Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare 24

Hello Red Class,


The story of the rowan tree filled our Forest School session today. You enjoyed finding rowan trees around the site and making fairy houses and fairy wands linked to the story. You're developing a real love and interest for the forest.   


In Phonics we've been reading and spelling words starting with s-l (slug), t-r (train) and s-t-r (strong). We've been retelling the story of the 'The Train Ride' in Literacy and reading and writing sentences linked to the story. Maths sessions have focused on problem solving with shapes and exploring capacity.


Next week we will revisit ch, sh, th and ng in Phonics and read and spell words with more than one syllable. In Maths we will solve problems involving doubling, halving and sharing. If you have a spare few minutes at home, try to recall 1 less to 10 and then 1 less to 20. You could play '1 less tennis'. Your '1 more tennis' is very strong! Next week, Science will focus on forces and their impact. We have started to explore push, pull and twist during our play and explore time in the dough and construction areas.


According to our records, either Rainbow Bear or Friendship Bear should have visited every child. The bears wanted to say a big, "THANK YOU" for looking after them so well. They really enjoyed their time with you and your grown ups.


Finally, thank you for such creative and imaginative homework. It really was a joy to mark and it was very tricky to decide who should be awarded 'homework of the week'. Your handwriting was also excellent this week. You will find 'v' and 'w' in your books. Remember, reading is the most important activity. Topic work is optional.


Enjoy the weekend my little stars and I will see you next week.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Franklin :)