Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare Autumn 3

Hello Red Class,

What a windy day! Due to high winds, we were unable to visit Forest School, but we managed some outdoor learning in our outdoor area instead. This week, the children enjoyed retelling “Where the Wild Things Are” in the outdoor area and we used a photo of their role play for our showcase. Every day, we showcase the children’s learning by looking at photographs of their play. The showcase provides time for the children to understand how they learn through play and provides opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills, while also building confidence and self -esteem.

In Literacy sessions, we’ve been reading CVC words using new letter sounds and reading short phrases inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are”. At the start of every session, we retell the story using actions and repetitive story language. Our story map helps us to remember key events.

In Phonics, the children enjoyed playing buried treasure. To play the game, sound out and then blend the word on the coin and then sort it into the bin (alien word e.g. gip) or the treasure chest (real words). You should be able to find the game using the link below:


Keywords: he, she

Letter sounds: h, b, f, l

In Maths, we used counters to make numbers in different ways e.g. egg box, dice, Fabacus and Numicon. The children are starting to recall numbers quickly by looking at the ‘shape’ of the number. They can also tell me how they’re made, for example, 5 egg box or 5 dice.

The children start their day with a thinking problem. This week, the children explored familiar images, such as a plate of food, and identified 2D shapes in the picture. Now the children are so quick at their morning routine, they will start to practise writing their name in the morning too. We will show them how to write their name using the cursive script where letters start from the line (excluding capitals). In the spring term, we will teach the children how to form all letters from the line. At the moment, we use magnetic letters, letter cards and tiles to support spelling.

We practised our ball rolling skills in PE and created games in pairs. In Music, we explored the sounds of the rainforest and discovered how to play untuned instruments to suit the mood of the forest. We explored tempo and discovered that the speed of our playing changed the mood of the music.

We opened the painting shelf during play and explore time and I was pleasantly surprised! The children accessed the paints and brushes independently and they cleaned and replaced all the equipment. Well done Red Class!

If you have any spare tights or socks at home, please send them into school as our ‘spares’ section is looking a little thin on the ground.

I know it’s a long first half term, but you’re still working hard and trying your best. Keep up the good work my little stars. Rest, play and enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx