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Friday Fanfare Autumn 8

Hello Red Class,

What a super end to our topic! The children enjoyed visiting each classroom, working with different members of staff and finding out about special places around the world. They created African sunset pictures, played games, created a bridge for the Chapatti Man and listened to some wonderful stories. Meanwhile, in Red Class, the older children watched and copied your Spanish song and learnt the story of "The Enormous Paella” before creating their own Picasso pictures.

Earlier in the week, Phonics sessions focused on th (teeth), ai (rain), ee (sheep) and or (fork). We’re trying hard to understand the difference between sounds, letters and words. For example, when we made the word ‘feet,’ using magnetic letters, we discovered that there were three sounds f-ee-t, but 4 letters and 1 word. Try counting sounds, letters and words at home. It will be tricky but keep trying and you will get there! We also listened carefully to letter sounds this week by playing a game called ‘Draw It!’ So, I might say f-ee-t like a robot and the children listen to the sounds, blend them together and then draw the picture. Try this game at home. Can you be the robot for your Mum or Dad?

On Monday, in Maths, we explored 15 using a range of equipment. For the rest of the week, we compared objects by weight and used a range of vocabulary e.g. heavy/light/the same as/heavier/lighter. First, we used our hands to estimate and then we used the bucket scales to test our ideas. Next week, you can use the bucket scales during play and explore time too.

On Wednesday, we visited St Catherine’s Church to explore key features of a Christian temple. We spotted the pews, pulpit, altar and font. This was also a good opportunity for the children to see where they will perform their Christmas play and we managed to sing a few songs too. Today, you will find a costume slip in your book bag to ask for a few items for your costume. Mostly, we’re asking for long sleeved tops and tights. In the past, families have worked together to buy packs of tights. If there is anything you’re struggling to find, please do not hesitate to pop into school. Please send items in a named bag. Thank you so much for helping us to prepare for the Christmas play.

Finally, if you would like your book changed, please turn the traffic light to green. Try to change your book a few times each week and try to read little and often as reading at home has a significant impact on reading progress. 

On Monday, you might spot some changes to the classroom. What do you think they will be? Enjoy the weekend Red Class and prepare for our exciting new topic…Christmas!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx