Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Day 4 and 5 in Red Class

Hello Red Class,

Mrs Barker and Mrs Roberts have been very impressed with your super speedy eating and I can tell lots of you have been practising with your knife and fork over the summer holidays. Great table manners developing too!

On Monday, we enjoyed our first PE lesson where you showed me your fantastic walking, jogging, skipping and jumping. This week, we removed our shoes and socks. Each week, we will learn to change into different parts of our PE kit. If we learn to change a little bit each week then we will be more successful (and independent) in the future. Remember to add your name to your school shoes because we have a lot of black shoes!

We also enjoyed our first Phonics session on Monday with ‘s’. You managed to find and name lots of objects starting with ‘s’. You listened carefully to the song and story and showed me the action for ‘s’ (weaving your hand like a snake). Can you show your grown ups the action and sound for ‘s’? Today, we found out about ‘a’ with ants crawling on our arms. On Friday, you will receive a special book to help you to learn your letter sounds at home.

Yesterday, in our number work, we used our “I am the Captain” song to make numbers to 10 with our learning partner. We used the egg boxes and cubes to show the number. Today, we looked for the matching number on a dice and you took turns with your learning partner to make and show the number using the egg box and dice. 

Today, during our Music session, we used different parts of our body to keep the pulse and we learned to sing a simple song using ‘call and response’. This is where I sing a line to you and then you copy. Our hard work playing listening games is helping you to learn. 

Every day, I see you growing in confidence to complete your routines. Lots of you are very independent in the mornings. Some of you might want to leave your grown up at the end of the path (by Purple Class). Remember, we’re all different and it’s up to you (and your grown up) to decide when you’re ready.

Just a quick reminder, please avoid snacks with nuts as we have children in school with nut allergies. Next week, we will show the children how to buy tuck from the tuck shop.

Keep up the good work Red Class!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Thompson xxx