Friday Fanfare Spring 5

Hello Red Class,

It was a bit damp at Forest School today! We arrived back at school smeared with mud with a few wet gloves and hats! However, the children enjoyed walking through the mud, stepping through puddles and making nests. Today, was our last Forest School session of the half term.

In Phonics, we recapped digraphs (ai, ee, oa, ar, sh and ch) and how to spell keywords using these digraphs. First, we say the word we’re trying to spell. Then, we say the word really slowly so that we can hear the initial, medial and final sounds. As we say the sounds, we write the letters to match.

We explored 3D shapes during Maths sessions. We found cubes, cuboids, cylinders and spheres in the environment and solved problems with 3D shapes. For example, which shapes would you use to build the tallest or widest tower? We even created 3D shapes using Polydron pieces. It was a bit tricky to clip the pieces together but we were pleased with the cubes and pyramids that we created!

We enjoyed sharing ‘Noah’s Ark’ and ‘The Creation Story’ through big books, film clips, photos of stained glass windows and paintings. We’re looking forward to visiting Worcester Cathedral on Monday where we’re hoping to spot some of the animals, from the stories, in the stained glass windows or architecture. We discussed some of the beliefs of Christians and where Christians might share Bible stories. We discovered they can be shared everywhere and anywhere!

In PE, I was very impressed with your sequence work as we linked rolls and travelling movements over benches and mats. Your work was very careful and I could see lots of stretched legs, feet and hands. You travelled like cats, caterpillars and snakes over the benches and you thought of some safe, creative ways to move from each bench to the floor.

Remember to bring a small rucksack on Monday for your drink and sandwiches. Mrs Barker will make us some delicious sandwiches. You can leave your book bag at home.

I’m off to dry my socks! See you Monday, Red Class.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Cain xxx