Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare Spring 8

Dear Red Class,

What a wet and windy week! Storm Gareth didn’t stop us learning though! In Literacy lessons, we worked hard to improve our sentences using finger spaces. We also discovered that sentences need a verb. We played games to find and say verbs and then used them in our work.

Phonics sessions helped us to read and spell two syllable words, such as ‘farmyard’ and ‘airport’. We clapped each syllable before segmenting the sounds and blending them together. We also concentrated on 'do' and 'out'. See if you can spot 'do' and 'out' in your reading book or in any of your books at home.  

We’ve been busy in Maths, naming, describing, sorting and solving problems with 2D shapes. Over the weekend, see if you can draw a shape picture using 2D shapes. How many shapes can you include in your picture? Bring your pictures in for show and tell on Friday.

In Design Technology, with Mrs Allen, we discovered ways to shape materials using a range of equipment. In PE, we finished our country dance with a promenade. The children know all the steps now so we will spend the next few weeks ‘polishing’ our performance and concentrating on our timing. During History, we continued to find out about the Anglo-Saxons. We used good looking  skills and careful questions to decide whether a picture showed Anglo-Saxon life or activities from today. 

On Monday, we’re visiting Wenlock Priory. Remember to bring a small rucksack, drink and snack. Mrs Barker will make us another delicious packed lunch. We will spend the day telling stories, exploring ruins, taking part in a treasure hunt and sketching some of the sites. If it’s raining, remember your waterproofs too.

I hope the sun shines a little bit this weekend,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Miss Evans