Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Day 1 at Blackwell

Dear Red Class,

Well done for completing your first day at school! We've really enjoyed finding out about you and we can't wait to see you tomorrow. Today, we played listening games and explored our special boxes with a partner.  We explored the inside classroom and the trail. Tomorrow we will open the outdoor area too.

We've popped a little animal card onto your book bag. The animal will help you to find the correct basket for your book bag and the correct box for your water bottle. Remember to bring your wellies in the morning and pop them onto the rack on the balcony and put your PE bag onto your peg. At the moment, we're establishing the snack routine so it would be helpful if you could bring a healthy snack to school such as a piece of fruit. We will also be cleaning and storing your water bottles at school to save your grown ups a job!

Have a good rest tonight and we'll see you tomorrow for another super day.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)