Day 8 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

During the day, I’ve been taking photographs of super behaviour and learning and my finger is aching from pressing the button on the camera so much! I have some wonderful photos of children following our good listening rules:

-Look at the person who is talking.

-Sit still.

-Stay quiet.

-Listen to all the words.

We’re trying really hard to be patient and to wait for our turn to speak. First, we check where our friend or the grown up is looking because they might be listening to somebody else. Then, when they’ve finished speaking, it’s our turn.

Today, we used the magnetic letters to find s, a, t and p then we made short words such as ‘at’. In your book bag, you will find a Phonics books with your focus sounds. Look around your house for objects beginning with s, a, t and p and then draw some pictures in your book. Return your book to school so that we can stick 4 new sounds into your book each week.

Later in the morning, Mrs Webb used props to retell our story of the week, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. By repeating the story, we can develop our use of story language and build our confidence to tell stories in different ways (through big books/actions/story maps/ props).

Just before lunch, we performed the volcano dance then we drew a picture of a volcano using straight, curved and zigzag lines. I was very impressed with how you collected your chalk board, chalk and rubber independently. In Maths, we performed a number song (5 Little Speckled Frogs) and used a mini ‘fabacus’ to link the number to the number name.

From next week, I will write a weekly ‘Friday Fanfare’. I hope the daily blogs have been useful and I look forward to telling you about our learning in the next Friday Fanfare which can be accessed in the same way as the daily blogs.

Have a fantastic weekend my little treasures.

Love Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)