at collograph blocks. The children used their reasoning skills to explain why some collograph blocks would be easy to make and why others would be hard. Next week, during play and explore time, the children will have opportunities to make collograph blocks and to use them for printing.

Forest School was fun too. We were cosy in our hats and lots of children remembered gloves or mittens. This week, we explored the levels of the forest (canopy, shrub layer and forest floor) through our ‘Animal Watch’ game and then we found out how to tie a stopper knot. The children used their knot for a range of purposes, for example, to build shelters, make a lead for their log dog or to make a trap. In PE we tried some bhangra moves. There were some very imaginative dance ideas and it was wonderful to see the children sharing ideas and copying each other.

Next week, we’ll be finding out about different homes in India. Maybe, you could start your research over the weekend and bring in any pictures of homes from India and the UK. Imagine India, what do you think it is like?

It was lovely speaking to your grown ups this week. We talked about your learning and behaviour and your next steps for learning. Your reports will be sent home in the book bags soon. Well done my little superstars for working hard. Play is a full-time job!

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts.