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Day 8 in Red Class

Hello Red Class,

You’ve made such a fantastic start to school. I can’t believe how much you’ve learnt in just two weeks. Today, we even started to blend sounds together to read words. You moved your robot arms for each letter sound and then swiped your hand across to blend the sounds. We read at, sat and tap. Super reading! I will help your grown ups with their robot arms during our reading workshop so don’t worry if they’re not sure what to do yet.

Over the weekend, practise your letter sounds with your grown ups and draw some pictures in your special book. Return your book to school when you’re finished. I will add a new set of sounds every Friday.

Next week, we will send home a letter about keywords and how we learn keywords in school. A list of games to play at home will be included in the letter. Once the keywords are introduced and we’ve learnt a few more sounds, we will send home reading books with words.

In Maths, we played a game where we matched a piece of Numicon to the number of objects in your egg box. Your learning partner skills, including sharing and turn taking,  are improving all the time. I’ve enjoyed finding out about your counting skills this week and I think Miss Townsend (subject leader for Maths) will be amazed at the level of effort you’re putting into your counting.

Next week, the school day will be fully operational! The end of the school day is 3.10pm if the children are staying for clubs. We have a range of wonderful clubs including film, singing, playground games and art. The children will work in two smaller groups with their Reception friends. The children will work with grown ups who they already know from the classroom including Mrs Reid, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Roberts.

Now the children are ‘full time’, this will be the last daily blog, however, I will post a weekly Friday Fanfare to tell you about our learning and any important updates. Enjoy a lovely rest Red Class because you’ve worked very hard this week. You’ve listened well, answered lots of questions, made new friends, developed your independence skills and followed lots of new routines. You’re all shining stars…well done!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx