Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Day 4 at Blackwell

Hello Red Class,

It was great to see so many children entering school independently even though we had the weekend break. When you feel confident, say ‘goodbye’ to your grown ups on the path by the balcony gate. We’re all different so when you’re ready…go for it!

Today, we enjoyed our first PE lesson in the hall. You listened carefully to the rules of the games and you moved safely around the space. At lunchtime, you tried your first Blackwell dinner and it was fantastic to see so many clean plates! The children also met Mrs Roberts who will be working in Red Class in the afternoons.

This morning, we started our phonics work with ‘s’. See if you can find objects around your home and garden starting with ‘s’. Can you teach your grown ups our song for 's'?

See you tomorrow Red Class when we’ll be opening the art and block areas and enjoying our first music lesson together!

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts