Friday Fanfare 05

Hello Red Class,

Well done for an excellent first half term at school. You’ve achieved so much already and I’m really proud of the progress that you’ve made so far. Keep up the good work my little learners!

This week , we’ve used ss, ll and ff to read and spell words and applied our reading skills to follow simple instructions. Over the holidays, look through your little blue book and draw a picture for each letter. If your book is up to date (well done), then play some of the keyword games and teach your grown ups the actions and sounds for each letter.

We explored ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ in maths sessions and used a mini ‘fabacus’ and an egg box to support our thinking and reasoning. Try to use ‘more, most, fewer and fewest’ at home and explain your answers to your grown ups. Who has the most peas on their plate? Tell me how many peas you can see. How can we check? What if I eat one? How many now?

During our music session, we used vocal sounds to pretend to be different types of drum and then used these sounds to accompany a piece of music called ‘Viking Rock’. You tried really hard to keep in time and to sing together.We even found time for our wake and shake competition. Although we didn’t win, we were really happy with our performance and it was lovely to see so many older siblings supporting our effort!

When we return to school, our topic will be all about ‘Festivals’. We will learn how to ask questions, using artwork and photos as starting points, and then use these questions to help shape our ‘learning path’. We will also develop storytelling and printing skills. All of this learning will help us to make Christmas cards and your grown ups will be able to purchase these cards from school.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Make sure you rest and play, ready for another exciting half term. If you spot any pine/fir cones, please collect them and bring them into school for our natural art area. Keep safe superstars.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts