Day 6 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

Today we practised 't' using our Jolly Phonics song and action.Then we listened to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Mrs Webb used a story map and actions to retell the story. Do you remember the action for Goldilocks? Think about her hair! We also started our Write Dance work today. We found out about volcanoes and performed volcano actions. Finally, we talked about the past and used language associated with time e.g. yesterday, last year, a long time ago. We shared memories from our shoe boxes. Mrs Webb shared her photo of Grace as a baby. The photo was 5 years old!

Don't worry if you forget your routine in the morning. During the day, Miss Turner will check your book bag and look for any forgotten snacks. If you have any money in your book bag, Miss Turner will also help you to buy a snack. Thank you Miss Turner! It's better to be independent and to have 'a go'. Mistakes help learning.

I've been very impressed with your listening and behaviour Red Class. You have so much to learn and you're doing a really good job! You're learning to look after the classroom (cleaning the play dough boards, brushing the sand tools, sorting the Duplo) and you're trying hard to look after each other. At the same time, you're starting to work on your number and reading skills. I'm a very proud teacher!

See you in the morning,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)