Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Day 1 in Red Class

Hello Red Class,

Well done for a super first day at school. What a busy day with lots of new routines to learn, listening games, stories, singing, exploring new areas and sharing items from your shoe boxes.  Tomorrow, we will open the outdoor area and the sand box on the balcony.

Tonight, you will find a little animal picture on your book bag. In the morning, look for your animal on the bottle boxes and book bag baskets so you can start to put your things away independently. Remember, we're always here to help and during the day we will check bottles and snacks. Some of you might even say 'goodbye' at the door tomorrow.  

You will also find a red folder in your book bag with a new reading book and a reading card. The pink card is for your grown ups and the book is for you! Look at the pictures in your book and talk about what you see.  Have you visited this place before? Would you like to visit this place or to meet these people? What do you think will happen next? You will also find a traffic light in your book bag. When you need a new book, please turn the traffic light to green. If you want to keep your book, turn the traffic light to red. Mrs Reid will change the green books each morning. It's always good practice to keep your book for a couple of nights so that you can revisit the story. So, we suggest a maximum of 3 changes each week. 

Have a lovely evening and we'll see you in the morning. 

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Thompson