Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare Autumn 7

Hola, Red Class!

This week, we’ve been singing Spanish songs! We’re hoping to film our Spanish action song next week and then every class will watch our performance. We’ve also used Picasso’s “Bouquet of Peace” to inspire our artwork this week. Although we started off looking at the same piece, it was wonderful to see how the children interpreted his work. Their paintings are truly unique and they make a very colourful display.

During Friday, 30th November, we will be taking part in our class swap day where Red Class will teach the rest of the school about Spain and we visit the other classrooms to learn about their special places. As we will be visiting every class in the school, we will not be visiting Forest School next week.

In Phonics, we found out that 2 letters can make one sound. So, when ‘s’ and ‘h’ are together they can say ‘sh’ (ship/bush/dish). If you’re missing sh, ch or ng from your Phonics book, then please send the book into school on Monday. Literacy lessons were spent retelling, “The Enormous Paella”, sequencing story events and suggesting new events and changes to the story.

Letter sounds: sh,ch,ng

Keyword: my

In Maths, we explored teen numbers (11,12,13 and 14). We used a range of equipment to make these numbers including dienes, egg boxes, Numicon, dominoes and dice. The children enjoyed exploring how to make teen numbers in different ways. For example, one child showed me 3 dice with 5, 5 and 4 and proudly declared, “I’ve made 14!” Even better, the child could explain why it was 14! On Thursday, we sent home a pack from the Early Years Workshop. As part of this pack, you will find a sheet of Maths games. Playing Maths games, little and often, is a great way to build Maths confidence and fluency. See if you can play bunny ears, tennis or BING BONG ZONG at home or simply count forward and back in 1s up and down the stairs. I think I play this game, with my children, every night before bed…whether I want to or not!


In Music, we played a guessing game where the children played a rhythm from a card and their partner guessed the rhythm. Not only did this game support our understanding of playing rhythms but it also helped turn taking and listening skills. The children were keen to play their own simple compositions by putting their cards together and some children created their own rhythm games. In PE, we learnt a dance about five happy sheep who enjoyed running, jumping, hopping and rolling. Watch out for the dance during our Christmas play! Mrs Allen helped the children to think about road safety when she turned the playground into a busy network of roads and later in the week she helped the children to explore similarities and differences between Blackwell and a Spanish village.


There have been a few ‘tall’ stories in Red Class this week so we’re going to explore stories about truth and lies next week and use this as our focus in circle time too.

I can’t wait for the other classes to find out about your super learning and I’m excited to find out what they’ve been learning about too! See you next week.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts J