Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Friday Fanfare 1

Hello Red Class,

Thank you for another lovely week at school. This week, we explored the sound, song and action for i, m, n and d. We read words with 2 and 3 letters (at, man, dip) and started to spell them too. Well done for reading at home. Remember to ask your grown ups to initial your card each time you read and if you need a new book, turn the traffic light to green. Over the weekend, try to draw a picture for each letter sound in your phonics book. I was amazed by your super effort this week.

In our Maths sessions, we’ve been making numbers in different ways through songs and games. Can you remember Bing, Bong Zong? Hide one hand behind your back, say ‘bing, bong, zong’ and use your other hand to show a number. If your number matches your partner’s number, you win a point!

Our dough dance sessions have been fun too with lots of squeezing, patting and rolling to exercise the muscles in our hands and arms. Listen to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and see if you can show your grown ups some of the actions. Next week, we will be taking a ‘chalk for a walk’ as we start to learn a new Write Dance to develop curved lines and shapes.

In PE, we’ve started to explore basic shapes using items of clothing. Can you show your grown ups the shape for a dress, shorts, trousers and a skirt? We’ve also been practising our wake and shake dance  so that we’re ready for the competition at the end of the half term. In Music, we’ve been developing our sense of pulse and learning how to warm up our voices ready for singing.

At Forest School, we thought about important rules to keep us safe. We also shared the story of ‘The Leaf Man’ before making a leaf friend. We can’t wait for hot chocolate next week!

On Monday, we will start our Design Technology work as we design and make our mini scarecrows. We will select, stuff and join materials and of course we’ll be decorating our scarecrows too. The Scarecrow Festival will take place, Friday, 29th September at 3.15pm where you’ll be able to spot scarecrows on the school grounds.

This week, it’s been lovely to see you growing in confidence to complete your morning routine. You’re so quick now that we have time for the calendar too. If possible, from Monday, we would like you to say 'goodbye' to your grown ups by the balcony gate and, as the weeks progress, try to say ‘goodbye’ a little further back until you reach the gate by Mrs Moss. I know some of you feel confident to do this already. Remember, the grown ups in Red Class will help you with your snacks and book bags during the morning session. We also need to be nice and early on Monday as it’s our first assembly with Mrs Moss!

Well done for coping with the long days this week Red Class. Remember to rest over the weekend.

See you Monday superstars,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)