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Friday Fanfare 25

Hello Red Class,


The 'Friday Fanfare' provides an insight into your child's week at school during the first two terms. In the summer term, the homework sheet provides an overview of learning. However, every so often I will post a message on the website. This is our Friday ritual afterall!


Over the last few weeks at Forest School we've continued to learn about different types of trees. Last week we found out about the oak and this week we spotted the hawthorn. Some children made fairy houses, other children enjoyed climbing new trees and some children made photoframes by using their lashing and frapping skills. During our warm up game we explored the forest canopy. The children used mirrors to look at the top of the trees. Some children even tried to guess the type of tree by looking at the canopy through the mirror.


In Literacy this week we've been retelling the story of our school trip using time words and actions. Our retell and photographs helped us to write sentences about the trip. In Phonics we've focused on keyword spellings by looking carefully at the tricky part of the word i.e. a-s in was.


In Maths we've been comparing and ordering items by weight and discovering that not all small things are light and not all big things are heavy. The children used the balance scales in their play and explore time to investigate their own interests.


In Science this week we've designed tests to find out how to change the speed of a rolling object and this even led to a discussion about friction! The children also thought about how the puddles in the outside area might change the speed of their vehicles and they enjoyed finding out the results!


Thank you for your kind donations of cardboard boxes and tubes. My cupboard is completely full now so you can have a rest from collecting. Please just add a spare pair of socks into your child's book bag for after outdoor play.


Finally, it is sports day on Friday, 26th May. The event starts at 9am on the school field and runs until lunchtime. The children take part in a mixture of races and team games and collect points for their country. At the end of the event a cup is awarded to the country in first place. Red Class will be racing first!  Families can observe this sporting spectacle from the viewing circle which is a large circle in the middle of the school field. The school field is next to the park. Feel free to bring chairs or a picnic blanket and watch the children as they rotate around different events.  The children will be practising their events throughout the week at school as part of our 'Extreme Sports' topic. 


Enjoy your weekend my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin and Mrs Roberts :)