Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare Autumn 1

Hello Red Class,

Well done for completing your first full week at school. You’ve settled very well into your afternoon clubs and Mrs Roberts, Mrs Reid and Mrs Thompson have really enjoyed their club time with you. I know lots of you are walking into school independently and you've started to buy snacks from the tuck shop in the morning. You have learnt so much in such a short space of time. We feel very proud of you all. 

Today was your first Forest School session. We played games to learn Forest School rules and then shared a story “Leaf Man” before making faces in the forest. You were then given time to explore the forest and many of you wanted to climb a tree with Mr Breden or to play on the log seesaw. We finished our session with a warm drink and a snack. Next week, we will be visiting Bishop’s Wood to find out about some wild things! Our trip will be just like a Forest School session so come dressed to school in your usual Forest School clothes. Bring a hat and gloves if it’s cold and a pair of thick socks. Mrs Barker will make us some delicious sandwiches. You will just need a snack and a water bottle. For this trip, we will pack boxes with bottles and snacks so you don’t need a bag.

This week, we have learnt the sound and action for i, m, n and d. You will find these in your phonic books. Thank you for drawing such wonderful pictures for s, a, t and p. We’ve started to read words with 2 or 3 sounds and we’ve used magnetic letters to make words too. What a great start to your early reading and spelling! In Maths, we’ve been making numbers using different equipment including a ‘Fabacus’ and making numbers in different ways. For example, finding out that 4 can be made with 2 and 2, 3 and 1 and 4 and 0.

In Art, we  enjoyed finding out how to find and draw lines and how to use different media (felt tips, charcoal, pencils, chalks) to create different lines. We used ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams for our dough dance, learning to squeeze, roll and pat the dough. We created volcano pictures with different media too and even had a show and tell about a volcano! Show and tell is a celebration of learning. The children may bring one item to school for show and tell on Fridays. Please keep toys (including teddies) safe at home.

Play, rest and enjoy time with your family this wekend.  I wonder, how many times can you fasten your coat without a grown up? 

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Roberts xxx