Friday Fanfare Spring 1

Hello Red Class,

Well done for a super first week at school. It’s been a busy week! We really enjoyed “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” at Birmingham Town Hall. The children behaved beautifully and enjoyed the performance. We particularly enjoyed the tiger dance and all the wonderful songs. It was a great way to start our topic and to inspire our work towards our tiger tea party.

This week, in Phonics, we recapped previously taught digraphs, particularly focusing on spelling words with ‘ai’ and ‘oa’ and we practised keywords from the autumn term. We will move on to a new set of digraphs and keywords next week. Our keywords, for the first half of the spring term, can be found on the class newsletter.

In Write Dance, we learnt a tiger dance, including ‘round and back’ actions, to help form our first set of letters: c, o, a, d. We developed fine motor skills by turning our tiger dance into a tiger picture. The children’s fine motor skills have really improved since September. It’s wonderful to see the progress in their Write Dance pictures.

We investigated doubles in Maths using the fabacus, dominoes and egg boxes. By the end of the week, we were beginning to recall some of our doubles to 5. Great work! How could you explore doubles at home?

Finally, a note about junk. Red Class families deserve a gold star for the amount of ‘junk’ you’ve donated to our workshop area. We probably have enough junk for at least the next two weeks (and probably for the rest of the half term). However, please send in any plastic milk carton lids as we’re going to use them as a resource for spelling. Thank you, as always, for your support.

Well done to Mrs Roberts who survived her first Friday Forest School session. Mrs Roberts will be helping us on Fridays as Mrs Thompson will be working in Blue Class (in the warm). Thank you for all your help Mrs Thompson. I’m sure we’ll see you during club time.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts