Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Day in 6 in Red Class

Hello Red Class,

Well done for completing your first Write Dance today. We looked at photos of a volcano and I showed you a volcano dance. You watched carefully and copied all the actions. Write Dance combines music, movement and drawing to support the children’s development of gross and fine motor skills. Write Dance and dough disco sessions prepare the children for writing in the spring term. Later in the term, families will be invited to a workshop to find out more about early reading, writing and number work.

In our Phonics session, we practised the song, sound and action for ‘t’. In Maths, we played ‘bunny ears’ where you made numbers with your fingers. We then played a turn taking game where you generated a number with a dice and then made it in your egg box. Some of you are starting to spot a small number without needing to count. You’re building a picture of each small number in your mind.

Remember, we’re near the end of your second week in school and a day at school is like a full time day at work for a grown up. Getting up early in the morning and remembering lots of new routines will make you feel very tired. In the first few weeks, we can see a range of emotions in the morning, especially when the children are tired. Every day is different and every child is different. That’s the fun of Reception!

Have a lovely evening Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Thompson xxx