Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare 06

Hello Red Class,

Well done for a super first week back at school. You’ve made a great start to our new topic, 'Festivals Around the World'. On Monday, we looked at a picture of the Himalayas and you made predictions about who or what we might find there. You thought of some very imaginative ideas from skiers to bears to Father Christmas! We found out how to ask a good question and you thought of some very good questions with your learning partner. We will display your super questions on the board.

We will have to make some room on our display for your amazing pictures of the Himalayas too. I was very impressed with your collage and printing skills. Your pictures will make fantastic Christmas cards. Your grown ups will soon be able to buy your wonderful work.

During phonics sessions we’ve revisited previously taught letter sounds and practised reading VC (an, in, on) and CVC (cat, bun, tin) words before moving on to learn the sound, action and song for ‘j’ and ‘v’. During our number sessions, we’ve used egg boxes to recognise, count and make numbers to 10 and we’ve compared numbers too.

Every music lesson we listen to a piece of music from a broad selection (pop, folk, rock, soul, classical) and we talk about the types of voice we can hear, whether we think there is one person singing or a group and we pretend to play the instruments. I notice a change in your ability to listen to and to talk about music every week.

Finally, during our philosophy work, we used photographs of children from around the world to spark a discussion about friendship. The children thought about the question, do we always have to play with children who are the same as us? The children voted to show their initial answer and then discussed the question. It was wonderful to hear different opinions and to hear reasons for those opinions. Through their discussion, the children started to consider whether boys should only play with boys and girls should only play with girls and they were able to give good reasons for their opinions. The children also started to sensitively challenge their friend’s ideas.

Philosophy is an important part of our curriculum. It provides the children with time to think and talk about important topics and questions. The children develop their speaking and listening skills and learn to consider and to be tolerant of the ideas and opinions of their peers. It helps them to shape their understanding and to pose questions about the world. Very important work for 4 and 5 year olds!

Enjoy the weekend Red Class and we’ll see you next week to learn some new printing skills and to start our special dance work in PE.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts