Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare Spring 6

Hello Red Class,

On Monday, we enjoyed a trip to Worcester Cathedral. You behaved beautifully and listened well to our guide. We enjoyed dressing up and role playing important Christian events, such as attending a Christening. After lunch, we searched for animals and birds around the cathedral. You spotted a pink giraffe in the stained glass window and there were so many lions hiding everywhere.

Every day, this week, we recalled our trip using photographs and actions. We used time words and phrases to recall the order of events. We ordered photographs and wrote simple sentences to match. The children also enjoyed making books during their play and explore time.

During phonics, we found out how to scan words to find digraphs. By looking at the word first, this will help  you to use your digraphs e.g. segmenting ship as sh-i-p rather than incorrectly as s-h-i-p.  Over the last few weeks, we have used our writing skills to write lists, captions and simple sentences. Today, every child wrote a fantastic label or sentence to tell me about the animals in the cathedral. Wow! You can keep your phonics books at home.  After the half term holiday, we will send home handwriting books!

In Maths, we concentrated on ordering and comparing numbers. Fred the Frog made a few mistakes on the number line and you were able to help him to order the numbers to 20. During play and explore time, the children wanted to revisit the Polydron tiles making the most unusual 3D shapes.  I could hear lots of fantastic shape vocabulary as the children worked together.

Art sessions were filled with sticking and sewing as we explored different textiles. Some children decorated hessian tiles with stitches and some children collaged a paper plate with matching textiles. Handwriting sessions were filled with handwriting patterns and we learned how to form b, h and k.

Red Class, enjoy the half term holiday. Make sure you rest and play. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again after the half term break when we’re travelling back in time to find out about the Anglo-Saxons.

Take care,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx