Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Final Fanfare

Dear Red Class,

Thank you for a lovely last day and for your thoughtful gifts and kind words. During the holidays, please rest and play. I’m sure I’ll be chasing Grace and Joseph around the beach and splashing in the sea at some point.

If you finished school at 1.40pm today, don't worry, Mrs James is looking after your attendance certificates. You will also find a letter about Year 1 in your book bag and there will be an opportunity to ‘meet the teachers’ in the autumn term. Good luck in Green Class and thank you for a wonderful year. I know you will continue to shine in Year 1.

If you start in Red Class in September, remember to collect items for your special box (photos, drawings, postcards etc.). I can’t wait to find out about you…a new galaxy of shining stars!

Love from,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Franklin and Miss Turner