Red Friday Fanfare 27th September

Dear Red Class,

Well done for another lovely week at school. We’ve learnt the sounds and actions for g, o, c, and k and read words containing these sounds.  You’re really good at using your robot arms to sound out and blend words. For example, when reading the word ‘cat’, you move your arms up and down for each sound ‘c-a-t’ and then swipe your arm across your body to blend the sounds to say ‘cat’. This week, buried treasure was a popular game in Phonics.  To play this game at home, just visit: We’ve also started to read some keywords ‘I’ and ‘the’.

In Literacy, we played games to identify rhyming words and we used ‘The Big, Bad Bug’ on the Oxford Owl website to show the children how to read a book with words. You will find a new book and reading card in your book bag tonight. When reading at home, you might find this approach useful:

1. Read the story using the pictures to develop familiarity and confidence.

2. Listen to your grown up as they read the story. Again, this is all about building confidence and familiarity.

3. Read the story again but this time sound out short words (dog/cat/dad) and spot character names.

Keep the book for at least a couple of days so that you have plenty of time to revisit the story. Also, try to read little and often. Later in the term, we will be hosting a curriculum meeting at school where we can share reading strategies. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to pop into school.

In Maths, we explored 2d shapes. We named and described key shapes and created shape pictures. You were very good at finding 2d shapes in the classroom. In Write Dance, we listened to the story of the ‘The Walk’ and then ‘took our chalk for a walk’ to create looped shapes. We turned our looped shapes into Write Dance animals. We enjoyed looking at the pictures and talking about their similarities and differences. 

On Monday, we start our new topic, ‘Autumn.’ As an introduction to the topic, we will be going on a walk around Blackwell. We will wear our Red Class waterproof clothes and boots but it might be a good idea to bring a spare change of clothes to school if we encounter similar weather to this week. I’ve also noticed a few children have thick socks for outdoor play. This is a great idea as it stops school socks from turning brown! I would wear some thick socks on Monday to keep your feet warm and dry. 

Finally, ‘show and tell’ will take place on Fridays. If you would like to bring in an item from home, then please bring items related to the topic, a book or share an achievement, for example, a swimming badge. Remember to keep toys safe at home.

Enjoy the weekend Red Class,  

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain (birthday girl this weekend) xxx